Social Media for Painting Contractors

Social Icons for Painters

Painters Should be Active on Social Media Channels

Social media activity has become a search ranking factor in recent years. In fact, MOZ lists “social signals” as one of the 2017 local ranking factors. Google considers both the optimization and activity level of your social profiles. As part of our social media services, and before we start the optimization and activity processes, we must first list your business on the following social platforms:

  • Facebook: FB offers Business Pages specifically for business entities, as opposed to personal
  • LinkedIn: A credible social network for business minded companies and individuals
  • Twitter: A very popular social platform where information is exchanged at an astonishing rate
  • YouTube: The most popular social media channel in terms of consumption

With gradual improvement, your reputation will become established, and your brand will become more recognizable. As a result of these achievements, you will begin to acquire more painting leads. To keep your social profiles active, Contractor Webmasters writes monthly blog posts in which we share via social media platforms. If you are interested in social media marketing for painters, give us a call at 800-775-1250.

Sharing Social Content for Painters

Writer Works on Painter Facebook Page

SW Uses Creative Techniques to Share Content

We previously mentioned blog posts as a form of media that can be shared on social networks. But blog posts alone will not be enough to keep audiences engaged, or to promote your brand as active on social networking platforms. Contractor Webmasters offers other ideas for social shares. They include:

  • Curation: Using in-app features like re-tweet on Twitter, and share on Facebook to distribute relevant content from other accounts
  • Discounts: Offer digital 15% off coupons to encourage new leads
  • Images: Post company photos, on the job, or elsewhere, which always engage users more so than regular text posts
  • Promotions: Run contests or giveaways to get people talking about your brand

Your social media timeline should not seem robotic. Link after link to multiple blog posts won’t get people excited about your page, nor will it encourage them to engage with any aspect of your brand. Think about joining in on #hashtag conversations when appropriate. Reply directly to customers, and try to circulate as much relevant communication as possible. Google will take notice.

YouTube for Painting Contractors

Painter Social Media MeetingYouTube is an increasingly popular medium for consumers of all ages. People are ditching their cable networks in favor of the on-demand 24/7 video content available through YouTube. Painting contractors get become visible on this channel with a simple infomercial explaining your company and its employees. You can even take it a step further and show some on the job performances. All you really need to record video is an up-to-date smartphone and a cheap wireless condenser mic.

One great advantage to promoting your business on YouTube is its measurement capabilities. YouTube’s short video Decoding YouTube Analytics explains how painting contractors can make use of the powerful measurement tool. Contractor Webmasters uses this data to continually improve social performance and generate as many exclusive leads as possible. For painting contractor social media marketing, give us a call at 800-775-1250.