Foundation Repair PPC

AdWords and Analytics for Foundation Repair Campaign

AdWords is the Consensus PPC Platform

Every foundation repair company needs leads, not just to prosper, but to survive. Most leads today come through digital marketing. Search engine optimization is considered the most common and popular digital marketing technique. While it’s long-lasting impact is undeniable, its one drawback is that it takes a while to work. To generate leads in the meantime, try using PPC advertising from Contractor Webmasters. Our pay per click advertising services include:

  • Budget Allocation: Google AdWords allows for budget setting so you never spend more than necessary
  • Location Targeting: You can target specific locations within your service area
  • Performance Measurement: Gain valuable insight to the behavior of consumers
  • Quick Results: Reach the top of Google SERPs quickly

PPC should not be used in place of, but instead, in conjunction with, SEO. At Contractor Webmasters we only charge for leads. Since search optimization takes a while for Google to crawl and index, we need to find other avenues to get you the leads you desire quickly. That avenue is pay per click. The best part is that we are a pay per lead company, so you only pay when clicks turn into leads. Call 800-775-1250 for foundation repair PPC services.

How PPC Locating Targeting Generates Leads

Foundation Repair Pay Per Click

PPC Ads Run Properly Generate Exclusive Leads

Pay per click advertising works fast, which is great. But “working: in reality, means generating leads you can actually convert into customers. Contractor Webmasters is a pay per lead marketing company, meaning we only charge you for leads produced as a result of our services. Never before. Some of the ways location targeting helps produce leads are:

  • Appeal: Use local language, colors, and themes in your ads to generate local leads
  • Call to Action: Good PPC ads have a clear CTA like a phone number or email sign up
  • Efficiency: Avoid wasting money on advertising to customers outside your service radius
  • Localization: By targeting your service areas, your reach customers you can service

As you wait for SEO to fully implement, PPC will become your go-to method for lead generation. Jumping to the top of search results for industry keywords like “foundation repair near me” is critical for lead generation. When users see this ad, they often view it like a search result, and will click. The rest will depend on the effectiveness of your landing page, and your ability to close a deal, once the exclusive lead is produced.

Measuring PPC Performance for Foundation Repair Companies

Foundation Repair PPC EditingA foundation repair company who uses Contractor Webmasters as their marketing service, will be thrilled to know that performance measurement comes free of charge. We measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and let you know what aspects need to be improved, and which should continue to go as normal. Not only that, but we make the adjustments ourselves on the fly.

You won’t be paying a monthly service for PPC campaign analysis with Contractor Webmasters. Instead, you only pay when results are tangible. That means, real exclusive leads at your fingertips. This can be a call to your office line, or an email to your company address. In either case, you are a step ahead of the competition. And since these leads are exclusive, you don’t have to worry about another company swiping them from you. Call 800-775-1250 for foundation repair PPC for lead generation.