Structured Data for Roofers

Team Implementing Structured Data for Roofer Website

Roofers Can Markup Several Types of Data

When you review Google search results you will notice that certain results appear more complete than others. Some of them may have site links to individual categories beneath the result, while others may have snippets of information regarding the website’s’ contents. If you’ve ever wondered how information like that appears, the answer is structured data markup. Web designers can embed microdata within website code to markup the following types of data:

  • Company Employees: Individual employees in your roofing company
  • Company Images: Photos of jobs performed at service locations
  • Service Categories: Web pages to individual categories like AC Repair or Furnace Repair
  • Service Locations: Web pages to service areas within your company’s service radius

Roofing companies won’t utilize every markup type, since many of them are more geared for e-commerce or review sites. With that said, marking up as much data as possible will only help your SERP presentation. The goal of structured data markup is to increase click through rate and increase bounce rate. For structured data markup services for roofers, call Contractor Webmasters at 800-775-1250.

Rich Snippets for Roofing Companies

Designer Marking up Roofing Data

The End Goal of Structured Data is Rich Snippets

The reason Contractor Webmasters includes structured data markup on our client websites is to earn rich snippets. These snippets are extra bits of information added to a search result for a given keyword. The term “rich” indicates enhancement, expansion, etc. That’s exactly what viewers see with a result containing a rich snippet. They are more likely to click on the result because it defines their specific need more narrowly. Ideally, rich snippets should:

  • Attract Niche Visitors: With more specific marketing, users who may have found your website too vague will now click on the expanded information
  • Decrease Bounce Rate: Similarly, users who once visited out of vague curiosity, will be dissuaded from doing so
  • Increase CTR: The more efficiently you market services, the more likely you are to generate clicks
  • Increase Conversion Rate: Because more relevant users are now entering your site, the likelihood of them completing a call to action grows exponentially

SERP presentation is a concept that not too many people are familiar with. Most marketing firms focus on the act of ranking on Google search results, but fail to expand to the specificity of how that result presents itself. The SERP result of your website is actually the first impression you are having on a potential customer. For this reason alone, extra care should be taken in crafting that presentation.

Why Traffic Relevance Matters to Roofers

Employees Editing Roofing Website DataSEO has never been about one concept, or one technique, but rather an accumulation of many. Consider this factor. When users click on your website page organically and stay on the site for a while, your SEO benefits. Why? Because the user had a positive experience and found your website to correlate with the search query they first entered. In contrast, if that user were to exit immediately upon entrance, it would indicate a poor user experience, and suggest that your website did not meet the criteria of the original search query.

Using structured data markup to create more specific SERP results will encourage more relevant users to visit your website, and discourage less relevant ones. Not only does this increase conversion rates and acquire more roofing leads, but it influences metrics that will ultimately help your website rank higher. To further discuss structured data markup for roofers and its effect on SEO, give us a call at 800-775-1250.