Towing Lead Generation

Towing Leads

As a lead generation company for contractors, we understand the goals of our customers. We work with towing companies that are looking to generate towing leads in 2021. Unlike other lead brokers, we focus on producing branded and exclusive leads for your tow truck business. When you create leads through our system which implements contractor SEO along with cutting edge (self-developed) marketing tools, you will have made an investment in your own company rather than a 3rd party lead broker.

Buy Tow Truck Leads

When most tow truckers think about buying leads, they picture receiving a lead from a 3rd party platform in exchange for financial compensation. The problem with the transaction is that it heavily favors the 3rd party while providing only a temporary benefit for the tow trucking company (you). Another issue with some leads platforms is that they provide shared leads which means you would be competing against other local services for the same lead. Here are the three primary ways to buy leads:

  • Buy Towing Leads from a 3rd Party Leads Broker
  • Buy Exclusive Towing Leads through Paid Advertising
  • Buy Exclusive Towing Leads by Investing in SEO

How Can I Get Free Roadside Assistance Leads?

There’s really no such thing as a free lead. But the closest you are going to come to its concept is contractor SEO. It involves creating and optimizing your website and Google My Business listing to generate clicks and then converting those clicks into inquiries (phone, email, etc.). You can do some of your SEO for free without the help of an agency, but if you really want to bring in quality leads you will eventually have to make an investment in SEO services.

How Towing Websites Produce Exclusive Leads

We read a lot about sales funnels in 2021, but few actually know how a funnel really works. It’s more simple than it is made out to be. The first step is creating a lead generation website. We do this by implementing a targeted URL structure, on-page SEO, and high-quality content for each service type. Meanwhile, we will implement engaging Calls To Action (CTAs) throughout the website, and specifically on the homepage. When visitors read your content and reviews (on your site) they are likely to complete the call to action (phone call, lead form, etc.) Let’s review:

  • Custom WordPress Design
  • Custom, Targeted URL Structure (Based on Services & Keyword Research)
  • Content Writing
  • Calls To Action
  • Location Pages (For Nearby Areas Served)

Branded Leads vs Pay Per Call?

Some leads services allow you to pay per call. Unfortunately, the phone number called is through the 3rd party website rather than your own (in most cases). What they don’t tell you is that they used their own optimization and advertising methods to secure those calls you are paying for. If you invested in contractor SEO, you would eliminate the need for a “middle man” and produce your own branded leads without the cost of Pay Per Call.

Branded Leads: Get free lead phone calls through your own online assets

Pay Per Call: Pay a 3rd party for every lead call

Lead Generation System From Contractor Webmasters

Our lead generation services are the best in the business. We have worked with countless contractors in a wide range of industries to produce exclusive, branded leads that work to grow your business for sustained success. Instead of a temporary ROI that is eventually threatened by recurring lead costs, the Contractor Webmasters system works to create financial freedom for your tow trucking business. There is no higher quality lead than the ones you will get with our system.

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