Demolition SEO: The Premier Optimization Guide for 2024

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As the founder and owner of Contractor Webmasters, my first-hand experience with SEO campaigns informs my perspective on how to apply SEO for demolition companies.

While various agencies and YouTube gurus pitch rank-high-quick schemes, my decade-plus working with real small businesses reveals a more sustainable and profitable approach.

As we’ve witnessed with Google’s March Core Update, black hat SEO strategies don’t last and often cause websites to be entirely de-indexed from Google Search.

As a demolition business owner, you can ill afford to lose 100% of your search traffic overnight.

I’ll do my best to outline my proven SEO principles for demolition companies in the guide below:

Why SEO is Useful for Demolition Companies

SEO is a profitable channel for generating leads for your demolition business. In contrast to paid advertising, organic SEO produces consistent leads at a low cost per acquisition.

With PPC, businesses must pay each time a potential lead clicks on one of their ads. With SEO, each click is completely free.

There are other advantages to SEO as well. Studies show that users who find a business through organic results are 10x more likely to become repeat customers than those who find a business through PPC ads.

Criticisms of SEO from Small Business Owners

If SEO works so well, why does everyone hate it? The truth is that SEO doesn’t work all of the time. Also, it can take up to six months to yield satisfactory returns when it does work.

This presents two primary problems for demolition companies looking to generate leads and grow their businesses in 2024.

First, they can’t afford SEO not to work. A low or negative return could prove disastrous for the business model when investing a sizable upfront cost in SEO services.

Secondly, most businesses cannot afford to wait six months to see results.

Below, I will outline how to avoid these fates by investing in the appropriate SEO strategies.

Investing in the Right SEO Strategies for Demolition Companies

The key to avoiding both of the aforementioned fates is to better understand the components of SEO campaigns that actually work.

Below, I’ll outline the two most beneficial SEO strategies for 2024:

Google Business Profile

Most failed SEO campaigns result from not getting enough traffic from businesses’ Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business listing.

A Google Business Profile is a free listing for businesses who verify their address through Google.

By claiming a Google Business Profile, you become eligible to rank on Google Maps and Google’s Local Map 3-Pack.

The following ranking factors directly influence where your Google Business Profile ranks for search queries:


The distance or proximity of the searcher’s location to your verified address is the most significant ranking factor for Google Business Profiles. You cannot influence Google to rank your listing in other cities. As a result, businesses near the center of their main city typically generate the most clicks.


The relevance of your listing to the searcher’s query is another primary ranking factor for Google Business Profiles.

You can influence this factor more by selecting the appropriate service type (i.e., Demolition contractor). The presence of “demolition” within your registered business name may also play a role.


Your Google Business Profile’s prominence is based on factors such as reviews, brand notoriety, on-page SEO, and content from your attached website URL. Like the relevance factor, prominence can also be influenced by requesting more reviews and investing in the best SEO practices for your website.

Company Website

The second big investment for successful SEO campaigns is a company website. However, this stage is also where businesses tend to make most of their mistakes, resulting in low returns on investment.

Below, I’ll break down SEO’s influence on your company website:

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is the most basic website optimization for demolition companies. It involves editing your site’s title tags and meta descriptions to target the appropriate keywords on Google search.

Ensuring that your page or pages target the appropriate local consumers is a key to SEO success.


The most significant change in SEO practices over the last few years is the emergence of E-E-A-T. The acronym stands for experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. While E-E-A-T is not the precise name of Google’s internal ranking factor, it clearly outlines what Google seeks from websites.

Demonstrating E-E-A-T on your demolition company website involves showcasing recent jobs, reviews, testimonials, and other branded signaling to establish your business as credible and noteworthy.


Content is the most misunderstood SEO component for small businesses and the primary culprit for low website rankings in 2024.

Most companies have heard the phrase “content is king,” which is both obsolete and inaccurate from an SEO perspective. In 2022, Google released the Helpful Content Update, which aims to devalue content produced by search engines and not humans.

Unfortunately, most content produced by demolition businesses and the SEO agencies that service them fit the criteria of unhelpful content. These are things like blog posts titled “7 reasons you need a demolition company in Boulder, CO”

This type of content flags your website as unhelpful restricts your ranking potential, and undermines your entire SEO campaign.

My Recommended SEO Approach for Demolition Businesses

This guide was designed to inform you about SEO and help you take action to achieve your digital marketing goals.

Below, I’ll outline my recommended SEO approach for demolition companies in 2024:

Claim Your Google Business Profile

The first thing I recommend is to claim your Google Business Profile. This is a completely free SEO step you can take without the help of an agency or consultant.

Simply visit to get started.

Build Business Citations

The next thing I recommend is building business citations. This includes creating social media profiles for your company on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms and submitting NAP information to directories like Yelp, Angi’, and HomeAdvisor.

While various services exist to perform these tasks on your behalf, you can also perform them yourself, free of charge.

Perhaps you have an assistant or intern who can handle these tasks before you earn enough revenue to pay for an SEO agency.

Claiming citations helps build foundational links to your website and started to establish your brand name on Google search.

Research Credible SEO Agencies

Once your business becomes established enough to increase your marketing budget, I recommend investing in a reputable SEO agency.

This step is important because getting it wrong can set back your business progress.

I own an SEO agency called Contractor Webmasters, and we are happy to partner with businesses like yours.

I also encourage you to research other SEO agencies, including their pricing models and term agreements, before making a final decision.

Utilize DataPins

After spending more than a decade in the SEO industry, I realized that contractors needed more tools to boost their online visibility in Google search results.

I spent my money to build a software tool called DataPins, which was designed to address my and future clients’ biggest challenges.

DataPins allows contractors to showcase E-E-A-T signals based on real jobs on their website.

Tehnicanicans use the DataPins app to snap a photo of the job, write a short caption, and then tag it to the appropriate service category.

DataPins does the rest by consolidating each job (called a pin) into E-E-A-T signals, including geo-coordinates from the approximate job location, mini-maps, unique photos, and schema markup.

My clients have seen up to 200% increases in search traffic from utilizing the DataPins software.

Next SEO Steps for Demolition Companies

The SEO world can seem intimidating when you lack the information and resources to understand its value. I hope my guide on SEO for demotion companies gives you more confidence in tackling your digital marketing challenges in 2024.

Several steps throughout the guide are tasks that you can complete for free without an agency. Others will require you to invest.

When you are ready to take that next step, feel free to reach out to me personally to discuss how my agency, Contractor Webmasters, can craft a custom SEO campaign for online success.

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