Moving Company Website Design

Designer Edits Code for Mover Website

The SEO Process Starts With Web Design Principles

Moving company websites are designed for one purpose; lead generation. Unfortunately for many movers, their marketing company does not reflect that goal in terms of payment. For example, movers will pay an upfront fee for website development, graphic design, and domain name registration, and then continue to pay a monthly fee for general website maintenance and updates. If the website fails to produce any leads for a long period of time, money is literally going down the drain. Contractor Webmasters provides the ultimate solution with pay per lead website design. Our web design services require no upfront payment. Characteristics of your custom moving company website are:

  • Mobile First: Our websites are custom designed and always display optimally on mobile
  • SEO Friendly: At SW, we know the SEO process starts with web development and coding
  • Unique: Our designers create custom websites for each client and never use duplicates
  • WordPress: Each of our clients websites utilize the WordPress content management system

You won’t find a better group of web designers on the internet. Not only do we specialize in the home service industry (i.e. moving companies) but we have the best agreement model on the market. Pay per lead means that you never waste money on unproductive measures. The creation of your website is free of charge, and it is only until exclusive leads are produced that you will make a payment. To further discuss moving company website design and how it will generate the exclusive leads you covet, give Contractor Webmasters a call at 800-775-1250.

Mobile Websites for Moving Companies

Designers Discuss Moving Company Website

Mobile First Sites Can Be Easily Shared With Others

The irony of most moving companies is that they don’t have a functioning mobile website. Movers should know better than anyone, that much of our decision making happens on the go. Furthermore, mobile devices are the most accessible contact source for people throughout the country. In 2017, having a mobile website is absolutely imperative for marketing success. Mobile websites can help movers in the following ways:

  • Accessibility: With a strong mobile presence, you have market opportunity 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
  • Calls to Action: With click to call functionality, mobile users can connect directly with the office line
  • Shareability: Say for example, a relative of the potential customer researches your company on Google, they can then send a link to your website via text and have it display optimally on the recipient’s phone
  • Site Speed Optimization: In today’s society, people want information instantaneously

The mobile revolution is not a prophetic concept. It is here now. Google has gone as far as to say the majority of users coming to your site are likely to be using a mobile device. With this in mind, desktop is no longer the primary display canvas for designers. With responsive design, we can ensure websites display correctly regardless of device. That means mobile, desktop, and tablet users will all be able to navigate your website seamlessly.

WordPress for Moving Company Websites

Designer and Editor Review Mover WebsiteWhen designing a moving company website, we always use WordPress content management system. While other quality CMS’s exist online, such as Joomla and Drupal, neither compares to the feature rich usability of WordPress. Furthermore, WordPress is open source, allowing our designers to create unique visuals for each one of our clients.

Not only is WordPress visually appealing, but it also makes elements of web design simpler than normal. With plugin compatibility, features that would take months to implement, can now be done in ten minutes. We don’t take advantage of that however, as we believe that strong website code is the foundation to all SEO. We only use plugins when they are an accessory to a foundation of high quality code. For moving company website design, call today at 800-775-1250.