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PPC Works Faster Than Search Engine Optimization

If you need locksmith leads fast, PPC is the best way to get them. Though SEO is considered the best long term internet marketing strategy, it takes a while to implement and for Google to crawl and index. Contractor Webmasters offers PPC campaigns on a pay per lead basis, meaning you won’t pay for clicks but for leads. Our PPC campaigns include:

  • Performance Measurement: Gaining useful insight on the behavior of consumers
  • Geo-Targeting: Targeting consumers within your service area
  • Great Ad Copy: Crafting written descriptions of PPC ads
  • Great Ad Visuals: Engaging viewers through visual elements

Pay per click is popular because it works so quickly. With everyone aiming to get to the top of Google search results, it makes sense for companies with the resources to do it to just pay their way to the top. While this might seem to be an unfair advantage for large corporations, Google does level the playing field with their quality score metric. It isn’t the bid number alone that determines who wins the ad spot for a given keyword, but quality factors come into play as well. Call 800-775-1250 for locksmith PPC advertising services.

PPL and PPC for Locksmiths

Writers Craft Locksmith Ad Copy

Pay Per Lead Makes PPC Much More Cost-Effective

In a traditional PPC agreement, the advertiser pays for each click on their advertisement. This click may or may not become a lead. Much of the success is determined by the optimization of the landing page from which the ad links. If users are brought to an engaging landing page with a clear call to action, the conversion rate is likely to rise. Still, one can never be sure if that click will turn into a lead. But with Contractor Webmasters, you can be sure that you won’t pay unless it does. Our PPL compliments PPC in the following ways:

  • Free Measurements: Normally, an ineffective PPC campaign would yield valuable data but also cost considerable money — not with PPL marketing
  • Results Driven: Focus on results rather than process
  • Risk Avoidance: The risk of losing money on a bad marketing investment is eliminated with PPL
  • Top Results: Move to the top of Google search engine results pages (SERPs)

This clear distinction makes Contractor Webmasters a wonderful opportunity for locksmiths. Now you can ascend to the top of Google SERPs without risking massive ROI loss. You also can wait for your SEO to properly integrate while your PPC campaign works immediately. This combination creates a full spectrum marketing strategy. Best yet, leads are what you pay for. So you only pay for results.

The #1 Locksmith PPC Company

Locksmith PPC MeetingContractor Webmasters is the best PPC service for locksmiths and locksmith companies. We strive to provide lead generation, and only charge when tangible results are produced. Instead of investing in monthly charges for PPC management, try investing in the results themselves in the form of exclusive contractor leads.

You won’t find a more advantageous deal on the internet for locksmiths. You prevent the risk of ROI loss, while maintaining all the benefits of a regular marketing service. Not only do we offer PPC, but we also offer SEO, social media, and website design services. For locksmith PPC for lead generation, give us a call at 800-775-1250.