Carpenter SEO: The Blue-Collar Rankings Guide for 2024

SEO for Carpenters (Blog Cover)

SEO is simpler than it sounds. Basically, it’s the process of ranking for carpentry keywords on Google.

I can tell you first-hand that SEO for carpenters is one of the most affordable marketing investments a small business owner can make.

I once ran a home services business myself, and I struggled to market my company online.

Unfortunately, some web geeks roped me into paid advertising (PPC), which almost took my business under.

Luckily, SEO saved my business. I was so grateful that I decided to start my own SEO agency, Contractor Webmasters, so I could help small businesses avoid some of my pitfalls.

Not all SEO agencies provide great services, so carpenters must be careful.

Below, I outline the key principles of effective search engine optimization in my 2024 SEO guide for carpenters.

How Carpenters Can Benefit from Search Engine Optimization

Appearing on Google search results allows carpenters to generate leads consistently and affordably. That’s what makes SEO a profitable endeavor.

As an SEO agency owner, I’ve witnessed companies go from being completely invisible to having to put more trucks on the road to account for all the new customers.

The right SEO strategy will not only help you generate more leads (a must in the trades), but it will establish you as an authority in your local market.

SEO also helps your company’s reputation and conversion rates. A lot of carpenters don’t realize that even when customers hear about your business traditionally (word of mouth), they often search for your company name to check out reviews and website content.

SEO for Carpenters Guide

My SEO Guide for Carpenters details specific strategies used by clients of Contractor Webmasters.

Basic SEO Fundamentals for Carpenters

Carpenters often ask me if they can do SEO for free. My answer is that you can do some SEO tasks yourself without the help of an agency.

For example, you can claim and verify your Google Business Profile without the need for an agency.

According to a Bright Local study, 64% of surveyed consumers reported using GBP to find local businesses in their area.

Claiming your company’s Google Business Profile is the first-step in any succesful Local SEO campaign for carpentry professionals.

Other SEO tasks you can perform without the help of an agency include purchasing a domain name, creating social media profiles, and claiming basic business citations.

SEO Strategies for Professional Carpenters

Hiring a reputable SEO agency becomes the logical next step once your business reaches its marketing ceiling based on free SEO tasks. Agencies can perform advanced SEO strategies that require more of an investment but also yield more significant results.

Here are the least advanced SEO strategies for carpenters and handymen businesses specifically:

Keyword Research

Identifying the most ideal keywords for your business requires comprehensive keyword research. Local keyword research for carpenters is particularly complex because it requires a nuanced understanding of local search intent.

My agency uses a combination of tools like SemRush, Moz, and internal data to identify the most keyword opportunities for your business.

My staff has over a decade of experience targeting the appropriate keywords for your business based on industry, location, and opportunity.


Google uses various ranking signals to determine where your handyman business ranks on search results. Although we don’t know the precise names Google uses for its ranking factors, we do know what it values from websites.

Google has publicly stated that they value E-E-A-T, which stands for experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

Demonstrating E-E-A-T on your business website incentivizes Google to show it to potential customers who are relying on finding a real company (like yours) rather than a spammer (like some other websites)

I developed a software tool called DataPins to help you showcase E-E-A-T on your carpentry website.

Content Refinement

One of my greatest challenges as an SEO agency owner is helping carpenters and other contractors recover from years of bad SEO practices. Most of these practices come in the form of content production.

Unfortunately, a segment of the SEO industry has been perpetrating the false concept of “content is king” for nearly a decade.

Content is certainly not king, and Google has proven it with its recent algorithm updates.

Google’s 2022 Helpful Content Update went after low-quality content designed for search engines rather than users and its March 2024 Core Update further brought the hammer down.

Unfortunately, many handyman websites are ripe with unhelpful content, such as aimless blog posts that provide zero unique value to the reader.

I help websites get rid of this content and restore credibility.

Reputation Management

I tell my clients that SEO is only as effective as your reputation. Gaining visibility online is insufficient if potential customers don’t convert into clients.

The conversion aspect of SEO is reputation management, which involves getting more reviews and favorable feedback for your business.

My DataPins software includes a feature for automated review requests through email and text, which has helped many of my clients double or triple their Google review count.

But reputation goes beyond reviews. You also want to demonstrate recent jobs on your website and build credible backlinks from the local chambers of commerce and other noteworthy institutions.

You’ll also want to display any awards or certificates you’ve earned for your previous work.

Next Steps for Carpenters

SEO can seem overwhelming at first. But when you educate yourself about its most impactful components, taking meaningful action becomes easier.

Newer carpenters can start with basic SEO tasks that don’t require professional assistance, such as claiming your Google Business PRofile and creating social media profiles.

I recommend hiring a reputable SEO agency for a handyman looking to increase his online visibility. Feel free to contact me personally to discuss how my agency, Contractor Webmasters, handles SEO for carpenters in 2024.

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