PPC for HVAC Contractors

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Ad Extensions are a Great Place to Add Contact Info

There is more than one method to securing leads for HVAC contractors. While SEO is certainly one of them, contractors should not ignore the value of pay per click. PPC works faster than organic SEO and can use geo-targeting and location specific keywords to hit a very specific geographic area. The main benefits to pay per click for hvac contractors are:

  • Ad Extensions: Attach valuable company info to paid advertisements
  • Competition Determent: Sometimes competitors will actually steal your traffic by bidding on your brand name, something you can prevent by claiming your own bid
  • Immediate Placement: Your website will move to the top of Google SERPs automatically
  • Niche Marketing: Catch trends as they happen, and target specific consumers and devices

Unlike traditional PPC agreements, Contractor Webmasters offers it on a pay per lead basis. You don’t pay until leads are produced. Instead of investing in the advertising campaign, you are investing in the results it generates. This eliminates the risk of ROI loss, and prevents you from betting unnecessarily on the performance of a 3rd party marketing company. Call 800-775-1250 for HVAC PPC services.

Geo-Targeting for HVAC Contractors

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Use PPC to Target Specific Locations

Have you ever wanted to market to a very specific location for a very specific keyword? With PPC geo-targeting, you can accomplish it rather easily. At Contractor Webmasters, we work with contractors to find trends in data that present opportunities for leads. For example, a location experiencing severe winter weather is likely to need heating services quickly. Some of the benefits to geo-targeting include:

  • Efficiency: So many marketing dollars are wasted targeting the wrong people, and geo-targeting corrects that
  • Opportunity: From a marketing perspective, going where the demand is certainly makes fiscal sense
  • Specificity: Get creative with advertisements for certain areas and incorporate local terminology
  • Timing: Unlike organic SEO, PPC is not a long-term asset, but instead, one that works well within a confined time period

Consider a period of the summer, when a specific area is experiencing a 2 or 3 week long heat wave. Air conditioning services will be at a yearly high and demand will increase substantially. Meeting that demand through paid advertising is like money in the bank for contractors. Knowing where and when to launch campaigns, and the advertisements that will work in those areas, are keys to executing a successful paid advertising venture.

Exclusive PPC Leads for HVAC Contractors

Working on HVAC PPCPay per click even has the word pay in its name. But with Contractor Webmasters, you don’t pay until the lead is actually generated. But not just any lead, an exclusive lead. Stop competing against local competitors for the same customers, and demand exclusive leads. These are the highest quality leads available on the internet and could be your ticket to sustainable business success.

If it sounds too good to be true, give us a call to discuss the matter further. We have PPC experts on call waiting to discuss how exclusive leads will be the ultimate prize for your business. We have years of experience working with HVAC companies, just like yours, and know exactly what your target consumers look for in marketing and advertising. For HVAC PPC services, call us now at 800-775-1250.