PPC for Painters

Reviewing Painter Pay Per Click Campaign

Paid Search Ads Jump Organic Results

Painting contractors rely on leads to keep their business growing. While search engine optimization is the best way to generate leads long-term, sometimes painters need something that works a little more quickly. That’s where PPC comes in, also known as pay per click advertising. Advantages of PPC include:

  • Fast Results: PPC works more quickly than organic SEO
  • Geo-Targeting: Paid ads can target specific geographic locations
  • Performance Measurement: Campaign data helps advertisers improve future marketing ventures
  • Timed Campaigns: PPC can exploit market inefficiencies by targeting peak seasons

If you are unfamiliar with how PPC works, advertisers bid on certain keywords in order to display advertisements on the correlating search results. These ads appear above organic search results that you wind find from typing a search query into Google or another search engine. This allows painters to jump over organic results and get their website seen first. Call 800-775-1250 for PPC for Painters.

Exploiting Market Inefficiencies for Painters

Working on Painter PPC Campaign

Finding Ineffectiveness in the Market Maximizes Marketing and Advertising Resources

With timed PPC campaigns, advertisers can exploit defined time periods in which to launch their campaign. The concept involves using analytics to determine peak seasons for painter jobs as well as geographic locations with the highest demand. To evaluate market inefficiencies, look for the following:

  • Circumstantial Demand: Perhaps a recent storm will increase the demand for exterior painting jobs
  • Keyword Difficulty: If during several months a keyword’s difficulty drops substantially, now could be the time to strike
  • Keyword Volume: If a keyword has a high volume in a particular season, that would be the time to target it
  • Long Tail Keywords: Combining high volume industry keywords with local keywords

Painters can take full advantage of marketing inefficiencies to maximize profit. PPC works quickly, but the development of your campaign should be detailed and deliberate. The best part about using Contractor Webmasters, is that you only pay once leads are produced, and not a moment before. Much of the risk is eliminated because there will never be a scenario where you end up paying for non-results.

PPC vs SEO for Painters

Writers Editing PPC for PaintersPay per click advertising is valuable tool. But it should not come at the expense of SEO. In fact, both elements should work together to create the ultimate online marketing strategy. Contractor Webmasters does just that. We optimize your website for search and advertise it through PPC when the market suggests we take action. This way, we will reap the benefits from both marketing techniques.

Organic SEO is a more sustainable marketing practice. With that said, it does take awhile to implement and to be perceived by Google. Pay per click advertising can speed this process up by funneling users to your website before it would rank on traditional organic results. This utilizes the best of both strategies. Call 800-775-1250 for PPC for painters.