Ad Retargeting for Contractors

Team Discusses Ad RetargetingIn contrast to traditional banner advertisements, ad retargeting focuses on internet users who have already visited your website. Though the identity of these users remains anonymous, cookies stored in their browser allow advertisements to follow them, well after exiting your site. As these users continue to surf the internet, selected advertisements will follow them wherever they go. Ad retargeting offers the following advantages for contractors:

  • Opportunity: After a user reads a specific service page is the best time to advertise that service
  • Persistence: Ads present to the user over and over again to keep the image in their mind
  • Relevance: Users who have already visited your site have a higher conversion potential, since they’ve already shown some level of interest in your services

If you are wondering how these cookies get stored within the browser in the first place, look no further than JavaScript. Websites with cookies contain JavaScript pixel within their code so that any user who visits will be tagged on their own browser. This may seem like an invasion of privacy but it is important to remember that the identity of the user is never revealed. Call 800-775-1250 for ad retargeting services.

Ad Retargeting Goals

Content Managers Input Retargeting AdsWhat are the optimal results for a well executed ad retargeting campaign? That depends on your company’s individual goals. At Contractor Webmasters, we focus on lead generation. We believe that we share a common goal with contractors and that’s to generate as many leads as possible for their business. That’s why we offer pay per lead marketing which requires contractors to pay only for leads. Some of the micro goals we set to reach that ultimate goal are:

  • Conversions: The rate at which users are completing the call to action
  • Engagement: The rate at which users are clicking on the ad (with or without conversion)
  • Measurement: A broad generation of data that factors in multiple aspects
  • Nuance: An execution of multiple advertising campaigns to various users, depending on their specific interest or need

These micro goals, as we call them, help us reach the ultimate macro goal of lead generation. And don’t worry, contractors won’t incur investment loss if the ad retargeting fails. Why? Because you only pay for leads, there are no upfront fees required. Our motivation is to produce is many leads as possible, and the techniques above help us get there.

Where are Retargeted Ads Displayed?

Content ManagerThe display of your retargeted ads depends on the advertising platform used to run them. There are many web based retargeting platforms to choose from including AdRoll, PerfectAudience, and Retargeter. Social media is also a great place to run these types of ads, and Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter all offer some form of it.

As far as the actual on screen display of your ad… well that depends. Since it’s impossible to exactly predict where the user will go after leaving your website, the display of your advertisement will vary. Similarly, based on preset conditions, different ads will appear to different users, depending on their behavior before initially leaving your site. For ad retargeting services, call us at 800-775-1250.