PPC for Moving Companies

AdWords and Analytics to Measure Campaign

AdWords Campaigns Provide Valuable Customer Data

Peak moving season is usually from April to September for most locations. But there will always be a demand for moving companies. One way to meet that demand is with pay per click advertising from Contractor Webmasters. Some of the advantages to Moving Company PPC include:

  • Assist Other Channels: Help other marketing channels maximize leads
  • Targeting Options: Target specific devices, locations, and times of year
  • Timely Results: Get results faster than you would with organic SEO
  • Measurable Results: Gain valuable data to assist future campaigns

Pay per click advertising through Google AdWords is one of the fastest ways to see results. As soon as an ad is launched, it will appear on the top of Google search results. Performance data can be measured with Google Analytics. If you need help running your campaign, call Contractor Webmasters at 800-775-1250. We offer PPC on a pay per lead basis, so you only pay for exclusive leads, and nothing more.

How PPC helps SEO for Movers

Content Editors Using Moving Company PPC

Pay Per Click can Create Traffic While SEO Implements

So your website is fully optimized for search, ready to convert visitors into leads. But there is one problem, the site is still too new to rank on the top of organic results. Here’s where PPC can really help. By getting visitors to your website, the optimization of your website can take over from there. Remember, SEO is designed to attract visitors, but also to provide a great experience. See the user’s ideal path below:

Clicks PPC AdEnters Optimized WebsiteEngages With Content – Completes Call to Action

In other words, PPC can provide the traffic while you wait for organic SEO to fully integrate itself on search engine results pages. Once that process is integrated, you can end your PPC campaign, and start to earn all of your traffic organically. With Contractor Webmasters, you don’t even have to worry about PPC budgeting. We set a budget based on the leads we expect produced from the campaign. You pay for exclusive leads only.

Targeting Markets With PPC for Movers

Team Members Monitoring Campaign

Perhaps the greatest characteristic of a pay per click campaign, is its vast targeting options. Much of successful marketing is based on opportunity and market inefficiency. For example, targeting mobile users, who are residents of the your service area, during the month of July, is an ultra specific customer profile. But it can also be extremely effective. Since July is peak moving month, and mobile is the most popular internet device, you are pouring all of your resources into the customers with the highest conversion potential.

We understand that marketing can be a stressful area for movers. After all, you don’t really have time to be running PPC campaigns when you’re trying to get furniture across the country. That’s where Contractor Webmasters comes in. We offer PPC on a pay per lead basis. That means you don’t worry about any upfront fees. You only pay when exclusive leads are produced for your company. Call 800-775-1250 to further discuss PPC for moving companies.