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Facebook Ads for Landscapers: The Ultimate Guide

Facebook Ads for Landscapers Cover

Though Facebook has taken some flack over the last few months, there is no denying that it is still an absolutely massive avenue through with businesses can advertise their wares to the audience that they hope to reach. There are still hundreds of millions of users on Facebook, making it a market that businesses everywhere absolutely have to advertise through.

When you are a landscaping business, the industry can be a crowded one regardless of the local area. Because of this fact, your business needs to find a way to attract the attention of your audience and make your business stand out from the rest on the market.

Facebook Ads are a great way to do this. Contractor SEO is all about getting your brand in front of your audience, making them aware of your company and what it is about, and converting those leads into sales. Without Facebook Ads, you are will likely tread water at best if you even manage to do that.

But how can you create the right ads for your landscaping company to truly stand out in the crowded marketplace of the industry and Facebook in general? This is a comprehensive guide that you will need to follow when creating your next set of ads to run on Facebook.

Choose the type of ad you want to run

Not all ads are created equally and this is the case for Facebook. As a matter of fact, Facebook runs seven different ad formats that you will need to choose from:

  • Video
  • Slideshow
  • Single Image
  • Carousel
  • Instant Experience
  • Collection
  • Retargeting

The ad that you choose will depend on what your ad campaign’s objectives are. When posting your ads on Facebook, this can include things like generating brand awareness, website traffic, or just developing engaging content that your audience clamors for.

When you create your ads, you have to have that clear and compelling imagery that sets your business apart and captures a client’s attention. Though Facebook does offer stock imagery for free, you should have your own pictures to give a unique and individual visual in your ads.

You should make a habit of taking pictures of all aspects of the job: before, during, and after. This will clearly showcase what it is your business can bring to the table and these kinds of compelling pictures can instill a level of confidence in prospective customers that would not exist without those pictures.

Retargeting was mentioned above; this is an optional campaign through Facebook. If you have ever visited a website and then had that same product pop up over and over again, that is a retargeting campaign. These can be highly effective ads when establishing brand awareness.

A retargeting campaign uses a bit of code (which is called a Facebook pixel) and is added to your site. This pixel then tells Facebook when a visitor arrives at your website and places ads for your site on Facebook when they leave. Having a steady amount of traffic is recommended for retargeting campaigns as they can be a powerful option when it comes to keeping your business in the mind of potential clients.

Facebook Ad Objectives

Select the demographics that your ad is targeting

Through Facebook, you can use demographic information to target your ads so that they will only display to a specific audience. Obviously, this means that you are missing out on the “casual” audience, but when you are a smaller business, you have to appeal to your target audience first and foremost.

An example of this in the landscaping business is that you know a specific age group will be likely to use your services. You can then deliver your ads to a specific group – think homeowners over 35 – instead of trying to appeal to an audience that isn’t likely to use your services.

To emphasize this a bit more, your landscaping company would want to target your ads in specific zip codes. This is known as geofencing. Since your business is likely only to serve certain zip codes, you won’t want to waste your advertising dollars and energy on places that you can’t serve.

Facebook Ad Demographics

Make sure to focus your ad’s message

Since we are talking about landscaping businesses, there is a pretty good chance that your business offers a wide variety of services; things like yard clean-ups, lawn maintenance, and landscape design. Because your business offers such a wide array of services, you want to create the kind of ads that can showcase everything that you can do, right?

Resisting this temptation to create a broad-scoped ad. Focus instead on making each ad have a singular focus. In the landscaping service, this means focusing on a particular service, maybe a special promotion, or even another offer. Prospective clients might eventually take an interest in your other services, but they aren’t looking to solve all of their problems at one time. Instead, they’ll be focused on solving one of those problems at a time.

This is the best avenue for proving to those prospective clients that you are the company that they need. Focusing on one specific service in each ad really emphasizes that you are the professionals and the authority when it comes to that topic. When you try to focus on everything at once, you run the risk of not connecting with anyone at all.

Make sure to align your visuals and ad content with the specific service that you happen to be offering

Since we are focusing on the landscaping business, let’s just say that your business offers a weekly service that includes lawn maintenance during the summer months of the year. When you promote this via your online ads, you create content that really describes the benefits that this package can have for the client.

When you have done this, you need to choose the ad’s visual. Would you want to choose a lawn that is full of things like leaves and other debris? No, of course, you wouldn’t. This is because it could cause confusion when your client views the ad. You’re essentially saying one thing and showing another.

