Get Limo Leads With Limousine Rental SEO

Limo leads are sold by multiple sources online. The problem with many contractor leads services is that the leads are low in quality and ROI. When you purchase a lead from a 3rd party service, you are hurting your limousine rental company long-term. The best lead you can get comes from organic SEO. This technique requires a website, a Google My Business listing, and local reviews. While acquiring all of these things can cost money and effort, the result is far superior to its low-end alternative. If you want to make a career out of limousine rental, you need contractor SEO services.

Limo Leads

Limousine Lead Generation Websites

When you buy a lead from another company, you help grow their reputation while only gaining a short-term benefit for your own business. Instead of boosting someone else’s brand, you could create your very own limo lead generation website and control it for the long term. When you hold your organic traffic and lead generation, you control the longevity of your entire business. A professionally designed limousine rental website is something you should invest in for leads.

Content Marketing for Limo Leads

Limo drivers who get the best stream of quality leads do so through content marketing. It isn’t enough to have a website online — you need it to have quality content that describes your business and services. For example, you should have pages on your website for specific limo niches, like weddings, birthday parties, etc. When you have a page of content for each, you will show up on Google search results for different keyword variations, further increasing your incoming leads.

Google My Business for Limo Drivers

For limousine drivers with no funds, the first step towards lead generation should be to claim and verify your Google My Business page. Claiming a GMB listing is free of charge, and it can help rank you in the Local 3 Pack for local search queries. However, to stand out from competitors, you will need to start accumulating reviews on your listing. Feedback is most accessible through a review integration plugin like BrandREVU. The BrandREVU plugin showcases your top reviews on your website and encourages customers to leave new ones through text reminders.

Other Types of Limo Marketing

SEO produces the highest quality leads, hands down, but there are other limo marketing options. Paid advertising is one example. Limo services can invest in advertisements on Google, Facebook, and YouTube in hopes of securing leads. These types of lead fall somewhere between a purchased lead and an organic one. Leads from paid ads can help you get started, and the customers can eventually become part of your organic strategy if they leave positive reviews. The downside of paid ads is that they are reliant on long-term investments in 3rd parties.

Google Ads (PPC Advertising)

You can buy ad space on Google search results through Google Ads. Google Ads emulate an organic search result, but they have a small box labeled ad on their side. Research shows that users typically click on organic results over paid ads. However, if you have not done the work to rank your website or GMB on page one, nobody will ever see those results. In that case, PPC advertising becomes an avenue to get leads faster.

Facebook Ads

Social media is a big part of people’s lives. Many Facebook users are on the platform up to 15 times per day. It seems like a great place to advertise, right? It can be with a proper Facebook advertising strategy. Drivers can target particular demographics who might be interested in a limo service. From people engaged to be married to those whose birthdays are coming up, Facebook allows advertisers to drill down and target the consumers most likely to take action with your offer.

YouTube Ads

More 18-49-year-olds watch YouTube than cable television. Limo drivers used to run TV spots all the time, but what if you could reach even more people without breaking the bank? You can start with YouTube advertising. Like Facebook, YouTube provides different kinds of demographics that you can target. You can run your ad while they wait for their next video to start. If they are watching a video about a wedding party, for example, they might see your ad while they wait, which can create a qualified lead quickly.

Contractor Webmasters Limo Leads Package

If you want the best limo leads, you should buy Contractor Webmasters’ full-service SEO package for limousine rental services. With this deal, you will get a custom website optimized for Google and filled with pages of high-quality content written by degreed writers. The package also includes local SEO for Google My Business optimization and reviews management. That’s right; you will gain access to BrandREVU, which will be integrated into your website and make the review process easy for all of your future customers. Take a look at what you’ll get from our SEO package:

  • Content Writing: High-quality content pages from degreed writers
  • Custom Limo Website: A custom website that represents your brand and business
  • Local SEO: An optimized Google My Business listing with Geo-location for local ranking
  • On-Page SEO: Optimized pages that allow them to rank for lots of keywords on Google
  • Reviews Integration: Our native reviews plugin will boost and streamline reputation