7 Qualities of The Best Painting Company Websites

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Today you are going to learn about the 7 qualities of the best painting company websites.

If you are in the painting industry, your website is the key to standing apart from the rest of the competition. A strategically designed and optimized website is the most effective way to get painting leads. There are a number of different things that you can do to make your website stand out and stand out is what it needs to do.

Just what are those qualities that you can implement into your website to make it stand as a cut above the rest? Here are a few things that your painting website should have if you want to succeed in a crowded industry and establish your website.

These are proven methods across the internet and should be implemented immediately.

1) A Professional Design

It cannot be understated just how important a website is to any business. More times than not, your website is the first impression that your business leaves on a potential customer. That is why you should not trust the design and functionality to just anyone.

Make sure that your business employs a professional web design service to handle the creation of your website. A good web design company knows how to tailor your website content to the industry and to your target audience. They can lend valuable advice and will show familiarity with what works and what does not.

It might cost you a few more dollars to employ a professional web designer than to build the website yourself, but it will be more than worth it when your site is full of engaging content and looks professional from the initial click. This will help you attract more traffic through a variety of avenues and will help you to acquire more of those important leads that can be turned into those conversions that fuel a business.

Focus heavily on the design and implementation of your website and you will have established the foundation of your business and your online presence.

2) Search Engine Optimization

This term has become popular in recent years and though its importance has remained as high as ever, what it means to properly optimize your website has changed substantially. This is because Google has changed the way that they deploy their search algorithm to find the most relevant websites based on location and keyword.

Having a website that looks the part but is not easy to find means you have spent your money on a highly fancy storefront in a virtual back alley. In order to get your website seen by potential leads and clients, it has to be optimized properly in the search results.

Your SEO refers to how well your website ranks on Google as well as other search engines. In order to rank highly, you have to use keywords that best pertain to the audience that you are targeting. Coming up with effective SEO management requires a lot of effort, time, and even more trial and error.

Speaking with an internet marketing expert would do wonders for optimizing your website so that you can properly reach your target audience. When you do this effectively, you grow your reach and expand your leads.

3) High-quality Photographs

One of the most overlooked aspects of any website is the photographs. Back in the day, they were seen as nothing more than an adornment, something to add to the overall aesthetic of a website. As Google continues to develop its algorithm, however, photos are becoming more important than ever to optimize websites across the globe.

In the home improvement industry, in particular, photos can be a huge part of how successful the marketing strategy is. Potential clients want to know about the kind of work that your company does and there is no better way to do that then to provide visuals.

This is why investing in high-quality photographs should be something that your painting company looks into. Using a professional photographer can really emphasize the quality of your work and illustrate to prospective clients just what you can offer.

When you share pictures that are poorly lit, pixilated, or blurry, you are not only doing a poor job of illustrating your wares to prospective clients, you are giving your website a less-than-professional aesthetic. Pictures can say a thousand words and your website photographs can truly speak loudly to prospective clients.

4) Service-specific Pages

While it is certainly imperative that you list all the services that your company provides on your home page or in a taskbar near the top of the page, it does not provide the full picture to your clients. The most successful, and highest-ranking, painting websites have taken to the strategy of creating individual pages for each of the specific services that they offer.

Why do this? It produces relevant and specific content for search engines and clients alike. Not only that, they supply links to more detailed service pages which helps to demonstrate expertise and allows visitors to get a better feel for what a quality service entails.

In addition to delivering unique content that will benefit your website in the search rankings, doing this can make your company and website an authority on the business and industry. This will make your website a must-visit when it comes to information about painting and will help to drive traffic to your website. That is the goal of your website because it helps to sell services and products, which ultimately impacts the bottom line of any business. Individual service pages are an absolute must for your business.

5) Calls to Action

One of the essentials to any website, not just a painting company website, is to establish clear calls to action. A call to action (CTA) is what implores your customers to take up your service or products. If a customer has an interest in your business, a call-to-action button can be what pushes them to finally make use of your business.

This is why businesses in the industry make use of calls to action. They do this in the form of banners or buttons that urge them to take the next step. These things should have CTAs like ‘contact us’, ‘find out more’, or ‘get an estimate’ – something that guides the person down towards developing into a lead.

Visitors are generally uncertain of what they are looking for unless they are pressed to do so and having an effective call to action can give them the push that they need to make a decision. Hopefully, that decision will lead to them using your business for all of their painting needs.

The key is to make sure that your call to action isn’t too pushy or sales-y, lest it turns off potential customers. Walk this line correctly and you will develop many leads.

6) Lead Magnets / Forms

One of the keys to developing leads and eventually turning those into sales is to gather as much information on customers as you possibly can. This is generally in the form of emails, but also can be addresses, phone numbers, or other pertinent information.

Why is this important? Well, when you have this information, you can reach out to potentially interested customers who might have forgotten about your company. Follow-ups are far more likely to lead to a conversion than an initial contact because customers need the time to do research on each of the businesses that they are looking into.

When you have a form that asks for customer information, preferably right on the home page, you can gather that essential information that can help you conduct follow-ups. In these follow-ups, usually emails, you can offer coupons or discounts on service to entice prospective customers into using your business.

Again, these follow-ups are essential to converting leads into sales. Leads are great, but they take extra effort to convert them into those important sales. Do your follow-up work with the information you gather from forms and you will really see the difference.

7) Informative Videos

What many are unaware of these days is that video is becoming more important to make a company website stand apart from competitors. This is because attention spans are growing shorter and videos can encompass several pages of information into a short video.

Not only that, adding high-quality videos to your website can aid the optimization of your website. Investing in informative videos that are of high-quality can provide the same kind of authority that having typed out content can have.

Best of all, you can implement unique video strategies to make your website unique. Things like Q&A or DIY instructions can make your website a destination for those interested in the industry. When you provide unique and informative content to your website, either in type or through videos, your website becomes an authority in the industry and a destination for prospective customers.

Videos can be a cost-effective means to do this as well. If you have your own equipment or are properly educated on how to film a quality video, you can film them and upload them yourself. This means that you can add as many videos as you like each week, giving customers new reasons to visit your website.

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