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5 Ways Pest Control Companies Can Use Facebook

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Facebook is one of the best channels to generate pest control leads. Hundreds of millions of users log in to Facebook each day to share information, talk with friends and family, and do so much more.

It is a valuable tool, especially for those who own and run their own small-medium businesses. Advertising and marketing are the way to get your audience to recognize your brand over time, developing both brand trust and recognition in the process.

Facebook has a wide array of features and access for businesses to advertise and market; it is up to the business to figure out the best way to reach not only their current customers but the ones who could be qualified as prospective customers or leads.

Still, it isn’t as simple as it sounds. It takes a little knowledge, some creativity, and a bit of ingenuity to make sure that your business is getting the most out of its Facebook experience. Users that open the page and immediately forget about their experience won’t help your company.

Here are just a few steps that you can take to make your Facebook presence one that becomes a valuable asset for your company, giving you a social media weapon that can reach a far larger audience and target a bigger service area.

Below, these are just a couple of suggestions that you can implement into your life and change the way that your business interacts on social media.

Create a Business Page

Social media in general allows businesses to create a relationship between themselves and their audiences. Because of the constant ability to interact on a person-to-person basis with consumers, they feel like they have had a meaningful encounter with your business. Establishing a social media presence can also be useful for pest control SEO, in general.

Creating a business page on Facebook makes your business accessible to your audience. Being accessible is highly beneficial to not only interacting with your customers, but building trust in your overall brand. When consumers feel as though they can trust you and your service, you have already won a major battle in the pest control Facebook marketing game.

It is essential to point out that if you have a personal Facebook page, keep it separate from your business page. Make sure that your business page is focused solely on your business and the services and products that it offers. The quickest way to turn off your audience is to begin integrating personal opinions and feelings on a professional page.

Your business page is also a great way to feature your business. Upload pictures of products or services that you provide to show your audience what it is like to use your service. Encourage users of the page to leave comments and reviews, this way, other consumers can see what real customers have to say about these products and services.

Ultimately, your Facebook business page is about building your audience as well as trust within that audience. When you can create interactions between yourself and your customers, you can develop that highly coveted trust.

Advertise on Facebook

Facebook has become one of the most popular advertising platforms on the web. They provide demographic targeting filters as well as the ability to boost posts that are projected to get additional engagement. Facebook also allows advertisers to use their built-in lead form to generate quality leads.

Facebook has begun to rival Google Ads as the most popular digital advertising medium in 2022. Lots of companies are taking advantage of the Facebook ad options, both inside the pest control industry and outside it. There’s really no type of legal business that can’t benefit from Facebook.

The interesting part about Facebook advertising for pest control companies is that it has so many users who’ve inputted their personal information, location, interest, etc. That means pest control contractors can target individuals who’ve demonstrated a previous interest in pest control. They might be new homeowners, or people living in areas sensitive to pests.

Another great feature within Facebook is the ability to message leads directly to the social platform. Once you have the prospective customer in your funnel, there are ways to close the deal on Facebook. Imagine never having to leave the platform to get a qualified sale? That’s pretty awesome.

Pest control Facebook ads take their share of criticism, but businesses understand their value. As a local pest control company, you can use Facebook to your advantage through paid advertising. You get to set your budget and timeline, and can even ask Facebook to target lookalike audiences based on projected ROI. Be sure to review Facebook Ads for beginners prior to launching your campaign

Join/Create a Facebook Group

Another great way to get your pest control business into the eyes of other customers is to join or create a group. Groups are where several users across the Facebook platform come together to discuss businesses and services within a specific industry.

Much like your business Facebook page, this is a fantastic way to interact with both current and prospective customers.  You can hear real complaints that consumers have with other businesses in the industry and try to tailor your business to address those needs.

And much like your Facebook business page, it allows the consumer to feel like they are being addressed personally by your business. When you can develop a level of brand trust and awareness, you already have a leg up on much of the competition.

Joining these groups also gives you a networking opportunity to reach other consumers that may not have previously heard of your business. If they join the group, see what others have said about you, and see how active you are in interacting with consumers, they will be far more likely to trust you.

Customer interaction is the name of the game these days because it is so easily done through social media. Being able to have that direct interaction with your current and potential customers makes them feel cared for and will make them more likely to use your business for their needs. Trust is the name of the game and this is a great way to build that trust.

Share Website Blog Posts

The blog on your website is not just a means for you to shout into the abyss; when properly utilized, it is another tool that you can use to develop new leads and then, eventually, convert those leads into sales. It is a matter of knowing how to properly use your blog that can make all the difference in the world.

When creating a blog on your contractor website, you should do a little Google research first. Look at what other competitors in your industry are doing and find relevant answers to questions that people commonly ask. Then, when you create your blog, be sure to address those answers as thoroughly as possible.

When you deliver an informative piece of content through your Facebook business page, your customers will make it something of an appointment viewing. If they got helpful information the first couple of times they read your blog, they will be more likely to visit again to see what helpful information that you have this time.

Creating informative content can be difficult, but it can make a huge difference in terms of traffic to your website and the development of those potential leads. Depending on the size of your customer base, you can tailor how often you post blogs, but be careful not to overdo it. You don’t want your audience to get tired of seeing what you have to say; make them hang on to your every post and word.

Expand Brand Awareness

One of the most common mistakes that businesses make when starting their own business Facebook page is not listing enough essential information. There are so many businesses that put just a bit of information on their page, thinking that it will be fine and help them get by.

But what they don’t realize is that many users search for businesses on Facebook. They do this to get a sense of what the business is like and how they interact with customers; if you don’t fill out enough information, it makes it that much more difficult for them to find you. And when you become more difficult to find, consumers are less likely to jump through the necessary hoops to find you.

Fill in as much information as possible about your business. Any relevant piece of information will make you more searchable on the platform and easier for your potential leads and conversions to find you. You might not offer anything earth-shattering in terms of information, but it is entirely useful to get more eyeballs on your Facebook page than ever before.

When you fill out your company’s information properly, you also build a sense of reliability within these potential leads and consumers.  Having trustworthiness and reliability are huge in the eyes of the consumer and give you a leg up on the competition in ways that they can’t compete with.

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