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Do Contractor Websites Need Image Optimization?

Designer Optimizes Image

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Yes. An often overlooked aspect of web content is image optimization. Though content writing is equally as important for search engine optimization, image optimization can separate your site from competitors. Why? Because so few websites take the time to properly optimize photos. At Contractor Webmasters, we optimize your images in the following ways:

  • Alt Text: An HTML qualifier that describes the content of the image — primarily designed for visually impaired users
  • File Name: A properly optimized file name is lowercase and contains dashes to separate words
  • File Size: Images should be in jpg format and ideally under 400 kb for speed optimization
  • Image Placement: Relevant photos should be placed on corresponding pages

Since most websites are savvy enough to optimize for keywords, the difference between a #2 ranking and a #1 ranking could be the optimization of web photos. Contractor Webmasters accounts for every last detail, any of which can produce your next lead. Call 800-775-1250 for image optimization.

Renaming Image Files

Employees Edit Images

Our Content Writers Use SEO Friendly File Names

One of the biggest mistakes website managers make when using images, is incorrectly naming the image file. When you download an image from the web (make sure it’s licensed for free use) the file name might consist of random numbers, or something more specific. In either case, you’ll want to rename it to something else. Your image file name should be:

  • Concise: Try to keep the image name short and to the point
  • Keyword Related: If your image correlates to a keyword (you should look for photos that do) use it as part of the file name (but don’t stuff keywords into file names of irrelevant images)
  • Lowercase: File names should be lowercase letters with dashes separating words (if multiple words are used)
  • Relevant: The file name should describe the image and not embellish its description

Contractor Webmasters handles every aspect of photo optimization for your website. If you have company photos taken on a digital camera, we can instruct you on how to upload them to a computer, and send them our way. We will rename these image files to best optimize them for SEO purposes. We will also compress them to a suitable size so they don’t slow down your page.

Alt Text for Images

Writers Embed ImagesMany people think alt text is a place to stuff keywords and fool Google into ranking a page higher. This strategy doesn’t work. With all forms of content, Google prioritizes the user. Image text that is irrelevant to the corresponding photo detracts from user experience. After all, alt text is really designed for visually impaired internet users. If they are being told an image is “cheap plumbers in Illinois leaky faucet” they will have no idea what the image actually presents, which can lead to an increased bounce rate.

You’re probably wondering; then how do I get keywords into my alt text? It’s actually simple. Choose images that correlate with your keywords. For example, if you know your page is about commercial roofing, go find an image of a commercial roof, from your personal files, or from a stock image database (ensure free use license). That way, you can make your alt text an exact match keyword. An alt text of “Commercial Roof” is totally legitimate for an image that correlates with that text. Call 800-775-1250 for image optimization services.