Contractor Reputation Management

Contractor reputation management is a critical aspect of your business’s growth and sustainability. Studies show that 91% of consumers check online reviews and that 84% trust them as much as a personal recommendation.

For local contractors, reputation can make or break your sale. In the world of digital marketing, much of the focus is on getting customers to your website or business profile, but the deal is not complete until they trust your company’s brand.

What Makes Up a Contractor’s Reputation?

No single thing defines a contractor’s reputation, but rather an assortment of various indicators. Reviews are certainly one of the most apparent trust indicators, and several platforms exist to highlight reviews for contractors.

However, reviews alone don’t determine your company’s reputation. You should also consider your logo, color scheme, website quality, and social media presence. Let’s check out a list of reputation indicators:

  • Brand Color Scheme
  • Brand Recognition
  • Company Logo
  • Online Reviews
  • Website Presentation
  • Word of Mouth

Review Management for Contractors

From a digital marketing standpoint, contractors often look at reviews as their top priority for reputation management. There are several ways to influence reviews online, but none are more efficient than DataPins.

For those unaware, DataPins is a local SEO and reputation management tool for contractors that sends automated review requests through SMS and email. The software also displays reviews from Google and Facebook directly on your company website. It is the best review tool of its kind.

By choosing Contractor SEO Webmasters as your digital marketing agency, you gain free access to DataPins for your website and brand. You can begin accumulating reviews for your Google Business Profile and rank higher on Google Maps.

Furthermore, you can close more deals by providing social proof on your website, enhancing your reputation consistently. 

Visual Reputation Management

Reviews are helpful but hardly enough to cement your reputation. Consumers are more intelligent than ever and can spot a scam from a mile away. Most people will ignore reviews if they fail to find any visual trust indicators that support the reviews’ claims.

After all, companies can manipulate processes to generate vague reviews about their services. So how do contractors establish a visual reputation?

  • Brand Color Scheme: Use a consistent color scheme for your brand
  • Brand Recognition: Get your brand in front of eyes with ads, social media, and other forms of promotion
  • Company Logo: Choose or improve a logo and optimize it for web presentation
  • Website Presentation: Invest in a custom WordPress website, like those offered by Contractor Webmasters (and be sure to provide custom photos of your team, equipment, etc.)

Trust comes from more than just words; it comes from appearance. When investing in a custom website, it is critical to provide accurate photos of your business and team members so that visitors can form a personal trust before ever speaking with your company.

Your business’s unique images prove to people that your business is authentic and trustworthy and that supporting reviews match your company’s presentation. Get started today by calling Contractor Webmasters for reputation management services.