AreaServed Schema for Contractors

Contractor Webmasters provides areaserved schema as part of our structured data markup department. Google communicates better with websites that designate their service areas through schema. An in-depth understanding of schema markup is required to implement this qualifier.

What is AreaServed Schema?

AreaServed schema is a microdata qualifier that allows websites to display links for specific areas offered by their services. Schema helps Google correctly interpret and market your service areas after crawling your website. 

Take, for example, a contractor working in Dallas / Fort Worth. Not only should that contractor market to both Dallas and Fort Worth but many of the smaller cities in the surrounding area. Web designers will implement the areaserved microdata to best designate these individual cities.

As with other types of schema, areaserved microdata can affect the presentation of your search result on Google SERPs. By displaying links to multiple cities, residents in those respective locations can be made immediately aware that you are a geographical match. 

Choosing Service Areas

How should contractors decide which areas to market their services? There are several steps you can take to make that determination. First, you will want to review your recent service history and look over the regularly visited locations. With that information in hand, you will want to study the following qualities of cities:

  • Distance: How many miles will you or your workers have to travel to reach this destination?
  • Demand: How many people in this city, on average, will require a service like yours per month?
  • Supply: How many companies like yours already service this area and rank well on Google?
  • ROI: Using answers to the previous questions, determine the potential return on investment for servicing the area

We don’t want to generate leads from locations that you can’t realistically service on time. That’s why we coordinate our marketing efforts with your specific company resources. We will work together for a common goal that benefits both parties.

Scaling Your Contracting Business

To properly scale your business f, you must review your company’s financial resources. You’ll want to generate financial reports for the past year, including quarterly and monthly sub-reports. With all that information in front of you, you must determine the following:

  • Budget: How much money can you spend on expansion this year, this month, and this quarter?
  • Employees: How many additional employees can you afford to bring on to meet the demand for a greater service area?
  • Projection: How do new employees within the set budget project financially for your company over the next year, month, and quarter?

To scale your business, you must have a concrete understanding of your financial situation. If you are not ready to increase the scope of your business, you can still work with Contractor Webmasters. We work with businesses of all sizes. If you can only start with a few cities, we will optimize for those and help you expand over time.