Concrete and Paving Content

Writers Working on Paving WebsiteWhat kind of content is on your concrete and paving website? If it fails to meet the Google Quality Guidelines, you are unlikely to rank very well on search engine results pages, sometimes known simply as SERPs. But what’s the big deal about content? I mean, the only point of having a website is to generate leads, right? Correct. But to successfully generate those leads, your website must be filled with well-written pages that posses the following qualities:

  • Engaging: Page content must capture the attention of the user
  • Informative: The writing must educate the reader about a service or need
  • Unique: Each sentence must be handwritten and original (never scraped from other sites)
  • Quality: Written by someone familiar with the english language and knowledgeable about the subject

There was a time where web developers could flood their websites with keywords and be rewarded on SERPs. That is no longer the case. Thanks to changes in Google’s Algorithm over the past decade, keyword stuffing is now a penalty and will only hurt your overall SEO. Today, pages must be well written and informative to rank on top of Google. Call 800-775-1250 for concrete and paving content writing services.

What is Scraped Content?

Designer Instructs Material for Concrete and Paving WebsiteIf pages on your website are pasted from other sources throughout the internet, they are considered scraped content. This practice is frowned upon by Google for a number of reasons. First, scraping is a form of plagiarism, particularly when sources are not cited and no effort has been made to exhibit ethical use. Second, scraped sentences, paragraphs, and pages hinder user experience as readers are being regurgitated old information. Websites with scraped content, generally copy it from the following sources:

  • 3rd Party Websites: Usually industry related sites that provide relevant info
  • Blog Posts: Posts on WordPress, Blogger, or other sources, generally topical and industry related
  • Offline Print Sources: Magazines, brochures, etc. — Usually harder to spot than other scrapes
  • Old Company Websites: Copying and pasting pages from your previous website

Most of the cases above can be avoided by hiring professional content writers. If you want to transfer pages from an old site to a new site, make sure to redirect the old page to the new one using 301 redirects. That way, content will only be present on one of the sites, and you won’t be competing against yourself for the same keywords.

Generating Paving Leads Through Content

Content Meeting for Concrete and Paving WebsiteThe higher your website is ranked on Google SERPs, the more leads you will produce. After seeing that content is the most efficient and effective way to rank high on Google, contractors can start to understand its correlation to leads. Contractor Webmasters simplifies this process by marketing on a pay per lead basis. We only charge your company once leads are produced, and not a moment before.

Each of your pages, including home, individual service pages, contact us, etc. will be written and optimized for keywords. Again, you will not require to pay an upfront fee for this work, as the leads themselves is what you actually agree to pay for. This eliminates the risk of negative ROI for your company, and allows you to invest directly in lead generation. Call 800-775-1250 for pay per lead content writing, designed specifically for concrete and paving contractors.