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Drywall SEO Guide: How to Rank your Company in 2021

Drywall SEO

What is Drywall SEO?

Drywall SEO is the optimization of your web presence in order to rank on Google search results for relevant keyword terms. As a local business, you want to rank on Google Local 3 Pack and regular organic results. For a fully optimized web presence, you will need to optimize both your main website and your Google My Business.

SEO 101

Do I Really Need Search Optimization?

The thought of paying Google Ads to get their company on front street is a deterrent for many contractors, and rightfully so. It is not always the most effective method for ranking, and it is more of a ploy than anything else. But what alternatives are there? If you are a drywall contractor, and you are ready to take that next step with your business, you need to know about drywall SEO.

Organic search engine optimization is one of the most effective ways to rank your company and get your name out to millions of potential customers. Effective SEO is what separates the boys from the men, so to speak, in any given industry. Drywall is no exception. Exceptional SEO can improve sales, expedite the sales process and introduce your services to a much broader audience. 

In the modern era, SEO is an indispensable aspect of doing business. Even for good old-fashioned trades like drywall. If you are not up on your SEO, you will be left in the dust. So today we want to provide you with a guide on drywall SEO and help you understand it a bit more. You can call us here at Contractor Webmasters any time you are ready to give your business a shot in the arm.

Understanding Drywall SEO

The basics of Search Engine Optimization are pretty simple in theory. The better your company’s website ranks on Google, the higher up on the list it will show. Pretty simple, right? But what is so important about showing up as high as possible on a list of Google search results? When a customer who is looking for drywall services in their area, they are presented with hundreds of thousands if not millions of results. 

No customer is going to look through each and every result that Google brings up. In fact metrics show that companies that show up on just the second page of a Google search get close to zero clicks. That’s why it is so important to show up on the first page and to rank as high as possible. But how do you improve your ranking?

SEO has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to improve your company ranking. BrightEdge research metrics show that SEO is 1,000 times more effective at driving traffic through ranking than other methods such as organic social media. 

So let’s say for example that a customer types “the best drywall contractor near me” into Google. What determines which of the millions of drywall contractor company websites show up first? The websites with the highest SEO compliance will rank the highest. 

There are certain aspects that Google looks for in SEO compliance such as certain keywords, coding, design, and content. Google preference changes every once in a while, which is why SEO is an ongoing job. But when you stay on top of SEO, you give your company the best opportunity to be seen by a gigantic audience. 

This is where the simple concept of showing up first on a list of search results gets complicated. The goal of SEO for contractors is to stay on top of these changes and find out which keywords are ranking the highest and use advanced analytics to comply with Google searches. There are certain hoops that your drywall contractor company’s website has to jump through to rank high and stay ranking high on Google.

The unfortunate thing about business and marketing in the modern era is that you could truly have the very best drywall service in your city or even your state. But if your SEO is lacking, you may not be getting the amount of business your company warrants. Fortunately, though, SEO can be leveraged by pretty much anyone to drive consumer traffic and sales.

How SEO Drives Sales

It is no secret that eCommerce makes up a huge portion of industry sales. In 2017, eCommerce accounted for over 2 billion dollars of sales across all industries. And it is expected that that number will double by the year 2021. The local drywall industry may be a microcosm of this phenomenon, but it is nonetheless part of the larger machine. And in order for you to tap into this vein of sales, you need good SEO.

SEO can drive sales by giving you an advantage over your competitors and instilling a sense of trust in potential customers. When your company is among the first to show up in a Google search, people are more inclined to believe that your service is the best. This helps convert prospects into clients and drives sales. 

But how can you leverage SEO to drive sales? One of the most effective SEO tools is keywords. Again, it is a basic concept: you want to include certain words and phrases on your website that people will actually type into Google during a search. If a potential client is in need of drywall repair, for example, they may type something like, “good drywall repair in my area” in a Google search. You need to have this phrase and others like it somewhere on your website to even have a chance of showing up on the search list.

Long-tail keywords are another way to elevate your ranking. Consider the area you are operating in. If you run a drywall contracting business in Portland, Oregon, make sure you have a long-tail keyword like “drywall contractor in Portland, Oregon” in the content of your site. Long-tail keywords have less competition on Google since A) they are longer and therefore more specific, and B) they can include specific regions or cities to narrow down the results of people looking for your services in your area. 

It is best to keep in mind the needs of your customers though. Think about what the average layman would need when they have a hole in their drywall, or they want to finish their garage or need to install drywall for their entire house. Someone might search “drywall installation service” or “affordable drywall patching” or “garage drywall installation service” or similar variations depending on their specific needs. Incorporate the phrases that will be on the mind of your customers as much as possible. 

If you need help coming up with keywords and want to see how certain keywords are ranking in the drywall industry, Ubersuggest a great resource, and a free one. 

Thinking locally is another great way to narrow the SEO field and drive sales in your area. As a drywall contractor, you more than likely work locally. Keep this in mind as you are developing content for your website. Keep keywords region-specific, create content that is relevant and appealing to people in your community, and let people who visit your site know that you work in their area (implementing an “Areas Served” page is one of the easiest and most effective ways to do this).

Generating Drywall Leads Through SEO

Leads are the backbone of any business. They can make or break your drywall contracting company. You need to get people in the door so to speak so that you have a fighting chance at conversion. SEO is a great asset for generating leads. It involves research into keywords and the search habits of people who are in need of drywall services.

Once you have done the research (keywords, popular services, etc.) you can compose content that is relevant to people who are in need of your services. Again, this is where thinking locally will also be a boon to help you rank high. 

Once your website is ranking organically and people who are actually in need of the services you provide are being connected to you via Google searches, you have warm leads dialing your number or getting in touch with you online. 

Then there are customer reviews. Ask some of your satisfied customers to leave a review on your website. You may entice them with discounts, future discounts or other types of special promotions. Having these positive reviews in addition to ranking high on Google searches essentially takes the place of word of mouth referrals that your drywall business probably thrives on. They let warm leads know that your company is trustworthy and that others like them have been satisfied with your work.

It’s all About Quality Content

As a drywall contractor, you provide a visual service. That’s why it is so important for drywall SEO that you have visual content on your site that is relevant to your service. Post pictures on your site and on social media of your past work. Google loves visual content with descriptive text or captions that help its users see what you do and what you offer.  Remember, Google wants to provide relevant content to their users so keep all of your content and media industry-specific. 

SEO can be overwhelming, and many drywall contractors simply don’t have the time. But that doesn’t mean it should be forgotten. Another easy way to rank your company is to give us a call at 800-775-1250. We provide in-depth analysis and SEO utilization services for SEO drywall and many other industries. 

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