Roofing Contractor Marketing and Advertising

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We Market Roofers Through a Variety of Channels

If you are wondering how to market a roofing company, you have come to the right place. Contractor Webmasters offers pay per lead marketing and advertising for roofing contractors across the nation. Zero upfront payment is required and you only pay once leads are generated. Some of our most common marketing and advertising techniques include:

  • Ad Retargeting: Displaying continuous ads to previous website visitors
  • Company Branding: The development of brand through various marketing channels
  • Domain Name Registration: The registration of a dot com domain name for a company website
  • Mobile Advertising: The display of company advertisements on mobile devices

When you think about the possibilities available for roofing contractors online, the future looks intriguing. The key is investing in the right marketing company. With Contractor Webmasters you pay for leads only, eliminating the risk taken in traditional marketing agreements. Call 800-775-1250 for roofing contractor marketing and advertising.

Choosing the Right Domain Name for Roofers

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Domains Should Be Concise and Easy to Remember

When selecting a domain name, you want it to be a representation of your company. After all, you will be living with this name for the foreseeable future. As you build up authority, SEO, and other marketing capital over the following months, you can’t just go back and pick a new domain name without losing most or all of that progress. In other words, it is important to get it right the first time. Your domain name should be:

  • Branded: Your company name, or an abbreviation of it should be part of the domain
  • Concise: Keep it short because this name will be listed on business cards, directory listings, and social media accounts
  • Descriptive: Concise and descriptive might seem conflicting, but you should use short keywords like roofing within the domain to properly market your services
  • Dot Com: Don’t settle for the more affordable dot net or dot info suffixes, as dot com looks most professional

Another thing to consider when choosing a name, is how easy it is to recall and to type into the address bar. You want something that people can remember easily which makes its length imperative. In regards to using keywords within domains, be careful. Like we’ve started, using short keywords like roofing is good, but don’t go for spammy long tail keywords as your name. For example cheaprooferinca would likely constitute an algorithmic penalty from Google.

Mobile Advertising for Roofing Companies

Social Media Meeting About Roofing WebsiteWhen we think of internet advertising we envision banners on the top of websites, or paid search results on Google SERPs. But with the increase in mobile usage over the last decade, a trend that will only continue to grow, advertising via mobile device is more important than ever. Contractor Webmasters is ready to develop professional quality mobile ads and market them to your next customers. Remember, you pay only once leads are generated.

Some of the channels for mobile advertising include SMS messaging, app advertising, mobile search advertising, and more. We take advantage of every advertising opportunity for your roofing company. Part of a great mobile ad is a call to action. The CTA is most convenient on such devices, because users can connect directly to a phone number on the very device they are using. Call 800-775-1250 for roofing contractor marketing and advertising.