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Painter SEO

What is Painter SEO?

Painter SEO is a series of content refinements aimed to rank your painting website on Google. SEO stands for search engine optimization and is applied to both websites and business listings. Your website’s homepage and Google My Business listings are the two most important web entities for SEO. Websites rank on organic search while GMB listings rank on Local Maps.

SEO Services for Painting Companies

Contractor Webmasters provides SEO services for painting companies. Our vision aligns with your goals. We build a painting website for lead generation. Your site is branded with your company logo, color scheme, and unique photos. We then optimize your Google My Business listing and install BrandREVU: a reputation management software on your website. From there we analyze your ascendence to the top of Google rankings on both organic results and the Local Map Pack.

On-Page SEO for Painters

On-Page SEO is the most direct optimization for painters. It involves the refinement of title tags, meta tags, image alt text, and keyword placement. It can also deal with URL structure and permalinks. For many painters, on-page SEO seems like a technical bore. Contractor Webmasters, we’ll handle all on-page SEO on your behalf. You won’t have to worry. You’ll just rank.

Technical SEO for Painters

Technical SEO is the foundation of your website. Before your site can rank, it must be crawled by Google bots. If Google can’t crawl your website, it cannot index it either. The goal of technical SEO is to ensure Google can easily crawl your website. Schema markup helps Google further understand the point of your site. It reveals things like type of business, location, and page type. Contractor Webmasters’ design team installs schema on all sites.

Off-Page SEO for Painters

On-page SEO is self-explanatory, but off-page SEO is more complex. Off-site SEO deals with any optimization that happens away from your main site. Examples of this include link building, NAP citations, and social media signals. Google grades websites not only by on-page factors, but also off-site signals. Search engines measure how much traffic goes to your site from various sources and also how well represented your brand is on 3rd parties. Having a strong presence on platforms like Yelp and Facebook can help strengthen your brand. Don’t forget to apply for high-quality citations.

The Role of SEO for Painting Companies

Paying for SEO is not pointless. The end goal is to generate high-quality painting leads for your business. That’s the whole objective of SEO in the first place. When traffic comes to your website or GMB listing, it completes the call to action and contacts your business. Contacts can come through phone calls, form submissions, Facebook chats, and other avenues. The wider your online presence is, the more leads you can generate. Reputation plays a role in conversion rates as well, which makes it integral to SEO.

Lead Generation for Painting Pros

SEO exists to generate leads. Any company that disputes that is in it for the wrong reasons. Painters understand how frustrating it can be to get leads in 2020. Many lead brokers sell shared leads that convert at a much lower rate than exclusive leads. At Contractor SEO Webmasters, we help you generate exclusive leads. Every call or contact from comes from a branded source. Your brand, not ours. This way, you build up brand capital while producing leads.

Reputation Management for Painters

Aside from lead generation, SEO also helps reputation. Of course, you need the right software to achieve this. The software we use is called BrandREVU. It helps painters do check-ins in various cities where they want to rank. It also sends review requests to customers through SMS text and email. Reviews are then showcased on your website as social proof, thus increasing conversions. Traffic is great for any business, but to generated quality leads, reputation is essential. Our company believes reputation management is part of SEO at its core.

Choose Contractor Webmasters

Ready to get started with SEO for painters? Call us for a FREE SEO CONSULTATION. Our pricing packages are very fair. We offer month-to-month agreements so that you can leave after any month. This type of agreement ensures that we must prove ourselves over and over again. The best part about working with us is access to BrandREVU. No other local SEO software helps painters rank on Google without any traditional content. BrandREVU creates content through check-ins and reviews. It’s very easy and very effective.

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