Social Media Management for Contractors (Marketing/Ads)

Contractor Webmasters provides social media management as part of our ongoing contractor SEO services. Our target platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. With DataPins, our local SEO tool, contractors can auto-post completed job pins, images, and captions to their social media accounts.

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Do Contractors Need Social Media?

Contractors can benefit from a social media presence. With that said, there is a misconception about what constitutes a presence. To use social networks effectively, you don’t have to turn into a viral internet star. In fact, your accounts don’t even have to be remarkably active to serve their purpose for your marketing campaign.

Here is what you will need:

  • Accounts: Active accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn
  • Content: Your accounts won’t require constant activity, but they should share occasional content
  • Fans/Followers: You must accumulate a fair amount of fans and/or followers on Facebook and Twitter, respectively
  • Optimization: Well-optimized social profiles, including; logos, header images, about-us sections, business hours, etc.

If your profiles are optimized, the activity becomes less of a concern. The purpose of social presence is more about authority building and branding than direct marketing. With that said, posting more regularly certainly won’t hurt the cause. At Contractor Webmasters, we offer social media marketing as part of our SEO services.

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Social media is part of your company’s brand, so failure to engage in activity on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms reduces your maximum reach for customers.

Best Social Media Sites for Contractors

Establishing a brand presence on social platforms is important. But as a contractor, how do you know which networks are worth your time? Since there are so many available, it is best to focus on the ones with a proven track record of success, specifically concerning the contractor business.

Consider the following networks:

  • Facebook: Facebook provides companies with all the tools to increase brand awareness
  • LinkedIn: To really brand yourself as a reputable business, one respected by peers and also other industries
  • Twitter: The forefront of information exchange — Become part of the community by creating a Twitter account
  • YouTube: More consumers will access YouTube than cable TV — video is the preferred medium for your future customers

There are, of course, many more networks to choose from. But social media is not the number one channel for customer acquisition, so placing excessive focus and resources on it will not produce leads most efficiently. With that in mind, having an optimized and professional presence works to help other channels become more advantageous for contractors. Remember, our goal is your goal.

Facebook Advertising allows contractors to focus on a broad range of goals, from brand awareness to lead generation.

Creating Content for Social Media

You don’t have to be the most active profile to establish an effective social presence. With that said, occasionally, shares, posts, and tweets of original content help add credibility to your business. So how do Contractor Webmasters generate that content for your social profiles?

We actually use various methods. They include:

  • Blog Posts: As part of our monthly blogging services, we can share posts via Facebook and Twitter
  • Discounts: Sharing and/or tweeting discount codes can attract interest in your company
  • Polls: Asking for the voice of your consumers on an industry issue can inspire current and future customers to engage with your brand.
  • Promotions: Running contests, giveaways, or any type of engaging promotion can spark interest in your business

Social media will not be the primary source of your leads. But it will facilitate the visibility and eventual usage of other lead-generation channels. Additionally, most social networks have effective and cost-free analytics tools that allow you to measure the impact of your content.

For example, after sharing a blog post on Facebook, you can analyze how many people saw it, engaged with it, ignored it, etc. This can help you make more efficient choices in the future.

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Most social media platforms like Facebook allow contractors to share various types of content, including images, blog posts, and videos.

Thinking Beyond Social Media Profiles

Your social presence doesn’t always have to come directly from your account. What if, instead, your company was being mentioned by other social accounts? Ask your customers to share, tweet, and vlog (Video Blog) their opinion of your services.

You can encourage these interactions through widgets and plugins that allow readers to share blog posts and other content on their preferred social networks. When a 3rd party social account mentions you on Twitter, you want the followers of that 3rd party to know who they are referring to.

By having a profile on Twitter optimized with a logo, header image, website link, and bio, the 3rd party can tag you within their tweet, and their followers can click on your profile when engaging with the tweet. They might then visit your website from that profile and eventually complete the call-to-action.

This is known as the funnel process, where new leads can find your website through a number of different channels.