The key here is to make sure that the visuals and the ad content line up. If you are promoting lawn maintenance, make sure that your visuals show the benefits that the maintenance will have. Don’t confuse your audience in any way; make everything as clear and concise as it can be.

Choose the right landing page

While creating the perfect ad is certainly an important aspect of creating a successful online ad, you also need to think about what the client’s experience is once they actually click the ad and arrive at your landscape website. If your ad goes to your home page, it requires an extra step for your client to go through to find that service. Most of the time, that extra step is enough for the client to not want to use your business.

That is why it is essential to drive traffic through to the landing page that has the content that the ad is based around. Ads have a significantly lower success rate when they direct to the homepage versus a specific landing page.

This is why it is so important that, if you are creating separate ads for each different service, you create a custom landing page for each of those ads. Make it as easy as possible for your clients to find that service page and don’t give them any extra steps.

When the client clicks on your ad, they are taking the first step towards potentially using your service. When they click that ad, make sure that you “pay off” that potential interest in bringing them right to the service page that they want so that they can learn even more about that service.

Don’t waste those clicks because they are far too valuable and important. Sending clients to the right landing page maximizes those clicks and gives those clients the incentive to want to use the product or service since you have basically brought them right to it.

Don’t ignore the results

Most of all make use of your analytics services. You can use a variety of analytics services to track the clicks that go to your website. This is important for finding out where you are having success with your ad campaigns and where refinement is necessary.

You invest too much time and money into your ads to have them ignored once they are deployed. Learn what your audience responds to and make a point to emphasize those strengths. This can help keep your ad campaign going strong while you work out the kinks with the ads that aren’t working so well, allowing you to keep going strong while making those refinements.

Analytics can be almost as valuable as the ads themselves; making proper use of them can be informative and help you keep your ad campaign moving along towards positive results. Use them well and use them wisely.

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How General Contractors Can Use Social Media in 2021

General Contractor Social Media Blog Banner

Social Media is a term that you may or may not have heard a lot of lately as a general contractor. It might seem like it is outside the realm of your business and what it is you are trying to do as a business owner. Well, you need to make certain that it is at the top of the list when it comes to ways to reach your customers.

That’s right, social media is arguably the best and quickest way to reach potential and current customers, drive traffic to your website, and help grow the number of leads and conversions that your company sees. Simply put it is one of the most essential marketing tools that any business, let alone general contracting, can have.

Knowing how to properly use social media to your business’s advantage is the key, however. Simply being on social media is not enough, you have to know how to properly use it and make it work for you and your business. When you understand how to do this, your business can and should see substantial growth over time so long as you are consistent and persistent with your methods.

So, how can you, a general contractor, use social media to help grow your business? Here are a few helpful tips that you should be following to get your business growing.

The impact of social media on business

Simply saying that social media has an impact is too generalized; knowing the benefits is the key to understanding just what is at stake when using social media.  Here are just a few of the impacts that can be felt by your business when using the right social media avenues.

  • Increase awareness of your brand and develop loyalty
  • Gain insight into your customers and what they are looking for
  • Run targeted ads that generate real-time results
  • Provide the kind of customer experiences that generate conversation
  • Increase the rate at which your business converts leads
  • Get an insight into what your competitors are doing to generate leads and business
  • Increase the amount of traffic that gets driven to your website and improves your search ranking
  • Allows your company to share content not only faster but easier as well
  • You can geotarget your content to hit specific areas
  • Build relationships with current and potential customers

Facebook is alive and well

Despite what you may have heard, Facebook is not dying, and it is still definitely a viable source of business leads for any kind of business under the sun. Knowing how to properly utilize Facebook is the key here. Simply posting to your personal Facebook won’t amount to much.

The first key is to create a business page for your business. Make sure that you fill out all the pertinent information about your company; it will actually help your company become easier to find when it comes to search engine rankings. Whenever customers can find your business easily, that means you stand a better chance of getting more leads and, eventually, conversions.

Using Facebook Live is a great tool as well. Run Q&As or DIY sessions on your Facebook Live to attract viewers to your page. When they see what services you offer, they are more likely to develop a little of trust in your business that might have not been there previously. And when you can develop that trust, you have won the first battle in getting those new customers to use your business.

