Tree Trimming Leads: Buy Them With PPL

Contractor Webmasters works with tree trimmers throughout the United States, and one of the first questions we are asked as they come on board is “how do I generate tree trimming leads.” We certainly understand the question, and as a lead generation company for contractors, we are uniquely qualified to answer it.

Buy Tree Trimming Leads Promotional Graphic

We welcome skepticism when it comes to tree trimming leads. After all, many of the leads available on the net are considerably lower in quality than contractors should find suitable. From shared leads to fake leads, it can be a dangerous rabbit hole to venture down. But there’s an innovative and risk-free way to buy tree trimming leads and it’s called Pay Per Lead marketing from Contractor Webmasters. Here’s what makes it different:

No Leads = No Payment

In many leads agreements, an upfront payment is required. The same is true of general marketing services, whether it be SEO, PPC, or print advertising. With PPL, no such payment is necessary. Why? Because the concept actually discourages these payments from ever taking place. With PPL, the tree trimmer pays only once a lead is generated, and not a moment before. For companies that don’t have much capital to throw away, it can be a life and business saver.

Exclusive Tree Trimming Leads Only

The frustrations of shared leads are not G-rated. There’s stories of shared leads systems that are borderline unspeakable. With PPL from Contractor Webmasters, shared leads are never a factor. Instead, every lead is exclusive. Lead exclusivity is important for several reasons. First, it raises the conversion rate probability. Second, it lowers the stress involved in the sale. These things combined make for a desirable lead generation experience for tree and shrub specialists.

Free Marketing for Tree Treatment Companies

The leads cost money once they are generated, but the marketing itself is free. That means you as a tree treatment company get all the perks of a typical SEO client. That’s right, full search engine optimization, website design, and local maps placement, all for the grand total of $0. If a lead is never generated on your behalf, the marketing remains apart of your plan until one of us terminates the agreement. But that won’t be a problem, because once leads start coming in, everybody eats.

Lead Screening You Can Trust

Some lead generation services call just about everything a lead. It’s unfortunate because in many cases, the leads are due to your efforts and not theirs. At Contractor Webmasters, we screen every lead call to ensure it came from a source that we are directly responsible for. In other words, if they call from your website phone number, that’s a lead. If they call because they heard about you from a neighbor, that’s not a lead. We are in constant communication with clients so everyone remains on the same page and leads are properly attributed to their source.

Get Started With Pay Per Lead for Tree Trimmers

You’ve probably waited to find a plan like this for most of your career. Well it’s finally here. We produce exclusive tree and shrub treatment leads on a pay per basis. That means the risk involved with most marketing agreements is non-existent. If our services are bad, and you don’t get any calls, we don’t make any money, and you don’t pay a dime. How’s that for some low-risk propositions? As a tree treatment professional, the days of hoping for success can be over.

PPL agreements require no long term commitment. If at any point in the process you tell us to go kick rocks, we’ll do it. The only thing we ask is that you pay for the leads we generate. After those payments are made, you can end the relationship whenever you choose. Our PPL model indicates that we doubt this will ever happen. Because we only get paid for your success, we have every motivation to maximize your value. If you’d like to learn more about PPL for tree trimmers, give us a call at 800-775-1250.