Demolition SEO: The Premier Optimization Guide for 2023

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Demolition SEO and digital marketing aren’t normally two concepts that people group together. But the fact is that Search Engine Optimization is vital to the growth and success of your demolition contracting business.

In a nutshell, demolition SEO will get your business seen by more customers. And the more customers who see and become aware of your business, the more likely they will choose you. SEO is also important for acquiring contractor leads

How does that work? To understand how SEO helps you get more leads for your demolition business, you need to familiarize yourself with a couple of terms:

  • Research Intent – When anyone searches on Google, the search falls into certain categories. One of the categories is research intent, which covers any search that anyone conducts intending to learn something. Let’s take an example related to the demolition industry. If someone types in a search to the effect of “how to demo a wall” or “safe demolition methods,” these are examples of searches with research intent. While these can help warm up leads, they are typically not the kind of searches that lead to conversions.
  • Purchase Intent – Now, these are the types of searches you need to get in front of if you want to convert customers. The purchase intent category covers any search that is conducted to pay for a product or service. An example of a purchase intent search would be “demolition contractors near me” or “affordable demolition contractor.” These types of searches are conducted by people who are ready to pay for your service.

How Does Demolition SEO Help with Acquiring Leads?

So now that you know what purchasing intent is, you can surmise that anyone conducting a search with purchasing intent is ready to buy and is, therefore, a hot lead. So how does demolition SEO help with acquiring these leads? 

One of the most important ways has to do with the Google Local 3 Pack. Essentially, the local three-pack is the top three search results that Google users will see when they perform a local search.

For instance, the first three map results appearing when someone searches “demolition contractors near me” would be considered the local three-pack.

And you want to be in the local three-pack as much as possible because those three listings will be the top result on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for 93% of all local searches. Furthermore, 44% of people who do local searches will click on a business listing that shows up in the Google Local 3 Pack.

At this point, you may ask yourself, “how do I get into the Local 3 Pack?” A big part of modern SEO is optimizing your Google My Business Page, giving yourself a good chance of breaking into the Local 3 Pack.

Keeping your GMB profile up to date, having the correct business location and address, adding high-quality pictures, and making sure your information matches with your other business listings (Yelp, BBB, Angie’s list, etc.) and getting reviews are all good ways to keep your GMB optimized and give you a fighting chance at showing up in the Local 3 Pack. 

And make no mistake about it; showing up in Local three will give your business a shot in the arm. If you don’t believe us, consider this stat courtesy of Think With Google: 75% of consumers used Google searches and maps to help with purchasing decisions. 

What you need to Know about Demolition SEO

As a demolition contractor, it may help to know some basic yet essential facts about SEO and how it can help your business. Take a look at some of these essential facts:

  • SEO Drives Sales – Showing up at or near the top of a SERP instills trust in the customer. They see how high you rank and trust that your service is the best. This translates to sales because top-ranked search results account for 33% of click traffic after a search is conducted. The more clicks you get, the more chance you have to convert.
  • Organic SEO is Always Better – Organic SEO helps you rank through quality content, reviews, relevant data, link building, and other honest marketing methods. In fact, organic SEO tactics like links and reviews are two of the most important factors that the Google algorithm uses to rank web pages. Organic SEO opposes black hat marketing tactics that can get your listing buried or disqualified altogether, as they often violate the Search Engine’s terms of service. They are also less effective for several reasons, but perhaps the most important is that Google is in an ongoing, all-out war with black hat SEO. They constantly update their algorithm to sniff out and eliminate black hat SEO listings.
  • People Use the Internet to Find Contractors – By now, you probably understand that SEO helps Google and other search engines index your site when a relevant search is performed. Now it’s important to know how many people use the internet to find contractors. Many consumers use search engines to fulfill their renovation, home building, and demolition needs. As a demolition contractor, you can’t afford to miss out on that massive demographic – and SEO is your direct link to it. 

Professional Demolition SEO Guidance

It’s a lot to take in, we know. And everything mentioned above is just the beginning. You now understand what demolition SEO is and why it’s so important. But for guidance on how to leverage it for the growth of your business, you will need the help of professionals.

Here at Contractor Webmasters, we can show you the ropes and even take the reins of your SEO and digital marketing campaign. Get started by contacting us today.

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