Twitter allows for direct interaction

One way to make sure that your clientele continues to grow is through personal interaction. Obviously, this has to be professional – you don’t want to be fighting with people online – but when you do this, you develop trust and personability with your audience.

Twitter is a fantastic way to drive traffic to your website. Share out links, interact with people through the medium, and always try to direct them back to your website. After all, if you don’t direct them there, they are likely to visit your website to get a better idea of your company anyway. You may as well do what you can to direct them there yourself.

Twitter is also a great avenue to share things like coupons and deals. Tweeting out about a deal using the appropriate hashtag can garner new eyeballs to your company. A potential customer who may have been on the face could see a deal that you are offering and take the leap towards using your company.

The key here is to be consistent in your tweeting and with your interactions with your audience. If you stagnate or fall off in your tweet consistency, your audience will assume what you have to say is not that important and will likely forget that your company exists.

Instagram is what’s “hot”

Instagram may seem limited in its capabilities, but it is one of the most essential forms of social media going today. This is because it is one of the hottest forms of social media and its reach is growing by the day. Taking advantage of the sheer number of users is important. So is understanding how to reach those users.

Much like Twitter, the key is to make sure that you have the appropriate hashtags employed. This will allow users to successfully search for your business without having to jump through complicated hoops to do so. The key to anything is to make it easy for your potential customers to find you; if they have to go through any amount of effort, they probably won’t. Make it so easy that they don’t have to think about it.

For a general contractor, Instagram is a great place to show off pictures from job sites. Put up a few before and after photos to show the quality of work that your company can offer. If potential customers can actually see what it is you do and the kind of work that you can offer, that can help sway them. Simply saying you are great is one thing; showing them the kind of work that you bring to the table is another entirely.

Use the rule of thirds

It is important to remember that you are not looking to make a sale online, you are looking to engage your audience and build relationships. Then, after the conversation has begun about the service or the product, can the talk of sales begin.

The rule of thirds is pretty simple, but it is an effective one to remember as a business using social media. The rule of thirds goes as such:

  • One-third of content should be used as a way to share ideas from leaders in the industry;
  • One-third of content should be generated for personal interactions; and
  • One-third of social content should be used to convert leads into sales and promote the business itself.

When you do this, you should find the balance that your company needs to begin seeing more leads and to turn those leads into actual sales that can go towards the bottom line of your business. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but it is a pretty good rule of thumb to go by.

Generate brand awareness and trust

Regardless of the business that you own and operate, one of the most important things that you attempt to do is to build trust and recognition in your brand. When you can get people to associate your business with specific situations and services, that is brand awareness and recognition.

More importantly, you should be looking to develop brand loyalty as well. Having customers who will think only of your business for their needs is a huge battle to win in the world of social media marketing. If you can get those customers to think about your business before anything else, you have won the ultimate prize.

Social media can also help you develop legitimacy in your company. If you are a smaller company, your audience may not be aware of who you are and what you can do. And when a customer doesn’t know anything about a business, they are likely to keep that business at arm’s length. What they are familiar with is what they trust and that is no different for business.

Using each of these social media platforms to develop trust and build education is an important step in the social media process. Use real pictures of your staff and the jobs that you perform. Also, make sure that you provide both your real name and contact info; companies who draw red flags will often omit important information. If you omit information, even accidentally, it raises red flags with potential customers.

Using social media to further develop your business’ brand and to generate contractor leads and convert them is essential to the growth of your business. Take these steps, and you can ensure that your business will find steady growth.

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The 8 Best Social Media Platforms for Construction Companies

Best Social Media Platforms For Construction Companies Blog Banner

There is one thing about the internet that absolutely cannot be denied: the power of social media can make or break a small business thanks to its reach and overall impact online. It used to be considered that social media platforms were nothing but a fad, something that would fade away soon enough to make way for whatever the newest trend was.

But that is no longer the case. Social media has maintained its place in the construction marketing realm and has managed to grow itself as a way for small businesses to grow their presence online as well as their reach to existing and new customers.

For contractors, in particular, social media has been a very viable way to reach new and existing customers. It is a tremendous way to offer coupons, specials, notify customers of any kind of deals that might be taking place, and a whole litany of other things that make that avenue a must for any kind of business online.

But knowing the difference between each of the social media platforms, how they work, and how to best use them is of the utmost importance. Knowing which platforms can make a difference for your small business and how to use them are important and these are the platforms that can make a massive difference in how your online business continues to grow and thrive.

