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Though SEO is the best long-term marketing strategy for concrete and paving companies, sometimes you need exclusive leads fast. Contractor Webmasters offers PPC advertising as part of our pay per lead services. You only pay when one your PPC campaigns generate an exclusive lead. Our pay per click advertising strategy consists of:

  • Ad Extensions: Display contact info via calls to action with ad extensions
  • Geo-Targeting: Target specific locations with geo-targeting
  • Keyword Research: Advertise for relevant keywords with quality traffic
  • Performance Measurement: Record and evaluate campaign performance data

Think of PPC as a booster to SEO. While you are waiting for the search optimization process to take place, ensure that you are still getting traffic to your website. This way, all the work you’ve put into optimizing your pages can become useful in the short-term as well as the long-haul. To discuss how PPC can help your concrete and paving company generate exclusive leads, call us at 800-775-1250.

Geo-Targeting for Concrete and Paving Companies

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Geo-Targeting Maximizes Resources

Every contractor should define their service area. That means a geographical radius of the areas in which you can perform services. When it comes to pay per click advertising, sections within that radius can be targeted for specific campaigns. If, for example, market trends indicate a spike in demand for concrete in a given zip code, we can craft a campaign and target that area only. Advantages of geo-targeting include:

  • Cut Wasted Spend: Lower wasted dollars used to target too broad of a market
  • Evaluate Data: Measure location-based trends through campaign results
  • Market Inefficiency: Exploit market trends that fluctuate over time
  • Resource Management: Save money by targeting only high percentage users

In addition to geographical location, advertisers can also target elements like time periods, demographics, etc. By understanding seasonal trends, and customer psychology, you can market the right services, to the right people, at the right time. When all three of these things are accomplished, lead generation is highly probable.

Measuring Campaign Performance

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We Measure Campaign Performance

A number of tools exist to help advertisers measure the performance of their campaign. Google Analytics is a free tool that can be linked with AdWords and generate intuitive reports about PPC campaigns. There are additional free tools available across the internet that assist marketers in evaluating their performance. For those looking for competitor research, tools like SpyFu become an option.

Contractor Webmasters is a pay per lead marketing company that offers PPC advertising as part of our services. Not only do we create and implement paid search campaigns, but we measure their results and use evaluations to constantly improve their market reach. Remember, your company only pays once leads are produced. Call 800-775-1250 for concrete and paving PPC.