SEO for Tile Installers: The Premium Marketing Guide for 2024

SEO for Tile Installers (Blog Cover)

As a tile installer, you might have heard about search engine optimization (SEO) as a viable resource for bringing in new customers.

The rumors are true: SEO is an effective way to increase lead generation. However, the impact of your SEO largely depends on the quality of the campaign.

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In the following guide, we dive into SEO for tile installers.

What is SEO for Tile Installers?

SEO for tile installers is the practice of enhancing tile installation company websites, business profiles, and other web properties for search engine rankings.

The goal is to rank as high as possible on Google search results for industry and regional keywords. 

Why Tile Installation Contractors Need SEO

SEO for tile installers can increase your lead generation efforts and help your business get seen by your target audience.

Since almost everyone relies on internet searches to help them find local contractors and businesses, you need to ensure that your website ranks high and gets seen by people interested in your services. 

The general concept behind SEO is relatively simple, but a lot goes into improving your rankings.

Below, we outline the specific components of search engine optimization in 2024.

Custom Website Design

Your website should be your primary source for leads and new customers. Therefore, you can optimize it to appear on more search engine results pages.

A lot of the reasons websites don’t rank well on search engine results pages (SERPs) is that they are not optimized for online searches. 

Search engines like Google and Bing use specific kinds of data to understand the content on your website and index it when one of their users performs a search. These elements are known as technical SEO.

You must ensure that Google crawler bots can crawl your website at the bare minimum. From there, you can perform specific tasks to improve your chances of showing up on SERPs.

Take a look at some of the ways you should optimize your website:

Tile Installation Website

Target Keywords

Keywords are one of the most basic and meaningful ways that search engines can tell that your website has something of value for the searcher.

You can use online keyword research tools to help you identify relevant keywords for your business. 

Then, use these keywords in your site’s written content, your page titles, meta descriptions, and alt text. It’s important not to overuse keywords, though. Instead, make it flow into your content naturally.

Custom Photos

Google can distinguish between custom and stock photos on your website. While stock photos can work for SEO, custom photos work better.

In addition, unique images of your staff and jobs increase conversion rates, dwell time, and other behavioral SEO metrics.

It’s also vital to provide alt text and captions for your photos that describe what they depict. While metrics like dwell time are not a direct SEO ranking factor, they indirectly contribute to your overall SEO score.

Internal Linking

Ensuring every page on your website links to another page will help search engines scan your entire site in search of relevant content. Furthermore, internal links transfer equity from one page and topic to another. 

For example, a blog post about the various kinds of tiles available in the United States might earn a lot of backlinks from other websites because of its readability and demand.

If you link internally from that blog post to your tile installation services page, you can rank higher on Google SERPs.

Off-Site Optimization

Tile installation SEO isn’t 100% dependent on your website. Off-site optimization is also essential. Off-site SEO tasks include citations, link building, and reputation management.

Tile installation companies should diversify their online presence by creating social media profiles, joining industry and local associations, and encouraging customers to leave online reviews on multiple platforms.

A diverse presence on the web will increase your web traffic and help your site get seen by more people. Off-site optimization will entail:

Tile Installer Yelp Profile

Review Sites

Profiles on Yelp, BBB, and other review platforms allow customers to review your business, increase your online presence, and boost SEO rankings. So, it’s good to link to your review profiles from your website.

Local Business Directories

Look into local business and professional networks in your area. Usually, it is free of charge to be listed in these directories. However, doing so will help with your local SEO rankings. 

Google Business Profile

Naturally, Google prioritizes its services when indexing local companies on relevant searches. And since Google owns the lion’s share of the search engine market, you need to be present on Google Business Profile.

Content Marketing

Content fuels your website, on-page, and off-page SEO campaigns. Therefore, creating, publishing, and distributing content is essential to a successful SEO strategy in 2024.

You might ask what a tile installer can write about on their website. In some ways, this is a valid concern. However, with a bit of creativity and the right mindset, you can dominate competitors throughout your region.

Below, Contractor Webmasters delves into content marketing components that will take your SEO marketing strategy to new levels. If you use these strategies in your campaign, you can find success quickly.

Tile Installation Service Page

Service Pages

A service page is critical to your tile installation website. Each service you provide should have an individual page of content.

These pages should target a specific keyword based on the service it represents. For example, one page targets floor tile installation, and another goes for bath tiles.

Blog Posts

Blog posts are less vital to your website conversion rates but equally essential to your SEO strategy.

For example, publishing a long-form blog post about bath tile color schemes may not land you new customers. Still, it will help you acquire powerful SEO backlinks when other websites reference you.

Sharing & Distribution

After creating website content, you must promote it on your off-site web entities like social media channels.

Share all your blog posts on your Facebook Business Page to encourage more visits, backlinks, and engagement. You can also repurpose content in video form for YouTube.

A Comprehensive SEO Approach for Tile Installers

There is a lot to take in here, and as you can imagine, all of this takes time and effort. We have experience working with flooring contractors and tile installers at Contractor Webmasters. 

We can offer a comprehensive approach to SEO for tile installers, including web design, content writing, and local SEO. Grow your business with our services today.

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