With these five social media platforms, you and your business can reach further across the globe than ever before. Interacting with potential customers, being able to offer new deals and specials, and growing your online presence has never been as easy as it is today.

Use these eight social media platforms, and you can grow your business substantially.

1) YouTube

YouTube is an outstanding social media platform for construction companies as the platform garners 122 million daily active users. While many of the most popular YouTube videos are a far cry from construction, there is content for everyone on this popular social network. Construction companies can easily create a YouTube channel and upload original video content that is sure to engage potential customers.

One of the best YouTube features is the ability to embed videos on other social platforms and websites. For instance, construction companies can embed a YouTube video on their website’s homepage. As a result, YouTube serves multiple purposes for content marketing and social media engagement. Future customers can even watch your videos on the go via smartphones or tablets.

Some construction professionals don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera, and that’s ok. You can get creative with YouTube content and even hire someone to promote your business in video form. Many companies also have at least one existing employee ready and willing to push your brand on video.

2) Facebook

There are some out there that feel as though Facebook is slipping and becoming a lost form of social media. And while the platform has had some negative momentum and press in recent months and years, it is still a behemoth that cannot be ignored.

With several hundred million users in its employ, Facebook still has a reach that the other platforms would love to have. And unlike Twitter, where simply reaching out to others is the biggest feature, Facebook offers a wide variety of ways to not only reach your customers but to interact with them like never before.

With Facebook, you can create your own business page where customers can easily find things like contact information, reviews, and photos relating to your business. This allows them to make an informed decision when it comes to your business and feel like they have a greater level of trust in your business before they ever proceed.

Not only that, your business can create and interact via groups. This is where like-minded individuals can go to converse on a number of different things. It is a great place to get opinions that customers might have towards your business and to address any issues that there might be with your business.

Your business can also offer coupons and deals through the business page, drawing more customers to check out what your business is all about and creating more traffic and interest. Facebook still has a massive reach unlike few others these days.

3) LinkedIn

This was the original social media platform for businesses. What was once originally a way to connect with other businesses has grown into so much more. But make no mistake, this is one of the best places to find others within your industry that could be partnered with or to find potential employees within your industry.

Where LinkedIn has grown throughout the years is as a tool for customers. If you have ever wondered about a business – what it is about, who works for it, and a litany of other things – LinkedIn is probably the place that you would want to go.

Most of all, LinkedIn is all about professional credibility. There are a lot of businesses on Facebook and Twitter that definitely lack professionalism and credibility; LinkedIn is designed to combat that. Best of all, there are individual pages for not only the business but for each of the team members so that you can learn as much as possible about the business and who works there before making a decision about whether to do business with that company.

Cultivating potential business relationships has never been easier than it is when using LinkedIn. Though it might not have the ability to grow sales and interact with customers that some other platforms may offer, LinkedIn is a valuable tool for businesses across the globe for a wide variety of reasons and should definitely be put to good use by your company.

4) Instagram

This is perhaps the fastest-growing social media platform that there is. The idea sounds pretty simplistic: you share photos and videos. But describing it as simply that would be doing a disservice to Instagram, its growth, and its possibilities for companies across the globe.

For a contractor, this is the best place to show off exactly what it is your business can do. Posting videos and pictures of sites with before and after pictures is a great way to show off to your current and potential customers exactly what your business can offer. That visual impact goes a long way towards helping to grow your business in the eyes of potential customers and give them the best possible idea of what your company is about.

Not only that, Instagram is one of the best places to grow your impact in social media. You can run specials, contests, and deals on Instagram where contestants have to follow your account, share their email, share with friends, etc. in order to win a coupon or a gift. This is a fantastic way to grow your follower count on this medium and grow your overall presence as a brand as well.

Instagram has come a long way in a short time and there are many that feel that it has surpassed even Twitter at this point. Finding any way to make use of these platforms makes your business viable and continues to allow it to grow and thrive in what is a very crowded industry.

5) Pinterest

This is one of the more unique social media platforms around. Where the others exist to interact with others across the corners of the globe, Pinterest operates on a different wavelength. Pinterest is a great place for office and home inspiration. It is sort of like Instagram except that it is more about visual inspiration rather than simply sharing photos and videos.

One of the best uses for Pinterest is to post photos of your business and ideas that are inspired by services that your business can provide. The goal of this social media platform is to make the best use of the imagination of your current and potential customers.

