Local SEO Service for Contractors (Rank on Google Map Pack)

Contractor Webmasters provides a highly-rated Local SEO service for contractors. Our agency has worked with thousands of contractors, helping them rank on Google Maps and the Map 3-Pack with the help of our software DataPins. Our monthly Local SEO services include DataPins, GBP optimization, NAP citations, and local content writing. Unlike other marketing agencies, we understand that your website content influences Google Maps rankings.

Do Contractors Need Local SEO?

Contractors need local SEO to increase search visibility within their service areas. For those unaware, SEO stands for search engine optimization. While SEO is essential, in general, the term lacks specificity regarding location. The goal is to optimize your business specifically for the areas in which your company services.

Check out some primary benefits of local search engine optimization:

  • Authority: Become an authority in your location and region
  • Branding: Build your brand locally through various channels
  • Mobile Reach: Reach mobile users on their preferred device
  • Search Visibility: Show up on Google search results locally

Some aspects of traditional search optimization apply directly to local SEO. For example, on-page optimization in editing title tags, meta descriptions, and page content is effective nationally and locally. The difference with local is that your content will target local keywords.

For example, users searching for a remodeling contractor in San Jose, CA, will see results that target that city and location. Location specificity attracts users for the Map pack and organic results.

Contractor Local Map 3-Pack

The Map 3-Pack factors in distance, relevance, and prominence based on the user’s query and location. You can influence relevance and prominence using DataPins.

The Elements of Local SEO

Optimizing your business for local search results is a valuable procedure. But what are the elements that make up local SEO? Though the target audience is narrow, the tasks required to reach that audience are vast and detail-oriented. Some of the factors that make up local search optimization include:

  • Citation Sources: Business listings and profiles on websites like Google My Business and Better Business Bureau are imperative to local search visibility
  • Link Building: Establishing both inbound and internal links from local authority websites
  • Review Management: Generating and managing reviews helps shape the reputation of your business in the local community
  • Social Media: Interacting with local consumers on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube helps establish trust and brand recognition in your regional area

MOZ released its local search ranking factors, which exhibit the influence of specific signals on search engine results. Each of the above elements constitutes one of those signals. For example, citation signals and link signals account for citation sources and link building, respectively.

Contractors that create a robust online presence are most likely to dominate local SERPs. The totality of these components makes up local search optimization. 

How Branding Influences Local SEO

When optimizing your company for local search, branding plays a major role in how your business is perceived. The objective is to establish your brand as authoritative, reputable, and trustworthy. The scope of your branding campaign is narrow enough to where establishing the qualities above is realistic.

To brand your company as a local commodity, you should focus on the following aspects of branding:

  • Community Marketing: Regardless of if you reside in Dallas, TX or Newark, NJ, the image and vernacular you promote should be specific to local sensibilities
  • Customer Interaction: The best way to initiate your presence in a local community is to become friendly with consumers, both current and future customers
  • Logo Design: Visual representation of your company and its ideals provides your business with an identity, and consumers can store in their brains and recall
  • Promotional Content: How you promote your services and through which channels will depend on the qualities of your local audience

Brand recall refers to a customer’s recollection of a brand based on their perceived experience with it or its services. If local consumers notice a leak in their roof, they are likely to think of roofing companies. If your brand can enter potential customers’ minds, you give yourself a greater chance of winning them.

DataPins Software for Local Contractors

Reputation often makes or breaks an online presence. Showing up on Map pack and organic results is a significant first step, but converting users into customers is what makes the bottom-line difference. Contractor Webmasters equips each client with DataPins: The most innovative reputation management software on the marketplace.

It increases review frequency through automated SMS requests but allows users to boost local SEO with job site check-ins. Advantages of DataPins include:

  • Check-ins: DataPins empowers you to create job site check-ins that automatically publish on your most relevant website pages
  • Local SEO: DataPins serves as a local SEO engine that helps you rank on the Map Pack and organic results
  • Multi-Location Ranking: DataPins helps contractors rank in multiple service areas instead of only their central address location
  • Review Generation: DataPins sends automated review requests to satisfied customers through SMS and email reminders

Contractors migrate to Contractor Webmasters when their existing marketing company fails them. With piles of black box billing receipts, most marketers slowly extract the will from their clients. PPC efforts failed miserably, and generated leads fail to produce repeat business.

When local contractors learn that DataPins can do local SEO, they sprint toward their credit cards. Why pay marketing hacks $3,000 per month when you can rake in more jobs than you can handle with reputation management software for local SEO?

Focus Locations

Contractor Webmasters serves consumers throughout the United States. However, service area businesses often serve multiple cities within driving distance of their primary location. While Google Maps uses proximity to determine the Map Pack results, contractors can still rank on local organic results. One way to rank in additional service areas is to create individual location pages for each city.

DataPins helps legitimize your city pages by inserting pins of recent jobs performed in that area. Now when users visit your location pages, they will see jobs specific to that city which builds trust and increases conversion. Furthermore, each new pin adds new fresh content to your location pages, increasing their chances of ranking on organic results.