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What Is Pay Per Lead?

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Nolen and John, The Owners of Contractor Webmasters

Pay Per Lead is a service agreement between a business and a marketing company in which the business pays only for generated leads. This agreement monetizes results rather than labor, meaning marketing services like SEO, PPC and social media management are free of charge. While these services are intended to generate leads, which will ultimately earn money for the marketing company, if they fail to do so, the client incurs no risk of wasted marketing dollars. Pay Per Lead offers the following qualities to businesses:

  • Exclusive Leads: Unlike other lead acquisition techniques, leads generated by Contractor Webmasters will be exclusive to your company
  • No Investment Risk: Contractors who sign up for pay per lead services have no fear of losing on their investment, because they only pay when leads are generated
  • No Upfront Cost: What other marketing company provides free web design, search engine optimization and pay per click advertising?
  • Trust and Reputation: Contractor Webmasters has spent years marketing for contractors from all over the service industry (plumbers, roofers, HVAC, construction workers, remodelers, locksmiths, electricians, moving companies, and many more!)

Contractors can’t go wrong with pay per lead marketing from Contractor Webmasters. The primary downside of a marketing investment is its risk. What happens if you invest in website design, search engine optimization, and social media marketing, and you end up without new customers? You have just wasted valuable marketing dollars on services that produced nothing for your bottom line. That risk is eliminated with Contractor Webmasters. You are only paying for results. Your success is our success. Call 800-775-1250 for pay per lead services.

Contractor Leads Made Simple

Team Meeting at Contractor WebmastersContractor leads are imperative to the success of service companies. With that said, spending valuable business funds on internet marketing can be a frustrating process. This is especially true while you are waiting for results to take place. Because many of the most effective online marketing strategies take time to implement, any eventual profits are delayed. As you spend upfront dollars on web design, SEO, and social media marketing, you are watching dollars disappear from your bank account.. Pay per lead eliminates this quandary, as you lose nothing while you wait for results, and only spend money when leads are generated. Consider the simplicity of our per lead marketing agreements:

  1. Step 1Sign up with the marketing professionals Contractor Webmasters
  2. Step 2Sit back while we build your custom web presence, optimize and market it through various channels including PPC and social media, all free of charge
  3. Step 3New leads generated from our services call your office telephone and / or email your specified address
  4. Step 4Pay for the acquired leads (which is not a loss considering your likely ROI)

That's right. The process is that simple. It might seem too good to be true at first glance, but when you consider the benefits for both your company and ours, you will understand it is a win-win situation. We are rewarded for our effective marketing services and you are free from risk of ineffective marketing services and investment loss. Think of it this way, we are only paid when our services actually work for your company. What greater motivation is there for us to design the ultimate website with flawless SEO and market it with well-researched, in depth PPC and social media campaigns? The onus is no longer on the service contractor to invest correctly, it is now on the marketing service to create tangible results. Call 800-775-1250 for quality contractor leads from a trusted marketing company.

Pay For Leads. Nothing Else.

Bottom Line Contractor Marketing

Web Designer Creates Logo for Contractor Marketing

We Work With Contractors In The Service Industry

When you examine the so-called benefits of internet marketing, you’ll notice that most of them are what we call conditional benefits. This term refers to advantages that depend on unpredictable variables. Next time you research an online marketing company, pay close attention to what they are promising from their services. It is fair to review the bottom-line impact of these perceived benefits before you decide to invest valuable business dollars. Consider the following conditional advantages:

  • NAP Business Listings: Claiming and optimizing business listings on directories like Google My Business and Better Business Bureau certainly sounds good (and is good), but only on the condition that they progress towards a bottom line profit
  • Search Visibility: Being on the top 5 of Google SERPs for industry keywords sounds appealing, but why does it matter if it doesn’t produce new customers?
  • Social Engagement: Social media is a very popular medium in 2017, but what good is promotion that does not translate into customers?
  • Website Traffic: Not all traffic is good traffic – Irrelevant users visiting your site might look good on your analytics page, but it fails to produce tangible results

The conclusion one should draw from this is to focus on bottom line. Marketing companies might wow you with all kinds of promises, but the only thing that ultimately matters is how many leads you will acquire. Think of it in the context of the contractor industry. If you make a leaky faucet look brand new and luxurious, it is still dripping water and running your utility bills up. Similarly, installing a new air conditioner that fails to properly cool the residence won’t do much good for the homeowners. It’s time to start thinking of marketing the same way. The bottom line is all that matters. Call 800-775-1250 for quality contractor marketing with no upfront cost.