What you might also not be aware of is that, like LinkedIn, Pinterest is one of the largest search engines on the internet. Having your business implemented throughout the site is a great way to have potential customers find your business and take an interest in the things that your business is doing.

Pinterest might not have the ability to directly interact with customers as the others do, but it is certainly a weapon that your business can take advantage of.

6) Twitter

What was once thought of as a way to interact with others instantaneously, providing your thoughts on anything from sports to television shows, has since grown into a viable tool for businesses all across the globe. This is because its reach is massive and only continues to grow as more and more users sign up for this service.

Where it can be beneficial for a contractor is through its ability to offer interaction with customers. This can work in a wide variety of ways. The first is that it allows you to talk directly with your customers. This is great for making sure that your customer base feels heard and that it has your attention.

The second is to address any potential issues that your customers may be having, be it with a product or service. Instead of letting those complaints exist online somewhere, you can address those users directly and ask them what you can do to assess the issue and make it whole. That is a level of customer service that allows your business to stand out from others in the industry.

Additionally, you can use this as a way to draw traffic to your website. Offer coupons or specials and provide a link that will send the user to your website. You can also share construction content from your blog in hopes of it going viral. It’s a great way to increase that traffic, provide specials and coupons to customers, and build that brand trust that is so important these days.

As long as your business maintains professionalism and doesn’t get into it with people online, Twitter is a great avenue to grow your contractor business.

7) TikTok

TikTok is for kids, right? Not so fast. Research shows that 53% of its users are over 30 years old. So while you might think about TikTok as a platform for dances, the truth is you can garner significant engagement through this app. Since you already create video content for YouTube, try splitting it into smaller clips that you can upload to your TikTok account.

Sure, you aren’t necessarily going to get a ton o business from TikTok, but you can absolutely create engagement. Think about TikTok as a top-of-the-funnel social platform for construction companies. If you can engage some consumers, even on a surface level, you have a greater chance of converting them later.

8) Snapchat

Snapchat is all about short videos (snaps) that friends share with one another. In many ways, Snapchat paved the way for TikTok, which has recently ascended in popularity. As a result, Snapchat’s growth has stagnated in recent years, making it less appealing to marketers than TikTok, Instagram, and others.

Another downside to Snapchat is that its market share is primarily for individuals under 30 years old. Despite these potential deterrents, it’s never a bad idea to create a social media profile on Snapchat. If you can spread your brand to every popular social platform, you can start to strengthen your local authority.

5 Ways Pest Control Companies Can Use Facebook

Pest Control Facebook Blog Banner

Facebook is one of the best channels to generate pest control leads. Hundreds of millions of users log in to Facebook each day to share information, talk with friends and family, and do so much more.

It is a valuable tool, especially for those who own and run their own small-medium businesses. Advertising and marketing are the way to get your audience to recognize your brand over time, developing both brand trust and recognition in the process.

Facebook has a wide array of features and access for businesses to advertise and market; it is up to the business to figure out the best way to reach not only their current customers but the ones who could be qualified as prospective customers or leads.

Still, it isn’t as simple as it sounds. It takes a little knowledge, some creativity, and a bit of ingenuity to make sure that your business is getting the most out of its Facebook experience. Users that open the page and immediately forget about their experience won’t help your company.

Here are just a few steps that you can take to make your Facebook presence one that becomes a valuable asset for your company, giving you a social media weapon that can reach a far larger audience and target a bigger service area.

Below, these are just a couple of suggestions that you can implement into your life and change the way that your business interacts on social media.

Create a Business Page

Social media in general allows businesses to create a relationship between themselves and their audiences. Because of the constant ability to interact on a person-to-person basis with consumers, they feel like they have had a meaningful encounter with your business. Establishing a social media presence can also be useful for pest control SEO, in general.

Creating a business page on Facebook makes your business accessible to your audience. Being accessible is highly beneficial to not only interacting with your customers, but building trust in your overall brand. When consumers feel as though they can trust you and your service, you have already won a major battle in the pest control Facebook marketing game.

It is essential to point out that if you have a personal Facebook page, keep it separate from your business page. Make sure that your business page is focused solely on your business and the services and products that it offers. The quickest way to turn off your audience is to begin integrating personal opinions and feelings on a professional page.

