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Generate More Leads With PPL Services

Painting contractors need leads to keep their business running. How else can you fund the cost of website hosting, SEO services for painters, PPC services, and more, if you have no regular customers? The problem for some painters is that they don’t know which should come first, the leads, or the marketing investment. If they invest in marketing, there’s no guarantee of leads. Conversely, if they ignore their marketing responsibilities, and kinds of leads become a long-shot at best. To solve this conundrum, Contractor Webmasters launched PPL marketing services for painting contractors. With this marketing agreement, painters get all the perks of a traditional marketing plan (SEO, web design, etc.) but don’t actually pay anything until leads are produced. Here’s why PPL marketing is superior to more traditional payment models:

  • Contractual Flexibility: No long-term contracts meaning you can terminate after payments
  • Reduced Risk: With no upfront payment, the financial risk is lowered significantly
  • Value Premiums: A website itself will not earn ROI for painters, but leads will, so valuing leads instead of services places the proper value on the service

The roles in the PPL scenario are reversed from what they are in a traditional marketing plan. For instance, most SEO companies charge you a fixed fee, and you pay it regardless of the number of leads you receive. With PPL, painters only pay after the lead is generated. Instead of hoping that the marketer delivers the promises they made in their onboarding call, painters can now demand those results. If the results are never produced, payment is never made. For contractors, this is really how internet marketing should work. When the object of a website and its SEO strategy is to produce leads, anything that falls short of that is a waste of resources.

How SEO-friendly Websites Generate Leads for Painters

You might think to yourself, why do I even need a website? Why not just buy leads outright? Because leads bought from one-stop generation companies are normally lower in quality. They are often known as shared leads which means you are competing with others in your market for the same one. Other times, the lead is not really a lead at all. It might involve a service that you don’t offer, or be placed in a market that you don’t cover. By generating leads through a customized painting website, they are exclusive, targeted, and have a much greater probability of conversion. Let’s take a closer look at why custom websites are great for painting lead generation:

  • Conversion: The leads convert at a higher rate
  • Exclusivity: The leads are for your company only
  • Targeting: The leads are relevant because the site targets a specific consumer profile

A lot goes into a custom website. From the back-end coding and schema markup to the front-end display and navigation. But what many contractors don’t realize is that a website’s structure has a lot more to do with its SEO than its visual appeal. That’s why website templates don’t perform as well as custom-coded sites. Templates are plug-and-play propositions. Just like fast food, they lack the authentic ingredients that make for fine cuisine. The goal of a custom website is to create a lasting brand image for your painting company. Something consumers will associate with good service when they enter and eventually call for services

Marketing Lead Channels for Painters

An SEO-friendly website is a central hub for painters online, but it’s not the only channel from which to generate leads. Others include social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, & YouTube, along with business listings like Google My Business and Yelp. Once consumers become familiar enough with your company to search for its name on Google, the results displayed for that search is known as your Google Homepage. These results pages should show everything from your primary website to your Google My Business profile, to your Facebook page. If you’ve properly set up your Google listing, you will see your GMB profile in the knowledge graph, which is an enhanced presentation of your otherwise ordinary listing.

The goal of PPL is to generate leads through all of these channels while having them work off of one another. Of course, other channels exist that do not relate to our services. For example, we have no ownership over word-of-mouth leads, and you are not charged for leads we don’t produce. We determine the source of a lead by screening calls to your service number. This involves installing a tracking code on the numbers featured throughout your web presence. We allow of all our clients to monitor the leads in the same way we do. As a completely transparent service, we only wish to charge our clients for leads for which we are responsible. To sign up for PPL for painters today call 800-775-1250 and start generating painting leads.