Buy Window Contractor Leads (Exclusive + Qualified in 2023)

Window Treatment Leads

What Are Window Leads?

Window contractor leads are prospects who demonstrate an interest in your services through some form of indicative behavior. For example, a lead can be a homeowner who fills out an online form for window treatment services.

The most active lead generation platform is the internet. Whether someone finds you on your company website, Google My Business listing, or social media page, they can initiate contact and become a future customer.

Generate Window Repair & Treatment Leads

Contractor Webmasters provides lead generation services for window treatment companies. We allow contractors to generate exclusive leads and prevent wasting money. The Webmasters team is confident in our systems because we’ve generated leads through SEO and content marketing for 11+ years.

But first, you must understand why our lead generation system is best for you.

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Our service focuses on producing branded content that ranks on search engines so that leads are interested in your business and have a greater chance of converting.

Shared vs. Exclusive Window Repair Leads

Most contractors fall into the same cycle of failed lead generation. They call up a 3rd party lead broker and fight with other companies for the same prospect. Prospects like this are “shared leads,” meaning more than one window company has an opportunity to close the deal.

As you might imagine, that makes conversion rates substantially lower. Reducing your CR from 60% to 12% is bad for business. But reduced conversions are not the only pitfall of shared prospects. The lead broker benefits the most since the customer interacts with their brand and will likely return to them next time they need services, not you.

Exclusive leads address every problem with their shared counterparts. First, the prospect contacts your company and therefore becomes your lead to lose. Instead of fighting off other companies in your area, you have a 60% or higher chance of making them your new client.

Getting the sale is excellent, but the long-term benefit of this structure is even more significant. Since customers interact with your brand exclusively, they will likely return next time they need services. They are also more likely to leave reviews on your branded listings, like Google My Business.

Window Lead Generation channels

Online marketing is an excellent lead-gen source, but it’s important to remember that it represents many channels. For instance, your Google Business Profile listing is separate from your website and social media profile, but they are all considered internet marketing platforms.

The holistic approach to generating interest in each channel is known as search engine optimization (SEO). Contractor Webmasters empowers clients to dominate Google search results with window treatment SEO. Here’s how it works:

Local Map Pack

The most frequent source of interest for local service providers is Google Maps. When someone searches for “window treatment near me,” they are shown a Local Map Pack, which is Google’s collection of the three most relevant local businesses.

Window Treatment Map Pack

To appear in this pack, you must seriously approach local SEO and pay close attention to your Google My Business listing. The three local ranking factors are proximity, relevance, and prominence, and Contractor Webmasters helps you with each element.

Organic Search Results

Traditional organic search results (the ten blue links) are still a significant source of interest for window repair contractors. Consumers who aren’t clicking on the map pack most frequently click on organic results. Furthermore, window companies that rank on organic are more likely to rank on Google Maps.

Window Covering Organic

A well-optimized website is critical to maximizing your success. At Contractor Webmasters, we design a custom website with SEO, including calls to action for maximum conversions. The goal is to rank on page one of Google and then convert many of your website visitors into potential customers.

DataPins for Window Lead Generation

DataPins is our in-house software tool for Local SEO, Reputation Management, and Lead Generation. DataPins allows window contractors to drop pins each time they perform a job. A pin includes photos, geo-coordinates, schema markup, and a caption. Furthermore, you can tag pins to your website’s service or local landing pages.

The good news is that Contractor Webmasters encourages far more creative and profitable window treatment marketing measures like reputation management. Our proprietary software automates your local SEO and helps you become the #1 window maintenance company in your local service area.

Grow Your Business With Contractor Webmasters

Our lead generation service has delivered results for 11+ years, and you can benefit today. With a team full of SEO specialists, content writers, website designers, and lead generation experts, we produce exclusive window leads. Your business can grow exponentially by ditching 3rd party lead brokers and investing in your branded lead generation system that facilitates long-term, sustainable business.