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Increasing Website Conversions for Contractors

Converting customers on your website should be part of “the basics” for contractors. Yet so many of the sites we see lack the elements that increase conversion rates. A lot of this stuff is pretty obvious as the goal is to get visitors to contact you as conveniently for them as possible. Contractor Webmasters helps roofers, HVAC technicians, plumbers, foundation repair specialists, and more, turn their website into a lead generation asset in 2021.

Showcase Your Phone Number

Homeowners looking for a contractor are not really looking to read a novel. What they want is a way to contact you quickly. A clear display of your phone number is the best way for them to reach you. The number should be displayed prominently on the top of your website. It also helps if the number contains click-to-call functionality which is especially useful for mobile users. With clickable phone numbers, they can connect directly to your line ASAP.

Include a Contact Form

Not every prospective customer is going to want to talk with you immediately. They might prefer to leave their information so that they can talk to you at a later time. Since many people browse the web on lunch breaks, or even during work hours, they don’t always have the luxury of starting a phone conversation. Contact form submissions aren’t as high quality of a lead as direct phone calls, but they can become higher in quality in some cases.

List Your Business Address

Your website’s footer should list your business address for several reasons. First and foremost it gives legitimacy to your company. People prefer to know precisely where you are located. Secondly, there seem to be significant SEO benefits to listing your address. While Google My Business has made addresses optional, research shows that addresses matching on your website and GMB listing provide a cohesive optimization boost.

Conversions Are Predicated on SEO

Without visitors, conversion rate optimization is worthless. That’s why the first priority should be search engine optimization. By driving relevant traffic to your site you can give yourself the opportunity to convert those visitors into customers. That’s why any marketing company that focuses on conversions without traffic is leading you down the wrong path in 2021. Listen to today’s episode to learn more about website conversions and how they can influence your business this year.

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