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

The number one component of the marketer-client relationship is trust. We have worked with contractors in industries like yours for more than a decade. We have a seamless rapport with both contractors and the customers they market to. Based on years of internet marketing, both application and research, we have developed the ultimate promotion plan for service companies across the country. All of our web content follows Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. We look forward to talking with you in the near future and discussing our results-based philosophy, where you will pay only for lead generation, and nothing else!

Affordable SEO

Creative Director From Affordable SEO and Contractor Leads Service

Our Services Require No Initial Cost, Making Them Affordable and Logical

There is really only one way to ensure affordable SEO, and that is with pay per lead marketing. SEO can be properly implemented by top consultants in the country, but without a translation to leads, it becomes irrelevant to your businesses success. Similarly, startup marketing services can offer below-market SEO prices, but the cost of the service is only as valuable as the customers it acquires. Think differently about your internet marketing and lead generation. Demand results from your investments.

Zero Upfront Cost

What if I told you right now, that you could have a custom website, optimized for Google searches, and marketed through PPC and social media? And by the way, for no cost. That’s right, the only time you will pay for our services is when leads are generated through the marketing channels we create for your company. If we fail to attract any interest in your services, you never pay us a dime. Consider the alleviation of business risk with our unique agreement. Why even review other options, when you don’t even owe us a setup fee to get started?

Expansive Marketing Channels

At Contractor Webmasters, we don’t just focus on one channel for lead generation. In fact, we diversify our promotion channels so that we never miss a segment of potential customers. Our channels include:

  • Business Directories
  • Organic Search
  • Paid Search
  • Social Media
  • … And More!

With this range of promotion, your business is bound to find its promotional niche, sooner rather than later.

Services Included

  • Content Brainstorm MeetingContent Writing Website content writing services for your contractor website. Display high quality content, specifically designed for your company and industry. We provide high quality content that ranks well on Google searches.
  • Team Performing Local SEO ServicesLocal SEO Integrate your local business into the online community. Become visible on Google Maps, Google My Business, and additional business directories. Call now for local search engine optimization services.
  • Marketing and Advertising MeetingMarketing and Advertising Generate contractor leads through strategic marketing and advertising techniques. We handle everything from company branding to domain name registration. Contact us today for marketing and advertising services for lead generation.
  • Tablet Displaying Google For Organic SEOOrganic SEO A fully optimized website based on keyword research, competitor analysis, and fundemental SEO principles. Contractor leads that originate from organic search hold premium value.
  • Pay Per Click ServicesPay Per Click Appear on the top of Google quickly with pay per click advertising. Target your ads to specific locations and demographics. PPC is one of the fastest and most effective methods of internet marketing.
  • Using Social Media on Tablet and PhoneSocial Media Increase social outreach through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and more. Engage with current and future customers on a modern platform. Modernize your contractor business through social media marketing and management.
  • Structured Data MarkupStructured Data Markup Appeal to Google search crawlers with structured data markup. Data structure organizes your content and services for search engine users. Build authority and trust with Google though structured data markup.
  • Website DesignWebsite Design Visually engaging web design with a foundation in search engine optimization. Custom WordPress websites with flawless mobile presentation and navigation. Claim your custom contractor website, free of charge until leads are generated!

Get Started Today

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Stop whatever you are doing and call Contractor Webmasters at 800-775-1250. We have marketing experts ON CALL waiting to discuss the details of your company vision and philosophy. We pride ourselves in creating industry specific websites with relevant content.

Pay Nothing

Contractor Lead Generation Meeting

Content Management Team Meets to Discuss New Clients and Their Websites

That’s right. The phone call, the setup, the website, it’s all free. The only time you will pay us is when leads start to generate as a result of our services. This way you are only paying for what holds definitive value to your business.

Sit Back and Relax

We will get started on your website design immediately, while you incur zero upfront cost. You don’t have to worry about the delayed gratification of SEO or online marketing because you are never spending until it starts working.

Acquire Leads

Once your site is up and running you will more than likely notice leads start to pour in via telephone and / or email. At this point, the investment will be well worth it, because you have the strong possibility of customer acquisition, right at your fingertips.

The time is now to change the way you think about advertising. Ask yourself once again; why am I spending money on services that don’t translate to customer acquisition. Increase the efficiency of your business heading in to 2018. Become the local industry powerhouse that you know your company is capable of. Call Contractor Webmasters today at 800-775-1250.