Painting Leads (Exclusive + Affordable)

Contractor Webmasters offers cheap painting leads for contractors using our award-winning lead generation system. Our process is simple, combine a custom website with DataPins and acquire cheap leads for painters in 2023. Our SEO process is proven to work with thousands of clients.

Why do Painters Need Exclusive Leads?

Painting contractors need leads to keep their business running. If you have no regular customers, how else can you fund the cost of website hosting, SEO services for painters, PPC services, and more? The problem for some painters is that they don’t know which should come first, the leads or the marketing investment.

Contractor Webmasters launched lead generation for painting contractors with DataPins. With this marketing technique, painters get all the perks of a traditional marketing plan (SEO, web design, etc.) and the DataPins Local SEO app. DataPins lead generation from Contractor Webmasters is superior to traditional strategies.

Painting Leads Promo

DataPins brings in cheap leads by helping painters rank for various cities and services. When painters paint a house or building, they can prove their work with a pin. The pin automatically publishes on whichever service or location it is tagged with.

Most SEO companies use obsolete strategies to generate leads for painting companies. With DataPins, painters can rank for more long-tail keywords. Instead of hoping that the marketer delivers the promises they made in their onboarding call, painters can now produce those results in their everyday jobs. For contractors, this is really how internet marketing should work.

How SEO-friendly Websites Generate Leads for Painters

You might think to yourself, why do I even need a website? Why not just buy leads outright? Because leads bought from lead generation companies rarely help grow your company. These leads are shared leads, which means you compete with others in your market for the same customer. Other times, the lead is not really a lead at all. Leads generated through a customized painting website are exclusive, targeted, and much greater conversion probability.

Many contractors don’t realize that a website’s structure has much more to do with its SEO than its visual appeal. That’s why website templates don’t perform as well as custom-coded sites. Templates are plug-and-play propositions. Just like fast food, they lack the authentic ingredients that make for fine cuisine. The goal of a custom website is to create a lasting brand image for your painting company. Something consumers will associate with good service when they enter and eventually call for services

Marketing Lead Channels for Painters

An SEO-friendly website is a central hub for painters online, but it’s not the only channel from which to generate leads. Others include social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, & YouTube and business listings like Google My Business and Yelp.

Branded Search

Once consumers become familiar enough with your company to search for its name on Google, the results displayed for that search are known as your Google Homepage. These results pages should show everything from your primary website to your Google My Business profile to your Facebook page. If you’ve properly set up your Google listing, you will see your GMB profile in the knowledge graph, which is an enhanced presentation of your otherwise ordinary listing.

Word of Mouth

Word-of-mouth leads increase with a branded web presence. Even traditional marketing strategies like door-to-door sales increase with strong online marketing. For instance, when you reveal your brand name to a prospect, they will search for it online. If you have a Google Business Profile showing favorable reviews and high-quality images, you will earn that prospect’s trust.