9 Window Treatment SEO (Tips + Tricks) for 2024

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Understanding SEO for Window Treatment Companies

SEO for window treatment companies is a process of improving your online presence to appear more favorably in search engine results, specifically on Google. SEO can be applied to your business website, local listings, and other digital assets.

Competing for SEO Real Estate

SEO helps window-covering companies earn more digital landscape as part of a broader window treatment marketing strategy.

As your business gains more impressions on Google Maps and traditional Google organic results, awareness of your company increases, which typically leads to an increase in conversion rates.

Actionable SEO Tips from an Agency Expert

I run an agency called Contractor Webmasters, which has helped contractors with SEO for more than a decade. So when I outline “tips” for ranking on Google search results, they are not something I pulled out of thin air or generated with ChatGPT.

My insights are based on authentic experiences with real local contractors.

Check out my nine SEO tips for window treatment companies in 2024:

1) Claim Your Business Listings

The first SEO step for window treatment businesses is establishing a credibility baseline.

The fastest route toward this designation is through business citations.

Claim your business listings on the major platforms, Google Business Profile, Yelp, Angi’, HomeAdvisor, and Facebook.

You can expand to more directories as you gain SEO momentum.

2) Improve Your NAP Consistency

Once your business information exists in the online ether, it’s time to ensure its accuracy.

Major data aggregators like Infogroup and Localeze are typically the source of your NAP information (name, address, and phone number).

If any of these items have changed for your business, it is important to update the information at the main source.

Other platforms will correct your information online by addressing the problem at its root.

3) Add Local Context to Your Website

I can’t tell you how many window treatment companies make the mistake of generalizing their location on their business website.

Google and its users need to know your main city and surrounding service areas. It’s your job to tell them.

It starts by inserting your main city within your homepage’s title tag.

For example:

Window Treatment Services in Spokane, WA | Jim’s Windows and Blinds

Adding local context to your homepage can boost your rankings in traditional organic search and Google’s Local Map 3-Pack.

4) Get More Reviews

Trust is a factor for both SEO ranking and conversion. Customers want to see a Google Business Profile with at least ten reviews before contacting them for services.

Of course, there are exceptions to this based on relative competition in your service area.

Nevertheless, gaining more reviews is going to help your SEO in both the short and long term.

The best way to increase review frequency is to use the combination trick I’ve shared with my clients.

All my clients receive a reputation management tool called DataPins, which sends automated review requests to customers via SMS and email.

But I advise combining that mechanism with good old-fashioned in-person requests.

After completing a window treatment job, ask your client in person if they wouldn’t mind leaving a review.

When they receive the request through their phone or computer, they are far more likely to complete the task.

5) Optimize Google Business Profile

Claiming your Google Business Profile is the bare minimum required to rank in Google’s Local Map 3-Pack.

However, to compete with other SEO-savvy businesses, you must further optimize your profile for search.

I first recommend connecting an SEO-optimized business website to your business profile.

Google will scan the connected website and apply the same SEO optimizations to your listing.

Now, the content from your website will power your Google Maps rankings.

Other measures you can take are adding unique photos to your listing and publishing Google Posts once per month.

6) Showcase Recent Jobs

Showcasing photos from your recent jobs is one of the best ways to earn trust and credibility with future clients.

I developed a software tool called DataPins to help you showcase all of your jobs in an SEO-friendly manner.

The DataPins app allows you to snap photos of your job and then combine them with geo-coordinates from the location, schema markup, and a project caption.

Each pin is tagged to the most appropriate website page to regularly create E-E-A-T signaling for higher rankings.

I recommend that all my window covering clients use DataPins.

7) Networking and Partnerships

A lot of SEO guidelines are adamant about the power of backlinks.

However, the recent March Core Update has further devalued the power of links created for SEO purposes.

The key to getting worthwhile links is to network and partner with other credible businesses.

As a window company, this might mean a material supplier, a chamber of commerce, or a local sports team.

All of these links are legitimate endorsements and will help your SEO more than paying an SEO “link builder” to assist your campaign.

8) Utilize Free SEO Tools

Anything that you can find to help you optimize your website for local searches is something that you should be taking advantage of.

For smaller local businesses especially, every little tool can mean the difference.

Google provides myriad free tools, including Google Analytics, Search Console, and Keyword Planner. You can track your progress and also improve your performance using Google’s collection of tools.

Take all the help that you can get; the competition for local search results can come down to the smallest things.

9) Content is NOT King

You might’ve heard the phrase “content is king” in the context of SEO.

However, content is certainly not king.

While good content (like DataPins) is very powerful for search rankings, other types of content can harm your SEO more than help it.

When Google released its Helpful Content Update in 2022, it warned against content created for search engines rather than people.

Most blog posts on window treatment business websites violate these new guidelines.

Google’s more recent updates continue to drop the hammer on this type of manipulative content.

I recommend avoiding mass content distribution by outsourcing blog posts or using AI generation to create pages.

Instead, focus on unique content that only your company can produce.

Next Steps for SEO Excellence

Companies can use other methods to improve window treatment SEO, but following these tips can do more than enough to get your local business well-established in the local search rankings.

Understand this: being strong in your local search rankings will not guarantee that your business will grow.

What it will do, however, is ensure that your local business stays strong in localized searches, allowing your target audience to keep finding you with relative ease.

This keeps a local business strong and healthy for longer than others who do not consider these factors.

If you require assistance with your SEO campaign, reach out to Contactor Webmasters.

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