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You have heard us talk about this before but it is the best analogy to understand it. All horses running faster (by the rules) will eventually gain many top rankings. It is simply the order of things.

The longer and faster the horse runs the track the more ground and higher rankings you will receive.

This is done by legitimate skilled labor. We start with a solid foundation and then we continue by working on a myriad of things that ought to be done each month forever.

If the horse weren’t tended to then it would stop running and others that were tended to would overtake the positions.

The point is you are RUNNING THE TRACK properly for the first time. You will see a lot of improvement in the first several months and then things will continue to improve as the horse continues to run.


Picture your Website, Google Account, Mapping, Content, Facebook Account etc… as a horse race in your market.

The more things you have done properly upfront and regularly thereafter the faster your horse will run.

Better horses continue to overtake worse performing websites for higher keyword rankings and map listings.

But why?

Because Google, Bing and Yahoo want:

  • The Best Custom Design
  • The Best Unique Content
  • An Active Social Media Presence
  • The Most complete and worked on Webmaster account
  • Then they want it all worked on regularly

Our Clients win the overall race because they simply deserve to win. They have the best of many things across the web.

Then after a site is set up properly, we work on it each and every week.

Why do we work on the sites, content, social media and more each and every month?

SO THE HORSE WINS THE RACE FOR AS MANY KEYWORDS AND MAP POSITIONS AS POSSIBLE! (Because that’s where you don’t have to pay for the clicks. – We Blog for you, Design for you, Post to Facebook and Google Plus for you, tend to your Google account for you, Citations, onsite changes etc… So you win the race.) Races take time to win. They take preparation, ongoing training and action. You will get there and your online presence is the anchor to any successful business.

The Team is working for you.

Thanks so much,

The Webmasters