Do Contractor’s Get a Discount at Menards?

Do Contractors Get a Discount at Menards?

Contractors no longer officially get a discount at Menards, although several programs accomplish the same result. Menards offers a contractor card, contractor rebate program, and volume pricing program, each of which help contractors save money on products.

Why Menard’s No Longer Has an Offical Contractor Discount

According to a former employee, Menards cut their contractor discount to bump their gross profits. They allegedly calculated that cutting the contractor discount would result in about an 88 million dollar annual profit. Of course, there’s no way to verify that this person is a former employee, so take their account with a grain of salt. Since Menard’s offers several other options for contractor discounts, it’s hard to believe that they’ve taken those measures.

Why Menard’s Discounts Matter for Contractors

Contractors do a lot of hard work throughout the week, and it makes sense to look for discounts on supplies and equipment. Mega-chains like Home Depot and Lowes offer forms of volume discount pricing, but what about Menards? At Contractor Webmasters, we like providing our clients with the top resources that empower effective services. So let’s review Menard’s contractor discounts:

Menards Contractor Card

According to Menards, their contractor card provides a 2% rebate on all purchases along with a chance to earn additional savings. Extra discounts may include exclusive manufacturer rebates between 1 and 10%. Cardholders can also claim as much as $300 for a round-trip airline ticket.

If that weren’t enough, Menards also provides employee cards, online account management, job ID (for billing purposes), and zero annual fees.

Menards Rebates

Menard’s offers contractor rebates with the use of the card mentioned above. If you have a contractor card, you can get 2% rebates on every purchase. You can also earn 1-10% rebates on additional products from exclusive manufacturers. You can even download the Mendard’s app for online account management.

Menards Volume Pricing

Menards provides both online and in-store discounts for bulk orders. Though the discount only applies to some items, the volume pricing is ideal for contractors purchasing supplies for more significant projects. Finding eligible products is straightforward, especially on their website. You can apply a search filter to show only products suitable for the discount. From there, selecting the green button offers you the required quantity for qualification. Once you meet that number, the price in your cart updates. 

When looking in-store, the bin tags will often highlight which products are eligible for volume pricing. You can also ask any team member for clarification. There’s no particular place to ring up your discounted products. Any check-out station will ensure that your products receive their proper discount with the volume pricing stipulation.

The Bottom Line for Contractors

Contractors should take advantage of cost-saving programs from chain stores. When working on larger projects, saving money on bulk orders is a significant plus for your business. These savings add up over time, and Menards may even contribute to additional savings or bonuses in the future. While supply savings are significant, it’s also great to save money on marketing with dirt-cheap SEO for contractors. Give us a ring to change your life.

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