Foundation Repair Leads

Most contractors want online marketing for one simple reason; lead generation. But too often, they are finessed by so called SEO companies into paying big time funds for small time services. Worse yet, when the services fail to live up to expectations, the contractor is left with nothing to show for their investment. This traditional marketing model puts all of the onus on the foundation repair contractor rather than the SEO specialists, when it should probably be the other way around. With PPL from Contractor Webmasters, the burden of performance falls on us as the marketing company. You might be wondering about some of the following:

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PPL Lowers Your Financial Marketing Risk

What is PPL?

PPL stands for Pay Per Lead and it is a marketing payment model that charges contractors for leads only.

What Marketing Services Come With PPL?

PPL clients receive the same marketing services that a monthly client would. That means SEO, Web Design, Google Maps Management, & Social Media Marketing.

What’s The Advantage to PPL?

There is no upfront payment required so the financial risk is considerably lower than it would be in a traditional agreement.

Exclusive Foundation Repair Leads

Contractor Webmasters provides exclusive leads to foundation repair contractors. In fact, all of our leads are exclusive. Other lead gen companies provide what are known as shared leads. With leads like these, the contractor is forced to compete with others in their industry and market for the same lead. Shared leads have lower value than exclusive leads because they are less likely to convert into an actual paying customer. They can also cause frustration with the lead gen service. Contractor Webmasters avoids these issues altogether be offering exclusive leads only. Advantages include:

  • Convenience: Don’t worry about fighting with competitors for the same lead
  • Probability: The conversion rate for exclusive leads is greater than shared
  • Value: Exclusive leads possess greater inherent value both financially and generally

In marketing you’ve likely heard about CRO, which is conversion rate optimization. Optimizing the conversion rate of leads is no simple task, especially when they are shared. The exclusivity of a lead is really the only way to increase it’s probability for conversion. The reality of the situation however is that not all leads are the same and language is important. What one company might call a lead might be someone looking for an entirely different service. Contractor Webmasters provides foundation repair leads that relate directly to your industry and niche. Combine that with their exclusivity, and you have one of the best marketing opportunities available.

Call Screening for Contractor Leads

One of the most common questions we receive from foundation repair contractors who are interested in the PPL service is how leads are attributed to their rightful source. Contractors want to ensure that they only pay us for results that we are directly responsible for. In other words, if a neighbor of one of your clients recommends you to a random person, we have no direct connection to that lead, and therefore can’t take credit for it by charging you a fee. So how do we decide? We screen lead calls. We provide a tracking number on your digital phone numbers so that we can monitor the calls and make sure that we only get credit for ones we caused.

If there’s ever a dispute about one of the calls, we are 100% transparent with the client. We both have access to the same call, so there will never be any determinations made based on supposition. Instead, we work directly with you the client to form a partnership. We don’t view the PPL model as one that makes either of us the employee. Our job is to get you leads and it is your job to convert them into customers. If you would like to learn more about how you too can get foundation repair leads with PPL services from Contractor Webmasters, give us a call today at 800-775-1250.