Your business page is also a great way to feature your business. Upload pictures of products or services that you provide to show your audience what it is like to use your service. Encourage users of the page to leave comments and reviews, this way, other consumers can see what real customers have to say about these products and services.

Ultimately, your Facebook business page is about building your audience as well as trust within that audience. When you can create interactions between yourself and your customers, you can develop that highly coveted trust.

Advertise on Facebook

Facebook has become one of the most popular advertising platforms on the web. They provide demographic targeting filters as well as the ability to boost posts that are projected to get additional engagement. Facebook also allows advertisers to use their built-in lead form to generate quality leads.

Facebook has begun to rival Google Ads as the most popular digital advertising medium in 2022. Lots of companies are taking advantage of the Facebook ad options, both inside the pest control industry and outside it. There’s really no type of legal business that can’t benefit from Facebook.

The interesting part about Facebook advertising for pest control companies is that it has so many users who’ve inputted their personal information, location, interest, etc. That means pest control contractors can target individuals who’ve demonstrated a previous interest in pest control. They might be new homeowners, or people living in areas sensitive to pests.

Another great feature within Facebook is the ability to message leads directly to the social platform. Once you have the prospective customer in your funnel, there are ways to close the deal on Facebook. Imagine never having to leave the platform to get a qualified sale? That’s pretty awesome.

Pest control Facebook ads take their share of criticism, but businesses understand their value. As a local pest control company, you can use Facebook to your advantage through paid advertising. You get to set your budget and timeline, and can even ask Facebook to target lookalike audiences based on projected ROI. Be sure to review Facebook Ads for beginners prior to launching your campaign

Join/Create a Facebook Group

Another great way to get your pest control business into the eyes of other customers is to join or create a group. Groups are where several users across the Facebook platform come together to discuss businesses and services within a specific industry.

Much like your business Facebook page, this is a fantastic way to interact with both current and prospective customers.  You can hear real complaints that consumers have with other businesses in the industry and try to tailor your business to address those needs.

And much like your Facebook business page, it allows the consumer to feel like they are being addressed personally by your business. When you can develop a level of brand trust and awareness, you already have a leg up on much of the competition.

Joining these groups also gives you a networking opportunity to reach other consumers that may not have previously heard of your business. If they join the group, see what others have said about you, and see how active you are in interacting with consumers, they will be far more likely to trust you.

Customer interaction is the name of the game these days because it is so easily done through social media. Being able to have that direct interaction with your current and potential customers makes them feel cared for and will make them more likely to use your business for their needs. Trust is the name of the game and this is a great way to build that trust.

Share Website Blog Posts

The blog on your website is not just a means for you to shout into the abyss; when properly utilized, it is another tool that you can use to develop new leads and then, eventually, convert those leads into sales. It is a matter of knowing how to properly use your blog that can make all the difference in the world.

When creating a blog on your contractor website, you should do a little Google research first. Look at what other competitors in your industry are doing and find relevant answers to questions that people commonly ask. Then, when you create your blog, be sure to address those answers as thoroughly as possible.

When you deliver an informative piece of content through your Facebook business page, your customers will make it something of an appointment viewing. If they got helpful information the first couple of times they read your blog, they will be more likely to visit again to see what helpful information that you have this time.

Creating informative content can be difficult, but it can make a huge difference in terms of traffic to your website and the development of those potential leads. Depending on the size of your customer base, you can tailor how often you post blogs, but be careful not to overdo it. You don’t want your audience to get tired of seeing what you have to say; make them hang on to your every post and word.

Expand Brand Awareness

One of the most common mistakes that businesses make when starting their own business Facebook page is not listing enough essential information. There are so many businesses that put just a bit of information on their page, thinking that it will be fine and help them get by.

But what they don’t realize is that many users search for businesses on Facebook. They do this to get a sense of what the business is like and how they interact with customers; if you don’t fill out enough information, it makes it that much more difficult for them to find you. And when you become more difficult to find, consumers are less likely to jump through the necessary hoops to find you.

Fill in as much information as possible about your business. Any relevant piece of information will make you more searchable on the platform and easier for your potential leads and conversions to find you. You might not offer anything earth-shattering in terms of information, but it is entirely useful to get more eyeballs on your Facebook page than ever before.

When you fill out your company’s information properly, you also build a sense of reliability within these potential leads and consumers.  Having trustworthiness and reliability are huge in the eyes of the consumer and give you a leg up on the competition in ways that they can’t compete with.

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