Painter Marketing and Advertising

How to Advertise Your Painting Services

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Online Advertisers Can Reach More Customers, Faster, Than Ever Before

There are various advertising channels through which painting contractors can market their services. The key is allocating resources efficiently, so that you can have the greatest ROI. Contractor Webmasters offers pay per lead marketing services, so that you only pay when exclusive leads are produced for your company. Our marketing and advertising services include:

  • Advertisement Retargeting: Target ads to previous website visitors with browser cookies
  • Mobile Advertising: Reach consumers on their #1 24/7 device
  • PPC Advertising: Climb search engine rankings instantly with pay per click search ads
  • Social Media Marketing: Appeal to a mass audience through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Technology has made accessing a large consumer base easier than ever before. With so many channels available to reach new customers, choosing the right ones are imperative for online success. At Contractor Webmasters, our marketing services are on a pay per lead basis. Painters only pay a fee once exclusive leads are produced, and never before. Call 800-775-1250 for painting marketing and advertising.

Marketing Strategies for Painters

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Good Marketers Study and Cater to Their Audience

Though the way in which advertising is consumed has changed, the objective has not. Connecting with customers has always been, and still is, the hard part of effective marketing. Companies that can appeal to customers most efficiently will reap the rewards via sales conversions. In order to appeal to a large base of consumers, a company must:

  • Empathize: View the painting market through their eyes, what do they want, need, approve of?
  • Engage: People like visuals and they like specifics, how much will they pay, and can they see it?
  • Inform: Even if you have their best interest at heart, making them understand why is imperative
  • Prioritize: Your advertising must create a perception of priority, the customer wants to be put first

The same thing that separate companies twenty years ago, will separate them today, but on a much larger scale. With an overall boost in reach potential, competition has gotten stronger. Painters, now, more than ever, require professional assistance. The problem for many, is affordability. But with our pay per lead services, you never pay a dime until exclusive leads are generated for your painting business.

Mobile Ads for Painters

Painter Marketing and Advertising MeetingMobile search is more popular than desktop in 2017. As a result, painting contractor SEO approaches have been altered accordingly. The same should be true for advertising. The best way to reach consumers in today’s market is on their mobile device. After all, most people have it in their possession 7 days per week, 24 hours per day. There is no more convenient place to market a painting company.

The world of mobile advertising is expanding. Not only can companies advertise on mobile through Google AdWords but they can also use social media apps, as well as sms text messaging. The size of the screen makes design strategies a bit different, but with the right graphic design team and innovative creativity, painting contractors can make marketing gains rather quickly. Call 800-775-1250 for painter marketing and advertising services.