PPC Campaign Analysis

Do Contractors Need PPC Campaign Analysis?

Campaign Analysis Tools

Analytics Can Help Measure PPC Performance

Contractors need PPC campaign analysis for a variety of reasons. Launching a campaign is only the beginning of a marketing process that should extend through the lifespan of the campaign. As with any other marketing venture, measurement and improvement are imperative to overall success. Contractor Webmasters analyzes campaigns through the following methods:

  • Benchmarking: Setting measurable goals for an individual campaign
  • Measurement: Using metrics like click through rate and bounce rate to measure performance
  • Optimization: Adjusting campaigns in real time based on performance analytics
  • Projection: Forecasting future performance based on accumulated data

We work directly with contractors to set marketing goals. Since we are a pay per lead service, we require zero upfront cost for our campaign analysis services. Your company will only pay for leads that are generated as a result of our marketing campaigns. The exclusive leads you acquire will more than make up for the cost of obtaining them. Call 800-775-1250 for PPC campaign analysis from Contractor Webmasters.

Analyzing Competitor Keywords

PPC Campaign Analysis

Monitor Competition By Researching Keywords

In conjunction with the aforementioned analysis methods, Contractor Webmasters will compare and contrast the performance of industry competitors to create a better projection of the necessary improvements going forward. Among the qualities we look for in competitor keywords are:

  • Competition Level: How many competitors are effectively advertising for identical keywords
  • Market Inefficiencies: Making note of high volume keywords that competitors are not presently advertising for
  • Return on Investment (ROI): The ROI of competitors for industry specific keywords and campaigns

Pursuing and reporting on these factors helps us more completely analyze your pay per click campaign. Why? Because knowing what the campaign is competing against helps us evaluate how to improve it going forward. Market research also indicates places you are outperforming competitors, and places they are outperforming you. All data helps us move closer to a more profitable campaign.

PPC Tools for Campaign Analysis

Webmasters TeamThough Contractor Webmasters will be handling analysis for your company, you might be wondering what tools are used to best analyze a campaign. There are several free tools available to web marketers, as well as some very popular paid tools. On the free side, WordStream offers a free AdWords Performance Grader which provides valuable metrics for Google AdWords campaign performance. In contrast, a great paid tool is SpyFu, which can give you in-depth insight into competitor keywords and advertising campaigns.

We are a pay per lead marketing company, which means there is no upfront cost to do business with us. If you are a contractor looking for new leads, Contractor Webmasters is the best option available. The risk is considerably lower than other marketing services because you pay only when actual leads are generated. Consider the luxury of not paying anything upfront, and only being required to pay when a valuable lead comes your way. Call 800-775-1250 for PPC campaign analysis from Contractor Webmasters.