7 SEO Fundamentals for Foundation Repair in 2023

SEO Fundementals for Foundation Repair Companies

Industries like roofing, plumbing, and construction have many SEO tutorials, guides, and training available. But what about foundation repair SEO? Contractor Webmasters understands the need for SEO education for foundation repair contractors.

SEO aims to generate leads, something you can do inexpensively with organic search visibility. Below, we outline seven fundamental SEO concepts for foundation repair specialists:

1) Keyword Research

You can make a lot of progress in SEO with good keyword research. Using tools like MOZ, SEMRush, & Ubersuggest, you can find the volume and opportunity of SEO keywords for foundation repair. The volume of a keyword is an estimate of how many times it is searched for per month.

The opportunity of a keyword is a calculation that considered competition, volume, and click-through rate (CTR), among other things. To review, keyword research involves:

  • Search Volume
  • Keyword Opportunity

2) On-Page Optimization

Every website should implement the basics of On-Page Optimization. It involves placing the keywords you’ve researched within the appropriate areas on a web page. For example, the SEO Title, the Header Tags, the Image Alt Text, and the Meta Descriptions.

Don’t forget that placing the keyword once or twice within the body content is also important so that Google can rank the page accordingly. In summary, On-Page Optimization consists of the following:

  • Body Content
  • Header Tags
  • Image Alt Text
  • Meta Descriptions
  • SEO Title

3) Off-Site Optimization

Not every factor of a page’s ranking exists on the page itself. In fact, many of them originate in external domains. For example, NAP citations, which are directory listings of your business, are important for your overall online presence.

These profiles should send inbound links to your website but also create a consistent and uniform database of contact information throughout the web. Google trusts companies with consistent NAP listings. Factors involving Off-Site SEO are:

  • Inbound Linking
  • Local SEO
  • NAP Citations

4) Local SEO

As a foundation repair specialist, local search is as important as anything else. In fact, most of your website visitors will be coming from mobile searches, which are customized to fit the user’s current location.

The central components of Local SEO are Google My Business, Google Maps & Google Reviews. These 3 entities are integrated with one another and help determine the trust level of a foundation repair company. Each should be optimized. Local SEO consists of:

  • Google Maps
  • Google My Business
  • Google Reviews

5) Technical SEO

A less talked about aspect of optimization is Technical SEO. It’s not as frequently discussed because most of it happens behind the scenes and can only be properly evaluated by a web designer and/or programmer.

It involves microdata tags like schema.org, which helps Google interpret the content of your web page. Furthermore, it also involves clean coding to optimize loading speeds and keep visitors engaged and on your website. In summary, Technical SEO consists of:

  • Coding
  • Schema Microdata
  • Site Speed / Loading Times

6) Content Writing

SEO relies on high-quality content in order to rank for competitive keywords. You can’t just insert keywords into your title and expect to rank on page one. Instead, you must invest time and resources into writing great content.

For SEO, great content appeals to both the reader and the search engine. Keywords exist in the most relevant spaces but do not appear spammy or confusing to the reader. Strong content uses LSI keywords to improve readability.

  • Readable
  • Engaging
  • LSI Keywords

7) Link Building

Link building is an SEO fundamental that’s existed since Google’s inception. Since Google uses links to measure a website’s value, acquiring backlinks from credible websites strengthens your SEO. However, building links can also ruin your SEO if done improperly.

Google has strict guidelines that prohibit buying links or any kind of link scheme intended to manipulate search results. Foundation repair contractors should focus on these tasks:

  • Citation Links
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Local Suppliers

How SEO Generates Leads for Your Foundation Repair Company

Remember, the goal of SEO is to generate foundation repair leads. By attracting users to your Google Business Profile and company website, you can convert them into prospective customers. When they submit contact information or call your office, they are showing interest in your services.

You can leverage these prospects into consistent sales, which helps grow your business in 2023.

  • Drives Traffic To Your Branded Platforms (GBP, Website)
  • Converts Users into Prospects
  • Increases Sales
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