Painter SEO: Rank on Google With The #1 SEO for Painters

Painter SEO

My agency, Contractor Webmasters, offers SEO services for painters. My service differs from traditional digital marketing plans because it includes a software tool called DataPins.

With DataPins, painters can rank for long-tail terms like “exterior house painters seattle” or “romabio classico limewash painter near me” while simultaneously increasing conversion rates by showcasing images and captions from recent jobs.

Painter SEO Explained

Painter SEO is a series of digital tasks that rank your painting website on Google. SEO stands for search engine optimization and applies to websites and business listings.

Your website’s homepage and Google My Business listing are the two most important web entities for SEO. Websites rank on organic search while Google My Business listings rank on Google Maps and the Maps 3-Pack.

SEO Services for Painting Companies

My team builds an optimized website for your company, including calls to action, title tags, and meta descriptions. Your site is branded with your company logo, color scheme, and unique photos.

My team then optimizes your Google My Business listing and installs DataPins on your website. As you perform more jobs with the DataPins app, your pages appear at the top of Google rankings on both organic results and the Local Map Pack.

On-Page SEO for Painters

On-page SEO involves refining title tags, meta tags, image alt text, and keyword placement. It can also deal with URL structure and permalinks. For many painters, on-page SEO seems like a technical bore. My team will handle all on-page SEO on your behalf so you can focus on running your business.

Technical SEO for Painters

Technical SEO is the foundation of your website. Before your site can rank, it must be crawled by Google bots. If Google can’t crawl your website, it cannot index it either. Technical SEO aims to ensure Google can easily crawl your website.

Schema markup helps Google better understand your site’s purpose. It reveals things like the type of business, location, and page type. With this in mind, my team injects schema markup on your website.

Off-Page SEO for Painters

Off-site SEO deals with any optimization that happens away from your main site. Examples of this include link building, NAP citations, and social media signals. Google grades websites not only by on-page factors but also by off-site signals.

Search engines measure the amount of traffic to your site from various sources and how well your brand is represented on third-party directories. Having a strong presence on platforms like Yelp and Facebook can help strengthen your brand.

The Role of SEO for Painting Companies

The end goal of SEO is to generate high-quality painting leads for your business. When traffic comes to your website or GMB listing, it completes the call to action and contacts your business.

Contacts can come through phone calls, form submissions, Facebook chats, and other avenues. The wider your online presence is, the more leads you can generate. Reputation also plays a role in conversion rates, which makes it integral to SEO.

As long as you follow Google’s guidelines, SEO for painting companies can bring new prospects to your branded website and other digital properties. My team at Contractor Webmasters inserts timely calls to action to convert them into customers.

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Get Started With SEO Services for Your Painting Company

Hello to all my friends in the painting industry. I offer a free SEO consultation for your painting company. I’ll review your existing website (if you have one) and how my services and software can propel your company to the top of Google search results. I’ll also answer any specific questions you may have.

To schedule your free consultation, contact my agency with your business details and let me know how my agency can assist you with your SEO campaign.