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We Turn Pay Per Click Ads into Exclusive Leads

Pest control companies might be aware of SEO and its impact on long term internet marketing. But did you know that SEO can take 4-6 months to work to its full capability? In the meantime what do pest control companies need? Exclusive contractor leads! That’s what Contractor Webmasters provides with our pay per lead marketing services. One way speed up the lead generation process is through PPC or pay per click advertising. This includes:

  • Data Measurement: Gain valuable insight about digital consumers
  • Fixed Budgeting: Never spend above a fixed budget
  • Geo-Targeting: Target specific locations where there will be high conversion rates
  • Keyword Targeting: Rank above organic results for pest control keywords

We live in a society that expects results fast. But besides that, pest control companies really do need consistent leads to stay profiting in their business. It’s why Contractor Webmasters prioritizes exclusive contractor leads over anything else. Yes, we still offer SEO services for you pest control company, but we don’t charge on a monthly basis. You only pay once results are actually produced in the form of leads. To further discuss pest control PPC, give us a call at 800-775-1250.

Targeting Pest Control Keywords

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SW Knows The Intricacies of Keyword Research

Valuable leads are potential customers that have relevance to the services you offer. So how do we go about matching your company with relevant customers? Through keyword research. By finding what your target customer is searching for, you can implement those words into your PPC campaigns, and become visible for those search queries. Qualities of a strong keyword are:

  • Local: You want leads who you can actually convert into customers from a logistical standpoint
  • Long Tail: You’re not going to easily rank for a short word like “pest control” but can expand it to something like “pest control services near me”
  • Researched: You want to look for metrics that indicate high opportunity keywords
  • Tested: Based on past campaigns, retargeting successful keywords can be useful

Efficiency is key in everything that has to do with Pay Per Click. Contractor Webmasters takes this a step further with pay per lead marketing. Our PPC campaigns only require payment once the produce leads. So while in most cases you are paying for clicks, with us, you are paying for leads, and exclusive leads at that. What other company can offer you such an advantageous opportunity?

The #1 Pest Control PPC Company

Pest Control PPC CampaignWe know that pest control companies use a common tool to to find marketing services. It’s the same one their customer use to find them. It’s Google Search Engine. At Contractor Webmasters our goal is not just to rank you on that very search engine, but to attract relevant traffic that will produce leads from it. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Zero upfront payment is required.

PPC is not our only way of generating leads. At Contractor Webmasters, we also offer Local SEO, website design, marketing and advertising, and a variety of other tried and tested techniques. We have years of experience working with companies in the service industry and look forward to discussing your specific marketing needs. If you would like to speak with a PPC expert today, call 800-775-1250.