Content Writing Services for Contractors

Content Writing Services

Contractor Webmasters provides content writing as part of our SEO services for contractors. Our team of content writers crafts web pages designed specifically for your company. We do not scrape content from other sources or automate our content using artificial intelligence. With over 200 existing clients, we know exactly what content ranks.

Aspects of our content writing services include:

Blog PostsBlog posts keep your website fresh and bring in traffic from long-tail keywords.
Brand PagesYour home page, about us page, and contact us page needs branded content and to rank for branded keywords.
Service PagesService page content ensures you rank for the different types of services you offer.
User-Generated ContentWith DataPins, your website will publish user-generated content every time you perform a check-in.

Content Marketing

What is Quality Content?

Quality content is unique, valuable, and engaging while following Google’s quality guidelines. Since users will have differing perspectives, content’s value is somewhat subjective. However, a series of generally acceptable characteristics should be present in all forms of quality content.

Following Google’s Guidelines

Content’s value determines the quality of a specific piece of web content to the reader. Google assigns value based on search engine standards. In theirĀ quality guidelines, Google encourages websites to be; unique, valuable, and engaging. While those adjectives are relatively vague, Google gets a bit more specific when outlining what not to do with your website content.

Some of those specifics include:

  • Auto-Generated Content
  • Doorway Pages
  • Invisible Text
  • Link Schemes
  • Scraped Content
  • Sneaky Redirects

It would be easy to say, don’t do these things, and you’ll have quality content, but it is not that simple. While Google fails to offer specifics about what constitutes quality content, it provides enough information to get a general idea. Relevance is a factor of great significance.

When we consider everything search engines ask us not to do (i.e., deceive users), it’s clear that satisfying users’ needs are a top priority. Producing relevant content that will satisfy the user’s search query is what will rank you atop of search results and keep you there.

The Various Forms of Web Content

When we think about our website’s content, we often think about the written words on the respective pages. While this is indeed a vital component of web presentation, it is not the only form of content. Content can refer to other web elements, including advertisements, images, links, and videos.

As consumers evolve to expect easily digestible content, embedded YouTube videos become a valuable form of content. Condensing content into easily readable design elements can enhance your website’s presentation, encourage a longer time on site, and lower bounce rate.

Content for Lead Generation

Writing for lead generation requires knowledge and experience. Lead-gen writing must encourage the reader to take action without overwhelming them with commercialism. Just as readers will opt-out of an email newsletter that beats them over the head with offers and pop-ups, so too will a web page visitor who feels insulted by such bold marketing tactics.

The primary goal of content is to satisfy user intent and meet user needs. Such principles allow pages to rank on search engines and access traffic that may eventually convert. Inserting calls to action within your helpful content will give users an easy route towards action. Subtle CTAs help readers avoid feeling bullied into calling or emailing.