Custom Mobile Web Design

Do Contractors Need Mobile Web Design?

Nearly 60 percent of searches now come from mobile devices. That means, more often than not, the visitor of your website will be accessing it via mobile. At Contractor Webmasters, we are more than aware of this trend and implement it into our website design services for contractors. We design custom mobile websites for contractors in the service industry. Our mobile web design includes:

  • Click To Call Functionality: We embed phone number links, so you can receive leads directly from your website
  • Responsive Design: We design each of our clients’ websites with responsive design, which ensures optimal display on every variety of device
  • Seamless Navigation: Our mobile websites are easy to navigate and avoid the common pitfalls of non-optimized mobile pages
  • Site Speed Optimization: We test each of our mobile pages to ensure the fastest loading times

Everything we do at Contractor Webmasters is with the intention of generating leads. With our pay-per-lead marketing agreement, you pay only when tangible leads are generated. Your custom mobile website requires no upfront payment, and if it fails to perform at a high level (highly unlikely) then you won’t suffer the consequences of massive investment loss.

Advantages of Mobile-First Design

Assorted Mobile DevicesIt’s one thing to have a mobile-friendly site, it’s quite another to have a mobile-first one.  Mobile-first design indicates that the website was designed predominantly for mobile devices. While it adjusts to desktop and tablet displays from its responsive nature, the site itself is made for mobile. This presents the following advantages to contractors:

  • Local Focus: The percentage of mobile searches goes up even higher for local searches
  • Market Share: By catering directly to the largest market share, you are appealing to more potential customers
  • Social Networking: With the emergence of social media (especially on mobile devices), sharing a mobile-first website through various networks is important
  • Sustainability: Ensuring a great mobile experience now will continue to help your company as mobile access becomes even more prominent

Mobile is not only the best way to go moving forward, it is the only way. At Contractor Webmasters, our focus on lead generation makes mobile an absolutely imperative medium for our marketing campaigns. We look forward to designing a custom site that fits the marketing ideals of your company and puts you on the pathway to customer acquisition.

Click to Call Functionality for CRO

Have you ever visited a site in which the phone number looks like a link? If so, that website utilizes click-to-call functionality. By clicking on that number link in your mobile browser, your phone will automatically connect to the embedded phone number. In other words, you can go from reading about services, to directly asking about them, with the click of a link.

It’s ok to link a phone number multiple times on a page, but do not overuse it or make it look spammy. The last thing you want is to discourage customer interaction by bombarding them with ill-placed phone number links. The purpose of this feature is to make life easier for the reader and enhance the user experience. At Contractor Webmasters, we can help you do just that.