Fence and Gate PPC

Searching Google on Desktop

PPC Ads Place Your Site Above Organic Results

Pay per click advertising is thought of by some as a risky proposition. Investing into a advertising campaign that may or may not perform well puts a lot of stock in the former. Contractor Webmasters eliminates much of this risk with pay per lead services. With our business agreement, you will only pay once exclusive leads are generated for your website. Our philosophy on PPC campaigns for fence and gate companies is:

  • Geo-Targeting: Advertise to specific geographical areas
  • Keyword Research: Target underutilized keywords based on search volume findings
  • Landing Page Optimization: Ensure visitors who click ads are presented with an optimal landing page
  • Performance Measurement: Compile valuable data and use it in future campaigns

Most PPC bidding takes place on Google AdWords. AdWords is by far the most popular PPC platform, though others exist, such as Bing Ads. Since Google is far and away the #1 search engine in the world, it makes sense why most advertisers are bidding to rank on top of their search results. For fence and gate PPC management, call us at 800-775-1250.

Creating an Optimal Fence and Gate Landing Page

Testing Paid Ads for Fence and Gate Website

Landing Pages Should Have Visual Appeal and Calls to Action

You may or may not have heard the term landing page at some point in your marketing process. This term refers to the page that greets users who click on either your paid search advertisement, or your organic search result. In each case, the goal is to present the new user with an attention grabbing call to action. In other words, you want to turn them into a lead ASAP. Elements of a great landing page are:

  1. 1. Headline: Grab the user’s attention with a strong headline and subheading
  2. 2. Visual: Appeal to the user visually with an aesthetically pleasing graphic or photo
  3. 3. Description: Clearly and concisely explain your service and why it’s valuable to the user
  4. 4. Testimonials: Show proof of success with customer reviews and testimonials
  5. 5. Contact Info: Give the user a call to action, including a phone number, email, and address

Getting visitors to your page is only half the battle. While PPC can certainly help you win that half, the true value of your campaign will be dependent on what follows. By ensuring an optimal landing page, you not only will attract users to your website, but you will convert them into leads, and eventually customers.

Measuring PPC Performance for Fence and Gate

Creative Director Discuss Fence and Gate PPCOne of the most important aspects of a pay per click campaign is the data it accumulates. Most advertisers would think of a non profitable campaign as a loss, but those with a more innovative mindset will think differently. The data accumulated provides valuable information with how users interact with certain messages, visuals, times of a day, and pretty much any specificity you can imagine. By tweaking your next campaign based on this information, your probability for future success skyrockets.

Contractor Webmasters is a pay per lead marketing business that offers PPC management to fence and gate contractors. We have worked with contractors like yourself exclusively for more than a decade. We look forward to discussing your individual marketing goals, and helping you generate exclusive leads as soon as possible. Call 800-775-1250 for fence and gate PPC management services.