Concrete and Paving Social Media

Editing Social Profiles on Computers

Social Network Engagement is Good for Local SEO

Because of its rising popularity, many concrete and paving contractors want to utilize social media to benefit their company. The barriers that prevent them from accomplishing that, are lack of knowledge and lack of time. As it pertains to knowledge, many concrete and paving companies don’t really understand the correlation between social media and lead generation. Some of the ways social media helps generate leads are:

  • Advertising and Promotion: Using paid ads or free posts to market services, promotions, etc.
  • Company Branding: Establishing a logo and set of ideals on popular networks
  • Customer Interaction: Communicating with current and future customers through their preferred medium
  • Search Engine Optimization: Creating social signals through SM activity, which influences SEO

Concrete and paving companies can take the influence of social media a step further using structured data markup. With the correct microdata, your company website can display social profile links on some Google search results. That means icons for your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube accounts all which will accompany your main website link. Call 800-775-1250 for concrete and paving social media.

Running Concrete and Paving Promotions on Social Media

Meeting to Discuss Social Signals for Concrete and Paving Site

Team Brainstorming Various Promotional Ideas

Social networks are a great platform for promotional material. Not only can you promote services to your group of followers but also to the general public. By using hashtags on both Facebook and Twitter, you can deliver a public message that might attract some new engagements. Some ideas for promotional content include:

  • Coupons: How about 15% off for first time customers?
  • Giveaways: Enter your email address to win a free gift card
  • Referral Bonuses: Incentivize referrals with one discount per referral
  • Seasonal Discounts: Agree to waive one of your additional fees in honor of fall

Keep in mind promotions can be run cross-platform. In other words, you can offer the discount via Facebook and Twitter. Make sure you don’t use automation however, as each social platform interprets data and images differently. Headlines also matter. You want them to be short and attention grabbing without being misleading.

Branding Your Company With Social Media

Discussing Concrete and Paving Social MediaFacebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all provide great opportunities for branding. When consumers are considering one company versus another, they tend to compare and contrast the details. Since most people make use of social media these days, the chances of them checking for your profiles is high. And it is not enough to simply have one. You must optimize it with a logo, website link, and NAP information.

Another great social platform for branding is YouTube. Video has become the most popular content type on the internet, and that trend will only continue to grow. Consider making mini-commercials to put a face and voice on your brand. With today’s technology all you really need is a modern smartphone and an inexpensive condenser mic. Call 800-775-1250 for concrete and paving social media marketing.