7 Window Treatment Marketing Tips to Generate Leads

Window Treatment Marketing Tips

What is Window Treatment Marketing?

Window treatment marketing is the process of promoting window treatment services and styles, including window blinds and window coverings.

Marketing efforts can be exercised through digital outlets using search engine optimization and paid advertising on Google, Facebook, and other popular media channels.

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Why Window Companies Need Marketing

When thinking about how to start a window treatment business, it is essential to have a proper marketing campaign.

After all, you could offer the most outstanding service or product in the world, but if people don’t know about it, it won’t sell.

This is true whether you want to know how to market soda or how to market window blinds.

The potential target audience for a business like window treatments may be minimal. This means that competition for that target audience can be fierce, and every battle won can mean a massive difference in the business’s health.

Marketing your business is more important than ever. While word of mouth is still an essential aspect of any business, it is no longer the only method of promoting your business.

Having an effective marketing campaign can mean the difference between steady growth and clinging to life as a business.

Digital Marketing Tips for Window and Blinds Companies

Window treatment businesses often overlap with blinds companies and offer similar services. If you are looking for digital marketing tips for your blind company, this guide will suit you well and provide insights into improving your online visibility, increasing conversion rates, and acquiring new customers.

Here are seven things your window treatment business should implement into its marketing strategy:

1) Publish a Strong Website

A staggering 45% of small businesses still don’t have a website. This is for a few reasons, like a lack of familiarity with current technology, concerns about the cost, and the amount of time necessary to put one together.

But the fact of the matter is that any effective business these days has to have a website. There are no ifs, ands, or buts. This is because your website is often the first customer introduction to your business. It sets the tone.

Your website doesn’t have to be custom-coded, but it does need to be clean and informative. Customers use your website as a source of information; providing that information easily and conveniently only increases the odds of that user becoming a client.

It’s not impossible to succeed without a website, but it makes the job of window covering marketing substantially more difficult than it has to be.

2) Create Valuable Web Content

Now, more than ever, content is imperative to digital marketing, particularly through SEO. Google heavily emphasizes strong, unique content because they want to provide the most informative and authoritative websites possible in their results.

Creating a blog is a great way to achieve this unique, informative content. Having something like an FAQ or perhaps answering commonly asked questions from your target audience is a great way to draw in those additional views.

From there, the odds only increase that you will convert some of those clicks into actual dollars toward your bottom line.

Relevant content can also help to make you an authority within the industry. If you are producing informative posts that other reputable businesses are referencing, it only strengthens your reputation as an authority in the industry and an opinion to trust.

That last factor is an underrated aspect of a business. Creating that authority, that brand recognition is what even the largest of companies strive for, but so few achieve.

When your audience recognizes your brand as an informative, authoritative brand, that will translate into dollars before you know it.

Optimizing that content with backlinks and selective keywords is a great way to rank highly in SEO, letting the content do the rest of the work.

3) Ask for Reviews and Testimonials

It should go without saying, but the reviews and testimonials about your business can make or break you. This is true not only from a reputation standpoint, where customers trust positive reviews more and more but also from an SEO standpoint.

Google especially gives excellent credence to positive reviews. They want users to get trusted websites when they perform a keyword search. But it can’t be just a handful; you must have as many reviews as possible.

And that includes some bad ones. It is obviously important to avoid getting a ton of negative reviews, but having some can make your company feel more natural.

Not only that, those negative reviews allow you to respond to adversity.

When there are negative reviews, respond to them professionally. This will show potential customers you are willing to go above and beyond to resolve subpar experiences.

That reflects positively in the eyes of potential customers and makes them feel you are more trustworthy.

Trustworthiness is one of the most important aspects of any business. When you can achieve that, you have won a major battle in the marketing process and with your target audience.

4) Implement White-Hat SEO

One of the great equalizers for small businesses across the globe is SEO. This stands for search engine optimization and is the process of making your website more easily discoverable to search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

This can mean a massive difference for small businesses that don’t have major marketing budgets. Keeping a strong SEO ranking means you stand a greater chance of showing up on the first page for relevant search results.

That’s a significant thing because research has shown that most people never leave the first page of search rankings.

So, if you aren’t on the first page of rankings for those keywords, you know you have a lot of work to do.

The concept of SEO is achieved through several factors like keyword research, content publication, metadata adjustment, and more.

It takes a bit of refinement and work to find the sweet spot, but when you do, your business should experience a noticeable impact, thanks to improved search rankings.

Thankfully, there are a variety of SEO tools out there to help make sure that your website is optimized and in the best position that it possibly can be.

Without it, your business could flounder, and your marketing efforts could all be for naught. You could also talk to professionals about window treatment SEO and other digital marketing services.

5) Invest in Social Media Marketing

Perhaps just as important as SEO marketing is social media marketing. This is because hundreds of millions of users around the globe each day use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

This means a massive potential audience for your business to appear in front of.

There is the aspect of direct customer interaction that is appealing. Addressing customers’ concerns in real time is an invaluable asset.

If you handle those instances successfully, other audience members begin to take notice positively.

Social media is also a great play to distribute links. These links directly lead back to your website, creating traffic to your website that could eventually generate revenue for your business.

The key is to be creative. Don’t just spam links; no one will pay attention or follow those. You must engage as often as possible to get users to click those links.

Facebook is more efficient because you can create a business page to attract customers to relevant services.

Having a social media presence is, these days, as important as having a website.

6) Launch an Email Marketing Campaign

One of the tried and true methods of any digital marketing campaign is email marketing. This is because almost every one of us checks our email daily.

A proper email marketing campaign will put all the necessary information into the hands of the customer and allow them to decide.

Best of all, personalized email marketing lets customers feel like you are only concerned with their needs and needs. This is best achieved after the initial e-mail newsletter has been sent out.

Checking in a few weeks later lets the users know you have not forgotten about them and are following up to answer any questions.

Remember that even the most successful email marketing campaigns have struggled early in generating window treatment leads and sales.

In those follow-up efforts, the most significant successes are to be had. Email marketing is also an excellent avenue for promoting sales and specials.

7) Record & Publish Video Content

Video is one of the fastest-rising forms of marketing available today because of an unprecedented level of ease and convenience in the video creation process.

People now have phones and tablets that offer higher-quality video than ever before.

With the ability to shoot your own marketing pieces as often as you like, you can try implementing video ads on your window covering business website and your YouTube channel.

This only adds to your potential audience and helps your SEO along the way.

Best of all, it is more straightforward and more cost-effective to shoot video content with your smartphone than it ever has been before.

Now, more than ever, it is more convenient and easier to understand how to market your business online.

It still takes a lot of time and a lot of effort, but your business could be running an effective digital marketing campaign without having to break the bank to do so.

It puts small businesses on an even footing when competing with other businesses in the area, and it does so by making the entire thing a far more cost-effective method.

No more having to break the bank for expensive marketing campaigns when you can implement these steps now.

Next Steps With Window Treatment Marketing

Taking the next steps with marketing for your window treatment company starts with the basics. You can create a Google Business Profile for free and purchase a domain name for $9.99. Those two digital entities can help you launch the foundation of a digital marketing campaign.

If you want to take your window treatment marketing campaign to the next level, consider investing in professional marketing services. Contractor Webmasters offers digital marketing services focused on local SEO, website design, and software-driven E-E-A-T signals.