Painter Website Design

Painter Website Design

Painters Can Enjoy Our Custom Mobile Websites

As a painter looking for leads in 2017, you must have a highly functional website. SEO is only one of many reasons that a website is necessary in today’s marketing landscape. While search optimization can help generate good traffic to your webpage, the conversion process happens once the user is actually on your site. At Contractor Webmasters, our website design services include:

  • Custom Mobile Design: We design websites with mobile devices in mind
  • Custom WordPress Design: We use WordPress CMS on all of our client sites
  • Responsive Design: Though we prioritize mobile, we also ensure optimal displays on desktop and tablet
  • Seamless Navigation: Our websites are easy to navigate, increasing the likelihood of a positive user experience, and eventually a conversion

Let’s be honest. Most of the designers offering painter websites for leads are planning to give you a stock website that is being used by multiple contractors, inside and outside of your industry. With Contractor Webmasters, your website is custom designed specifically for your painting company. Call 800-775-1250 for painter web design services.

WordPress for Painters

Designers Working on Painting Site

Nothing Manages Content Better Than WordPress

Contractor Webmasters uses WordPress content management system for every one of our clients websites. Though other options exist, namely; Drupal and Joomla, none of them compare to the feature rich usability of WordPress. Some advantages to using WordPress include:

  • Ease of Use: No CMS is as simple to add, edit, and remove content
  • Internal Blogging: WP comes with an internal blog which is a major SEO booster
  • Open Source: Designers can create custom websites without regulations
  • Plugin Compatible: WP offers 3rd party plugins created by any and everyone

There is no downside to using WordPress for your painter website. In fact, WP code is considered clean and SEO-friendly. If anything, WordPress is an enhancer of SEO. Painters looking to generate leads online could certainly benefit from an elite level WordPress site. The scalability of WP also leaves open the option for future website expansion, should business warrant that transition.

Responsive Design for Painting Contractors

Designer Discussing Painter Though mobile devices are the most popular way to search for businesses online, it is important that your website displays on any and all devices. With responsive design, you can do just that. Imagine having a mobile first website that seamlessly transitions to a desktop display when being accessed on a PC. Not only does this help reach your entire market demographic, but at allows that demographic to share your website with each other… cross platform.

Technology has advanced so much in the last few years that non-responsive websites are considered somewhat obsolete. This is not only important for display purposes, but also for loading speed. If your current website has a separate page for a mobile site, it is going to create annoying loading times which can affect bounce rate, and ultimately search engine ranking. Call 800-775-1250 for painter website design.