Exclusive Pest Control Leads

Pest Control Leads

Are you looking for organic pest control leads? Contractor Webmasters has proven the best leads come from organic search (SEO). To properly implement SEO, you need website design, Google Business Profile, DataPins, and content marketing. Our pest control lead generation system ensures pest control companies capture quality leads.

Pest control leads directly result from an SEO specialist who can target the proper keywords in your industry and location. Quality leads coming from organic search are the most valuable because they convert better and often lead to long-term relationships with customers. Furthermore, SEO builds your pest control company brand, which increases conversion rates.

At Contractor Webmasters, our lead generation system was developed over decades worth of SEO campaigns, data analysis, and A/B testing to produce elite-level results for your pest control company. Working with us allows your pest control services to gain authority in your location.

Pest Control Lead Generation

Contractor Webmasters offers multiple pest control lead generation tools for your pest control company. Each of them is branded for your pest control business, so customers will be interested in your services and company. Our lead generation assets include a custom website, custom content, Google Business Profile, and reputation management.

We also help generate pest control leads through our reviews’ integration plugin, DataPins. The plugin makes it easy for customers to leave a review of your business simply by visiting your website. DataPins also allow pest control companies to showcase jobs across their service area.

Custom Website

Your custom pest control website will be made with responsive web design and display optimally across all devices. Mobile design is especially critical since most visitors are on smartphones. When people are looking for pest control services, they want to find someone fast. A mobile site that loads instantly will help capture pest control leads and convert them into paying customers.

Custom Content

Websites only rank with great pest control content. Your homepage and service pages should be filled with custom content written by qualified writers. You need to have each service explained so that the customer can get a feel of what you offer.

Google prefers to see content that is unique, informative, and valuable. That’s why every one of our websites passes Copyscape and can’t be duplicated elsewhere. Content quality is also crucial to converting pest control leads.

Google My Business

If you’ve ever searched Google for a local service, you have likely noticed the Local Map Pack appear above search results. To really generate great leads in our area, you need to appear within that Local 3 Pack. The best way to achieve this is to optimize your GMB listing and ensure it is properly attributed to your company name, address, phone number, and website URL.


DataPins helps generate exclusive pest control leads for local companies. Every time you perform a job, DataPins allows you to drop a pin with schema markup, geo-coordinates, and other information about your pest control services. Furthermore, DataPins showcases images of your pest control company, including the jobs you performed.

How To Get New Pest Control Leads

Every pest control company wants new customers. And most are competing against similar businesses for the same group of people. So what separates one from the other? In most cases, it is a digital marketing and online presence.

The companies that rake in leads consistently are getting them from various sources, most of which are coming through Google in some form. While the sale may not be closed on Google, it is usually the origin of most leads.

Pest Control Sales Ideas

Some of the best sales ideas are promotions and coupons. If you can get someone to opt-in to your mailing list, you can send them drip emails and retarget them with advertisements. But for someone to want to opt in, they need to see a value proposition. In other words, they need to get something for free. Promotions and coupons can give them that value in exchange for the opt-in.

Pest Control Sales Funnel

Many marketing experts speak on the sales funnel. This is a fancy way of describing how someone goes from unaware of your services to a paying customer. The top of the funnel has lead magnets, whether it is free videos or valuable online content. Once they know your brand, you warm them up with coupons and remarketing advertisements. At the bottom of the funnel, you hit them with a sales pitch.

Pest Control Marketing Systems

Our experience as marketing contractors has shown us the best systems for lead generation. We’ve seen it work time and time again. The best-performing businesses have a custom website with SEO-optimized content. They also have a Google My Business listing that appears in the Local Map Pack. We look forward to helping you buy pest control leads that will actually help your business long-term.

Pest Control Google Autosuggest

Consumers use various keywords to find your pest control services on Google and other search engines. Your job is to meet their initial intent and nurture them into new customers.

Pest Control Leads Cost

Pest control leads typically cost between $35 and $70 per lead. However, various factors influence the precise cost. For example, if your pest control company establishes a dominant online presence in a smaller city or suburb, your pest control leads may decrease in price.

Conversely, securing quality pest control leads in a large metropolitan area may exceed $70 per lead. However, if you work hard at building trust in your pest control business, you can lower the cost per lead. As you know, the pest control industry is growing, and competition increases as more pest control providers emerge.

Pest Control Lead Generation Companies

The cost per pest control lead will increase if you buy from pest control lead generation companies. Most of these platforms offer shared leads which means they give potential customers information about more than one company. Furthermore, these website visitors are using a 3rd party platform to find pest control providers, which helps their brand but not yours.

SEO for Pest Control Leads

You can decrease the cost of pest control leads by investing in SEO for pest control. SEO produces high-quality leads through search engine optimization. The strategy incorporates specific keywords like pest control company near me that rank your website or business listing on search engines. Marketing costs are typically lower than continually buying pest control leads from 3rd party platforms.

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