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Organic SEO is the most sustainable way for tree trimming companies to generate leads online. But sometimes contractors need leads immediately. If you find yourself in this situation, pay per click advertising becomes a logical option. Contractor Webmasters offers tree trimmer PPC services, which includes the following:

  • Ad Design / Copy: We design and write your advertisement with your consultation
  • Campaign Management: We manage your campaign to maximize leads
  • Keyword Research: We research keywords to find market opportunities
  • Performance Measurement: We measure performance data and utilize it for improvement

Contractor Webmasters is a pay per lead advertising company. We require no upfront payments for any of our marketing or advertising services. It is not until exclusive leads are produced, that you will pay a fee for that lead. We understand that tree trimmer companies don’t have the time and resources to develop ad campaigns. That’s where we come in. Call 800-775-1250 for tree trimmer PPC services.

Targeting Tree Trimmer Keywords

Measurement of Tree Trimming PPC Campaign

Choosing the Right Keywords is Imperative for ROI

In a PPC campaign, bids are placed on keywords, depending on their popularity and competition level. The job of the advertiser is to generate a list of possible keywords. From that point, the list can be dwindled down to the ones with the highest ROI potential. Some ways to generate keywords are:

  • Competitor Research: Use software like SpyFu to determine what competing tree trimmers are ranking for
  • Customer Psychology: Develop a profile for your typical customer and try to think about what they would search for
  • Keyword Combinations: Take a local term, and an industry term, and create a unique long tail keyword
  • Synonyms and Variations: Take words you’ve already brainstormed and look up synonyms and variations of those words

Google Keyword Planner is one tool to help you gather information about keywords. Others include; SEMRush and MOZ Keyword Explorer. The goal is to gather as much information as possible about these words and make an informed and educated decision moving forward.

Measuring PPC Performance for Tree Trimmers

Editing Tree Trimmer PPC Ad CopyThere are several metrics that can provide indication of PPC success or failure. In fact, there are so many that the information can become overwhelming at times. At Contractor Webmasters, we prefer to focus on a few straightforward metrics that will help define the status of each campaign, and the steps necessary to improve it. We focus on quality score, click through rate, and wasted spend. We find these metrics to give us the greatest insight into campaign performance.

If you are tired of investing in PPC campaigns that don’t return leads, Contractor Webmasters provides the ultimate solution with pay per lead advertising. Instead of paying for the process (PPC), you pay for the results (exclusive leads). This gives you confidence that when we measure your campaign performance, it is not just to give you a bunch of irrelevant numbers while we collect a monthly payment. We only get paid when leads are produced for your company, so every action we take is to acquire those leads. Call 800-775-1250 for tree trimmer PPC services.