Do Contractors Need a Website? (Updated for 2024)

Do Contractors Need a Website (Blog Banner)

In 2024, contractors can benefit from a one-page website with a Google Business Profile. However, they don’t need a large, expensive, or comprehensive website to appear on Google search results.

Key Takeaway

Contractors need a basic website to acquire new customers online.

Contractors do need a website in 2024 if they plan to acquire new customers online.

Failing to publish a company website prevents you from appearing on Google’s organic search results.

Furthermore, companies without websites also have trouble showing on Google Maps results (Google Map 3-Pack).

As a contractor, it goes without saying that all of your business is done by using your hands.

Any kind of business that requires construction of any kind shares this commonality.

Many businesses still operate without a website because they feel as though they do not need one despite the continuing trend of businesses moving towards more of a digital footprint.

The cost of website design is another large deterrent, as the service can cost up to $10,000.

Contractor Websites are a “First Impression”

Now, more than ever, potential clients and customers use your company’s website to contact your business.

Because of the ease of online research, this is how customers are vetting businesses.

For this reason, it is imperative that your company has a website regardless of the industry.

Guess what happens if a customer looks for your business online and can’t find a website? They will move on to the next one.

Website CTA

A website is one of the quickest ways to vet a business; not even having one is the quickest way to turn off a potential customer.

Websites Validate Your Business

Perhaps the top reason contractors do not have a website is that they rely on word of mouth only to get their business out there to prospective customers.

They will “knock on doors” to get their company name out there and tell you how you should be using their service, but sustainability is a huge problem with this method.

Even for companies who experience success with word of mouth – and this comes in other forms like advertising in phone books, local free papers, Craigslist (basically anything that doesn’t cost that much money – it can only last so long, and then you’re back to fishing for those word of mouth referrals.

Ultimately, your business should be constantly marketing itself because no matter how busy you are, there can come a dip that can last far longer than you are comfortable with.

As a matter of fact, most contractors are already operating on a roller coaster of a workflow.

The goal of any contractor business is to establish a consistent, steady business with long-term growth.

Desktop View of HVAC Website

Having a properly optimized website for today’s search engine turns into a steady drip of contractor leads.

Websites Foster Customer Interaction

Your website is arguably the best way that you have to interact with customers, both current and potential.

This is great for a few reasons.

The first is that you can have them leave testimonials or reviews.

These are the lifeblood of SEO rankings these days, and the better (and more) rankings you have, the higher your search rankings will be.

And the higher the search rankings, the more eyeballs that will see your website.

This is the best way to generate those essential leads for any business.

Also, those reviews help you identify any concerns or issues that customers are having and how you can potentially correct those actions.

This allows you to eliminate issues that your business might be having and shows your customers that you are dedicated to their satisfaction and improving your business.

This is huge in the eyes of customers.

Website Design for Roofing Company

Websites invite prospective customers to communicate with your business.

Choosing The Right Contractor Website

One of the biggest mistakes contractors make is paying an SEO agency $3,000 per month for a massive 100+ page website.

A website that large is completely unnecessary to rank on Google.

All you need is a one-page website and a tool like DataPins to rank on Google Organic and Google Maps.

As you acquire more reviews and do more pins, you can expand your number of impressions by thousands.

Contractor Website Components for 2024

There are more than a few things that a good business website needs to have, but the first and most important is your contact information.

Even if you have the most beautiful and informative website online, customers are gone if they can’t find your contact info within a click or two.

Contact Information

It is helpful to have your contact information in the header and the footer of your website.

Ultimately, you want your customers to be able to find it on each page that they visit so they never have to wonder how to contact you.

Service Mentions

Google crawls your website for mentions of various service types and uses that information for Google Organic rankings and Google Maps rankings.

As a result, it’s important to showcase recent jobs of your various services using DataPins.

You will get mentions of specific service types, brands, and materials to send SEO signals to Google.

User Experience

More than ever, online users have a short attention span.

If you give them content that is visually difficult to read or that is lumped into long form, they will skip right by it.

The first step is to ensure that you have selected easy-to-read fonts and colors.

The next is to make sure that your content is broken up effectively. Avoid huge blocks of text.

Implement headings wherever they make sense to help break up the text.

Add pictures to do the same and help optimize your site through alternate image descriptions.

Calls To Action

Having a website for your contractor business, does not necessarily mean leads will start flooding in.

You must insert calls-to-action (CTAs) like phone numbers and contact forms throughout your site.

If it is done right, your business should see a steady stream of customers who visit your website and jump into using your services or products altogether.

Next Steps for Contractors

If you thought your contractor business didn’t need a website, you must think again.

The good news is you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to achieve your goal.

An effective one-page website with DataPins can be hosted for an affordable monthly fee.

Contact Contractor Webmasters to learn more.