Local SEO for Contractors

Do Contractors Need Local SEO?

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Yes. Local SEO increases search visibility for companies in their geographic area. As we know, SEO stands for search engine optimization. While SEO is important, in general, the term itself lacks specificity in regards to location. When the term “SEO” is qualified as “local” it takes on a more narrow objective. The goal is to optimize your business specifically for the areas in which your company services. Review these primary benefits of local search engine optimization:

  • Authority: With a more narrow target audience, establishing authority within your community is a more achievable goal
  • Branding: Though it’s fair to assume that national brand recognition is unlikely for a local service business, local brand recognition is more realistic
  • Mobile Reach: As mobile searches continue to increase, local search has become the most common method of search engine usage
  • Search Visibility: Getting the most relevant eyes on your business is the foundation of local SEO, since local consumers serve as your most valuable lead profile

It is important to note the crossover between search engine optimization and local SEO. Some aspects of traditional search optimization will translate directly to local search. For example, search visibility is a concept that has always appealed to marketing efforts. The only difference with local optimization, is that the scope of visibility is more condensed, more targeted, if you will. As the internet has evolved over the past decades, so has our ability to market our services digitally. Call 800-775-1250 for local SEO services.

Elements of Local SEO

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Optimizing your business for local search results is a valuable procedure. But what are the elements that make up local SEO? Though the target audience is narrow, the tasks required to reach that audience are vast and detail oriented. Some of the elements that make up local search optimization, include:

  • Citation Sources: Business listings and profiles on websites like Google My Business and Better Business Bureau are imperative to local search visibility
  • Link Building: Establishing both inbound and outbound links, to and from authority websites in your community, is crucial to your company’s local authority
  • Review Management: Generating and managing reviews helps shape the reputation of your business in the local community
  • Social Media: Interacting with local consumers on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube helps establish trust and brand recognition in your regional area

MOZ released their 2017 local search ranking factors in which they exhibit the influence of specific signals on search engine results. Each of the above elements constitutes one of those signals. For example, citation signals and link signals account for citation sources and link building respectively. The totality of these components make up local search optimization. Call 800-775-1250 for local SEO services.

How Branding Influences Local SEO

When optimizing your company for local search, branding plays a major role in how your business is perceived. The objective is to establish your brand to be; authoritative, reputable, and trustworthy. The scope of your branding campaign is narrow enough to where establishing the aforementioned qualities is realistic. In order to brand your company as a local commodity, you should focus on the following aspects of branding:

  • Community Marketing: Regardless of if you reside in Dallas, TX or Newark, NJ, the image and vernacular you promote should be specific to local sensibilities (i.e. country vs coastal)
  • Customer Interaction: The best way to initiate your presence in a local community is to become friendly with consumers, both current and future customers
  • Logo Design: Visual representation of your company and its ideals, provides your business with an identity, and one consumers can store in their brains and recall
  • Promotional Content: How you promote your services, and through which channels, will depend on the qualities of your local audience

Brand recall refers to a customer’s recollection of a brand based on their perceived experience with that brand or its services. If a local consumer notices a leak coming from their roof, they are likely to think of roofing companies off the top of their head. If your brand can become one of those that enters the mind of potential customers, you give yourself a much greater chance of winning them over in the near future.

How Contractors Can Manage Local Reputation

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Perception is everything. Reputations can be made or broken before services are ever utilized. We see these most prominently in 2017 with local review websites. These sites like Yelp and Angie’s List offer prospective customers an outline of a company, their information, and their standing. Forming an opinion on a business before ever talking to them might seem unfair, but it is the reality of today’s marketing landscape.

Contractors can get out in front of the reputation phenomenon by doing everything possible to protect and enhance their own. With so many channels to craft perceptions; business directories, review sites, social media profiles, etc., it becomes incumbent on a company to monitor any developments regarding their reputation. To inquire about reputation management and how it impacts local SEO, give Contractor Webmasters a call at 800-775-1250.