How To Get Free Tree Removal Leads in 2024

Tree Removal Leads (Blog Cover)

You own a tree removal company and need leads today. What are your options?

First, you can purchase shared leads from a 3rd party seller who will charge you a premium while selling the same lead to your competitors.

Second, you can spend money on a PPC campaign that will drain your entire budget in less than a month while producing mediocre-at-best leads.

Finally, you can invest upfront in Local SEO and generate sustainable free tree removal leads with high conversion rates.

If you’re smart, you can get free tree removal leads by creating a lead generation system to produce:

  • Frequent high-ticket tree service jobs
  • Higher revenue for company + employees
  • Greater brand recognition

So, how do you create this process?

Follow our guide below to craft a proven digital marketing blueprint for tree removal leads.

Generating Exclusive Tree Removal Leads

Exclusive leads are prospective customers who submit contact information directly to your company. Lead exclusivity is vital for several reasons.

First, it raises the conversion rate probability.

Second, it increases the chances of the customer using your business more than once.

19 Ways to Get More Tree Removal Leads in 2024

1) Company Website

Every successful tree service company has a robust website with accessible contact methods. When you have a company website, you don’t have to rely on others to generate or convert online users.

The tenants of a lead-generation website are:

  • Branded Domain Name
  • Competent Web Hosting
  • Fast Loading Speed
  • Great User Experience
  • Strong On-Page SEO

2) Local SEO 

Tree trimming businesses can rank on Google’s Local Map 3-Pack through their Google Business Profile listing.

It’s free to claim or create a Google Business Profile, which you can verify through a postcard.

Then, Google shows three GMB listings to users based on proximity, relevance, and prominence.

Consider investing in tree removal SEO services to maximize your local reach on Google Maps.

3) DataPins

Download an exciting Local SEO tool called DataPins that empowers tree trimming professionals to automate social proof, reviews, and branding on their websites.

In addition, DataPins allows companies to showcase jobs based on service type, city, and description. 

Simply snap a photo of your job, add a caption, and the app automatically generates on-site content to the most relevant website page.

The app even pulls geo-coordinates to verify your job’s location, allowing local landing pages to populate with accurate content.

4) Reputation Management

Ask your customers to submit a review on Google, Yelp, or Facebook to build your online reputation. As you gain more reviews, conversions become easier and more frequent.

You can use software to automate review requests through text and email but always ask in person.

5) YouTube Videos

Many consumers are visual learners and prefer to see what they’re investing in before purchasing.

Therefore, viewers instantly feel more comfortable when you upload YouTube videos of your staff performing tree removal jobs.

You can even create promotional videos with your team, customer testimonial videos, and more.

In addition, you can embed YouTube videos on your website so more people will see them.

6) Informational Blog Posts

Most tree service companies try to rank for buyer intent keywords like tree removal servicestree service company, or arborist near me.

While these keywords convert at a higher rate, you can expand your reach by targeting informational keywords through blog posts.

For example, try writing articles that target keywords like how to identify a dead tree and maple tree leaves turning black, which can bring in more traffic.

7) Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are another digital marketing option for tree removal businesses. Facebook allows business owners to target ideal customers based on location, interests, and liked pages.

Tree service companies can also utilize Facebook Lead Ads that quickly pull contact information from any user who submits to your ad.

8) Referral Programs

Word-of-mouth marketing remains an effective way to generate leads, and the concept can expand digitally.

Creating a referral program can incentivize existing customers to spread the word about your company.

They may do so with their neighbors, in person, and in online communities like Facebook and Nextdoor.

9) Door Knocking

Since modern marketing is primarily digital, some businesses neglect the old-school marketing tactic of door-to-door sales.

However, door-knocking can synergize with digital marketing efforts.

For example, when you knock on a door and the person checks out your company online, they may find favorable reviews. 

Here’s how to approach door-knocking for tree removal:

  • Have a sales script
  • Try to set a follow-up appointment
  • Conduct yourself as a true professional

10) Google Ads

Google Ads is a gift in a curse in the tree service digital marketing landscape. Conversely, a PPC budget can drain your funds in a blink.

On the other hand, a diplomatic PPC bidding strategy can yield an impressive ROI for tree removal leads. 

  • Google Ads produces an average of $8 for every $1 spent
  • Nearly 40% of search engine clicks go to paid ads (including Bing)
  • Nearly half of PPC landing page visitors convert into customers

11) Networking

Form relationships with local suppliers and attend industry-related events. Any networking effort lays a foundation for future leads.

For example, partnering with Home Depot or a local hardware store opens your company to many potential referrals.

12) Chamber of Commerce

Join your local chamber of commerce, which allows you to place your website link on their member directory and attend their monthly events.

Joining a COC makes networking easier while providing SEO value through the site’s link equity.

13) Direct Mail

Another outbound but old-school promotional tactic is direct mail. You might think this no longer works in 2024, but it can work if properly implemented.

Since few people open their emails these days, they are more likely to open their actual mailbox.

Direct mail averages about $50 per lead, which is a pretty good number compared to other strategies.

14) Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective way to generate tree removal leads. While many people ignore emails these days, there are ways to increase open rates.

The best way is to build an email list with software like AWeber. Modern software allows you to trigger automated and personalized emails to people based on their interests and behavior.

15) Remarketing

Whether it’s Facebook pixel tracking or other remarketing technology, targeting individuals who’ve shown previous interest in your services can generate leads.

Since these people already have a mild interest in your company, seeing your ads repeatedly can push them to conversion.

16) Google Local Service Ads

We mentioned Google Ads as a previous lead generation tactic. Still, tree removal businesses can also invest in Google Local Service Ads.

The LSA ad format is unique in that it follows the pay-per-lead model. The good news is that LSA generates about 13% of clicks from local search users.

17) Promotions

Creating regular promotions based on seasons, holidays, or any other theme can help generate leads for your tree trimming company.

For example, a summer promotion that gives new customers 25% off their first service fee will elicit more responses than charging a fixed price.

18) Cold Calling

Random cold calling can be a demoralizing marketing tactic. Still, you can outsource your telemarketing to companies with a proven process.

After you start ranking online through SEO, telemarketing becomes less appealing.

19) Avoid Pay Per Lead

Most PPL companies are not worth your time, and the model rarely results in sustainable lead generation. The better option is to invest in your own digital marketing campaign.

Although the pay-per-lead format sounds cool, it leaves tree trimming business owners in the gig economy. 

Branding your company on Google and other platforms is what grows your business and pays long-term dividends. Using Google Business Profile, SEO, and DataPins, you earn more ROI.

You will see sustainable results when you decide to respect marketing and invest in your brand.

Better yet, your stress levels will be reduced, and you can delegate more jobs to your employees. 

How To Get Free Tree Removal Leads

There are three primary methods to generate free tree trimming leads in 2024. The first is Google Business Profile, followed by SEO and DataPins.

We’ve witnessed these three strategies produce consistent leads and conversions for tree pruning businesses at Contractor Webmasters.