Concrete and Paving Social Media Marketing Services

Contractor Webmasters provides concrete and paving social media marketing services as part of our monthly SEO plan. Activity on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social platforms produces social signals which influence SEO rankings. Furthermore, social media is a great medium to run paid ads.

At Contractor Webmasters, we can handle every aspect of your concrete and paving company’s online presence, including social media. We also include the DataPins software tool, which auto-generates social proof of your recent concrete and paving jobs, serving as a digital hand raise for Google.

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Running Concrete and Paving Ads on Social Media

Facebook Ads can produce a favorable ROI with the proper advertising strategy. At Contractor Webmasters, we help companies run Facebook Lead Ads to capture new prospective customers. With budget optimization and appealing ad copy, concrete companies can benefit from Facebook Ads.

Of course, Facebook Ads should not be the only lead-generation mechanism for your business. If you want to produce a sustainable stream of high-quality concrete leads, you’re going to need a fully optimized social media profile along with a company website and Google Business Profile.

Contractor Webmasters includes all of these services in our monthly plan.

Social Media Profiles as Citations

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn all allow social profiles to input a website URL. Whenever you add your company website to these profiles, it creates a nofollow backlink. Much like citations (i.e., Google Business Profile, Yelp, and BBB), social media profiles serve as a local backlink for your website.

Although nofollow backlinks do not influence rankings in the same way as standard backlinks, they do serve as hints for Google crawler bots. As a result, linking from social profiles to your website is a great way to notify Google that you are a legitimate business and are worthy of ranking for local queries.