Google AdWords Management for Contractors

Should Contractors Use Google AdWords?

Analytics and AdWords

AdWords is a Powerful PPC Platform

Pay per click advertising enables contractors to reach the top of Google search results instantly. The most popular and effective platform for which to launch a PPC ad campaign, is Google AdWords. Contractor Webmasters offers AdWords management services to contractors across the United States. Our services include:

  • Ad Text Writing: Industry specific copywriting for contractor advertisements
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: Testing and improvement of conversion rates, including landing page optimization and the implementation of calls to action
  • Keyword Research: Compilation of target keywords based on research from various PPC tools
  • PPC Campaign Analysis: Measurement and analysis of campaign performance and audience behavior

Contractor Webmasters is a pay per lead marketing service. PPC campaigns require no upfront payments, since contractors pay only when leads are generated. Although we are extremely confident that our services will produce an abundance of quality leads, a pay per lead agreement eliminates the risk of investment loss for your company. For Google AdWords management services, call 800-775-1250.

Ad Groups and Keywords

Team Reviews Google PPC Campaign

Pre Planned Campaigns Based on Research Usually Perform Better

Choosing the right keywords isn’t your entire campaign, but it certainly sets the foundation for its success, or lack thereof. Google recommends picking between 5 and 20 keywords per ad group. Ad groups should be broken down by service type. For example, roofers would separate residential roofing services from commercial roofing services. You can get as specific as you want with ad groups, by breaking residential roofing services down even further into subcategories like shingle roofing and tile roofing.

Once you have an understanding of your ad groups, you will begin selecting keywords for each of them. The intention of keyword research is to find the sweet spot between search volume, affordability, and opportunity. At Contractor Webmasters our #1 goal is lead generation, and we will collaborate with you to choose keywords that most effectively move us towards that goal. We look forward to managing your AdWords campaign in the near future.

Measuring AdWords Performance

Google Adwords Management

Performance Measurement is Vital to PPC Success

Once an ad is created, the next step is measuring its performance in real time. Google explains how to do so, in detail, on AdWords Help. Before you begin measuring data though, it is best to write out some objectives for your campaign. At Contractor Webmasters, we will consult with you to determine benchmark goals moving forward. In general, the most popular metrics tracked on AdWords are:

  • Clicks: A straightforward metric that refers to the total number of times your ad was clicked
  • Click Through Rate: Also known as CTR, this statistic reveals the percentage of users who clicked your ad after seeing it
  • Impressions: The amount of times your ad was displayed to a unique viewer

There are, of course, more detailed metrics that can and will be analyzed during your ad campaign. WordStream offers a great free tool called AdWords Performance Grader. By simply entering your email address, you can generate a detailed report within minutes, one that includes measurements like quality score, wasted spend, impression shares, and more. Call 800-775-1250 for Google AdWords management services.